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27 years later


"Mom, can I talk to you?" Shade asked walking into my office. A lot has changed in 27 years. After college Shadow and I became the CEOs of Chaos Rose. Shortly after I found out I was pregnant and Shadow was beyond excited. Our first child was named Serenity and she was absolutely beautiful. She has lavender fur and my green eyes, but definitely her father's cynicism. Our second child came shortly after and his name was Shade. He is almost a carbon copy of Shadow except that he has indigo streaks through his quills and dark purple eyes. He is still sarcastic, but has a heart of gold and a genuine nice guy. Serenity had married two years ago to a boy named Conner she met in college. It makes me feel old that I'm about to be a grandmother. I'm only 45! Gah! Shade is getting married tomorrow and I couldn't be happier because his fiancée is a stunning and sweet girl named Suzy.

"Sure sweetie. Come in." I said as Shade walked running his hands through his quills—a habit he picked up from his father. Shade sat down in the seat across from my desk and sighed. "Getting cold feet?" I asked as Shade frowned.

"No, I just, how am I supposed to know that everything will work out? What if it doesn't?" My son asked me.

"You don't." I said simply.

"Thanks Mom. That's so helpful." Shade muttered sarcastically.

"It's true sweetie. I couldn't tell you the amount of times when I thought your father and I wouldn't make it." I said. It's true. The beginning years of our marriage weren't the best. Shadow and I would fight constantly and there were times when I thought we should just divorce, but Shadow kept proving himself to me.


"What gives you the right to tell me who I can and cannot talk to?" I yelled at Shadow.

"I'm your husband! I have plenty of right!" Shadow yelled back. Shadow and I were currently in our second year at USC and fighting about a friend I happened to study with at Starbucks.

"That is bullshit! You shouldn't even be jealous 'cause I married your dumbass!" I screamed as Shadow rolled his eyes.

"I'm sorry that I don't like the idea of my wife hanging out with the school's biggest player!" Shadow sneered.

"You want to start going by rumors, now? You should listen to half of the shit they say about you!" I yelled as Shadow sighed.

"It's not a rumor! It's true! Can you just respect my wish and not hang out with this guy too much?" Shadow yelled.

"Just stay out of my business, Shadow! I'll hang out with who I want to hang out with!" I yelled before storming into our bedroom and slamming the door. I don't how long it was, but I heard soft knocking on the door. "Go away, Shadow!" I yelled.

"Amy," He said softly. "I'm sorry. I know my jealously takes over and I shouldn't let it because you love me and I love you. That's all the reassurance I should need. I love you," Shadow said through the door as tears appeared at the corner of my eyes. I walked over to the door and opened it to see Shadow holding lavender calla lilies—like the ones from our wedding. "I'm really sorry." Shadow said as I jumped into his arms and kissed him.

End of Flashback

It wasn't the worst fight between us, but it was a good example of Shadow trying to keep us working and not let us give up on this relationship. Shade sighed heavily as I walked over to him and put my hands on his shoulders.

"Don't worry, sweetie. There will be some rough patches, but as long as you two love each other and believe in your relationship, you'll push through." I said as Shade stood up. Shade bent down and hugged me as I patted his back. I could feel myself getting emotional and Shade quickly let go.

"Mom don't cry." Shade said as I fanned my face.

"I'm sorry. I just can't believe you're getting married tomorrow." I said as Shade smiled.

"It's going to be all right, Mom." He said as I patted my eyes with a tissue. "You have nothing to worry about. Suzy can't make cookies