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"Mom! C'mon!" An exasperated voice exclaimed. A middle-aged rose colored hedgehog walked into a pricy mansion as a similar looking and younger hedgehog followed her.

"Amelia, we've discussed this a million times and your father and I are not changing our minds," The older hedgehog said. She had blue eyes and curly short quills. She was well dressed and was currently walking through the huge kitchen. Her daughter was a teenager wearing a school uniform and had stunning green eyes. Her quills were straight and long and she was currently glaring at her mother.

"Yes, I can tolerate the whole marriage thing, but why does he have to come here and attend my school?" Amy exclaimed as her mother sighed.

"Amy, this is your senior year and it's almost over. It's also his senior year and I want the two of you to get to know each other more before you get married." Her mother said as Amy groaned.

"This is stupid! No one even has arranged marriages anymore!" Amy yelled as she stomped out of the kitchen. That's right Amy Rose was going to be married off to some guy she's never met.

She thought it was the stupidest thing in existence. Amy had to marry the heir to the Chaos Emerald Company. Her family owned the Rose n' Thorns Company. Both companies were the two biggest energy companies in the world. Hell both Mobius and Earth. Her parents were both wedded together; her father from the Rose Industry and her mother from the Thorn Company. It just so happened that they fell in love. So, it wasn't that big a deal to them. They were hoping the same for Amy.

Not happening. Amy has never met the guy, but she sure heard a lot about him. She heard that he was cocky and arrogant. God's gift to the universe. Yeah right…it was one thing to be confident, another to be cocky. Amy rode the elevator up to the fourth floor where her room was. She walked into her room and collapsed on her bed. After a while Amy's mother knocked on her door.

"What?" Amy asked annoyed.

"Please get dress, they'll be here soon." Amy's mother—Elena—said as Amy sighed. Elena soon left her room as Amy walked into her walk-in closet. His family was coming over to drop him off here and have dinner. Not only does she have to marry, but now she has to go to school with him. Amy picked out her outfit and hopped into the shower real quick.

Amy's P.O.V.

I washed my body as I made sure my quills didn't get wet. I can't believe my parents are actually going through with this. I'm only seventeen and I don't need to be married right out of high school. I don't want to deal with this Chaos douche for the rest of my life. I wish I was eighteen already I wouldn't have to listen to what they say. It was different for them, they're both nice. Neither of them are rude! I sighed as I got out of my shower and quickly dried off my body.

I quickly got dress in one of my favorite spring dresses. I was so happy it was almost spring. Station Square is always snowy and freezing in the winter, but absolutely beautiful in the spring. The dress I was wearing was a strapless white and purple dress. The bust had light purple flowers and there was purple and yellow flowers along the skirt. I slipped on my gladiator style, purple suede heels before slipping on matching bangles. I quickly pulled half of my quills back with a clip before spraying on some perfume. I walked out of my room and to the elevator before pushing the button.

I'm kind of glad my mom made me take etiquette classes or whatever. They did more than teach my manners, but they thought me how to walk in heels. Now I don't have to look like an idiot and I can strut in even the tallest heels. When the elevator landed on the ground floor the doors opened. I pushed the iron gate back and heard voices and laughter from the foyer. I walked out to the foyer to see my parents talking to who I supposed were my future in-laws.

"Ah, Amy!" My dad called out making my presence known. I looked over to see two black hedgehogs and a red hedgehog. One of the black hedgehogs was clearly the father and he had blue eyes with slicked back quills. The red hedgehog must have been the mother. She was beautiful she had long quills and bright purple eyes. The black hedgehog didn't look any older than twelve and was playing a Gameboy. He had purple eyes and was staring intently at his game. Please tell me this is a joke…

"Hi," I said nervously as I walked over to where my parents were.

"Char, Derek, this is our daughter, Amy." Dad introduced. I smiled my best smile as I tried to hide my disdain over marrying a kid who hasn't even reached puberty.

"Nice to meet you, Amy," Char, which I'm guessing is short for Charlotte, said as she pulled me into a hug. "Don't be afraid to call us Char and Derek. I don't want any Mr. and Mrs. crap," She said as I laughed a bit. Maybe I could tolerate this marriage if she was my mother-in-law. "This little boy right here is our son, Dusk." Char said as Dusk didn't even look up from his video game.

"Don't worry; he's not your fiancé." Derek said as I breathed a sigh of relief. "Shadow is and Tikal is showing him his room," Derek said. Tikal was my family's housekeeper. She practically did everything and anything for the house and our family. "Here is now," Derek said as I turned around. My eyes widened as she took in the sight before her.

The black hedgehog walking down the steps wasn't anything, but handsome. He had strong facial features and quills that were turned up with red streaks through them. He was tall, a good foot taller than me, and he had long, lean muscles. His eyes were a piercing ruby red that stared right at me as he walked down the steps. I had to keep myself from drooling.

"Shadow," Derek called to his son. "Meet Amy," Derek said as he motioned to me as I smiled. Shadow raised his eyebrow as he stood in front of me.

"What do you think, son?" Char asked as Shadow scoffed.

"I've seen better," He muttered as my mouth dropped in outraged.

"Excuse me?" I asked. Who does this dick think he is? Where in the hell does he get off talking to me like that?

"Shadow!" His mother hissed as Shadow rolled his eyes. Fuck the cuteness, his personality is nothing short of plain rude. My parents were quick to move the awkward silence to dinner. Mostly the parents filled up the conversation. Derek and Char would occasionally ask me questions and my parents would do the same for Shadow. Sure, he was all nice when my parents had something to say. Dick.

"What are you playing?" I asked as I leaned over to see the game that Dusk was playing.

"Pokémon," He said simply.

"Oo! Which ones have you caught so far?" I asked. Yes, I like Pokémon. Sue me.

"Pikachu, Pidgeotto, and Rapidash," Dusk said as I watched him play.

"My favorite is Vulpix," I replied as he scoffed.

"That's a girl Pokémon," Dusk said as I laughed.

"So…I'm a girl, and girl Pokémon? Brock had a Vulpix!" I defended as he turned off his game and began to argue with me. It was all in fun and I loved to watch him get all into it. Dusk was an adorable kid. I wish I could say the same for his brother. Soon after dinner and desert Shadow had to say his goodbyes to his family. I could tell he really loved his family especially his little brother. I thought I saw Dusk tear up a little bit, but I couldn't really tell. I was sitting on the staircase as he walked back into the house. He looked at me before rolling his eyes and walking for the elevator.

"Whoa there, Mr. Sunshine," I said as I stomped towards him. "What's your problem?" I asked as he turned around to face me.

"Nothing, Rosy," Shadow said condescending. I glared at him as I placed my hands on my hips.

"Listen, I'm about as happy about this as you, but if we're going to be fucking married, you better get that attitude check or I'm going to make your life a living hell," I threatened as he scoffed.

"Whatever, Amy, I don't care about this marriage thing, but I don't need some Catholic school girl for a wife," He said before getting onto the elevator. I stood dumbfounded as Shadow waved his fingers before closing the gate. Great…now I had to wait for the elevator to come back down. I woke up the next morning and released I had school. First day with my fiancé. Joy…I took a shower and when I walked out I wiped my mirror. I looked at my reflection and stared at myself.

"He wants hot, well, he's going to get hot," I murmured to myself as I stood to my side. I had a killer rack and ass—at least that's what all the guys tell me before I turn them down. Well, I guess I have to show my assets off a little more. Rouge is going to get a kick out of this. I put on my skirt and rolled it so it was an inch shorter. I tucked in my shirt tighter so my boobs would stick out more and I put my blazer on. I put my most killer heels on. The ones that made my legs miles on. They were four inches high and were peeped toe. They had a strap over my foot and were a shiny black. I curled my quills and messed up my hair a bit. I dapped a little lip gloss on before I gave myself a once over.

Feeling sexy enough I sprayed my perfume that guys seemed to be addicted to. Seriously every time I wear it I feel like I get hit on even more. I picked up my back pack and walked out of my room. I took the elevator down and could hear Shadow's foot tapping as soon as I got out. Impatient much.

"Will you hurry up?" I heard his annoyed voice. I walked out to the foyer and I swear his eyes practically popped out of his head. I smirked as I swayed my hips in front of him and opened the door. Shadow followed me out and I got into my white Audi A8. Shadow got into his '67, black GTO while I turned my car on.

"I thought you had a motorcycle?" I asked as Shadow rolled his eyes.

"I obviously left it home," He sneered as I glared at him. He followed me all the way to school and parked next to me. I got out of my car and saw him already there waiting for me.

"What?" I asked him annoyed. He had been staring at me for a good three minutes. I knew why, but it was still fun to mess with him.

"So, anything fun to do here?" Shadow asked.

"It's school, a private school, a private religious school. There's not a lot to do," I said as I heard a familiar click of heels. Oh no…

"Amy!" Rouge screamed as I cringed. Shadow raised his eyebrow in confusion as Rouge scurried as face as she could over to me. "Is this him?" She asked bluntly.

"Yeah…" I grumbled as Shadow scowled over at me. I made a face at him as he just rolled his eyes.

"Hi! I'm Amy's best friend, future Maid-of-Honor." Rouge said sticking out her hand. Shadow shook her hand, but didn't say anything. "Ok…well my boyfriend Knuckles and his friends Sonic and Tails are over there if you want to talk to them," Rouge said pointing over to where they were. Shadow shrugged his shoulders before walking over there. Rouge sent a quick text to Knuckles before turning to face me.

"Ok, is Rays of Sunshine over there the reason why you're dressed up like…well me?" Rouge asked as I crossed her arms.

"Yes and no," I replied as Rouge smirked. "He's been like this ever since last night and apparently he didn't like how I was dressed, so I wanted to show him what he's missing," I said.

"Technically he's not missing anything since he's engaged to you," Rouge said as I rolled my eyes.

"Whatever," I said. Rouge and I walked towards the entrance when I felt an arm around. I groaned as I looked up to see Scourge. "What do you want?" I asked pushing his arm off.

"I just wanted to say, you look mighty fine today," Scourge said as I cringed. He smelt like cigarettes and boozes. It was even eight in the morning yet.

"Back off, Scourge. Like all the other times I've told you, I'm not interested," I said as I pushed past him. I felt him put his arm around me again as Rouge glared at him.

"Boy, you better get your arm off before I break it." Rouge threatened.

"Shut it, bat-girl," Scourge sneered as Rouge glared at him.

"Scourge get off me!" I said as he glared at me.


Shadow's P.O.V.

I hate my life. I got over the whole arranged marriage thing, but now my parents shipped me to another school during my senior year. I understand this whole shit with merging the companies together, but what the fuck is with the switching schools. This couldn't wait until I graduated. I had to leave all my friends back there. Well…more acquaintances. My only real friend there was Tails and I guess his girlfriend too. I never really cared about getting a girlfriend. I mean I been through all bases, but I wasn't down for a commitment since I knew I was supposed to get married to someone else anyways.

When we got here I was pissed and I took it out on Amy, but now we're both at each other's throats. I was going to try and talk it out with her this morning, but…damn it…the way she was dressed! I had to stop myself from pushing her against her car and taking her in plain sight. Fuck, her legs. Her legs were amazing when I first saw them, but God damn it, those heels just make them even more fuckable. I met her friend Rouge and she seemed pleasant enough. She pointed to her boyfriend and other friends which I was headed over to now.

"Hey," I said as they all looked at me. "I'm Shadow…" I said.

"Amy's fiancé?" The blue hedgehog asked.

"Yeah…" I said awkwardly.

"What's up? I'm Knuckles, this is Sonic, and this is Silver," The red echidna said as he pointed to the other two hedgehogs.

"Wow, you're parents are creative," I said sarcastically to Silver who smirked.

"Could say the same for you, Shadow," Silver said as we all laughed. If these guys weren't sarcastic I don't think I could handle them.

"So, how's life being engaged?" Sonic asked.

"Shit, I had no problem, but now I have to come here, and that's well…shit." I said as the guys nodded.

"Oh yeah, it's been hell for the past four years, but we just another fucking semester and we're out of here!" Knuckles said as Sonic high-fived him.

"Can I ask you guys something?" I asked after some general conversation.

"What up?" Silver asked.

"Does…Does Amy usually dress like that?" I asked. If she did, well I think I might need to get a pace maker…or some fucking ice strapped to my dick. I can't be sporting this hard on 24/7.

"Nah, man, I honestly don't know why the hell she's dress like that? Maybe it has to do something with you," Silver said. Was she seriously dressing like that for me? Damn…well maybe I can get use to it. I looked over to see her and Rouge walking over to the entrance when a green hedgehog approached her. He put his slimy arm on her and I automatically saw red.

"Who the fuck is that?" I hissed as the guys looked up to see what I was looking at.

"That's Scourge, a real tool," Sonic said. I literally fumed before I charged over there. Amy was already trying to tell him off, but obviously he wasn't listening.

"Hey," I said as he turned around. Amy looked at me confused, but I ignored her. "Mind not hitting on my fiancé?" I sneered as Scourge chuckled.

"Fiancé? You got to be shitting me?" He said as I growled. I grabbed him and shoved him into the nearest wall. I heard the girls gasp and the guys run over.

"Does it look like I am?" I asked staring at him with nothing less, but hatred. "Listen here, Scourge or whatever, don't touch my girl again, she's engaged to me and no one else, lay the fuck off." I said before throwing him on the ground. I glared at him one more time before I put my arm around Amy and walked into the school.

"Um, mind telling me what that was about, Sunshine?" Amy asked. We've walked for a good five minutes and she hasn't pushed me off. That has to be some sign.

"I may not be happy with this, but I don't want anyone near my fiancé," I said as she smiled up at me. "What?" I said.

"That has to be the nicest thing you've said to me yet," She said as I rolled my eyes. Everybody was already whispering about what happened and the school bell hasn't even rung. This is going to be a fun school…

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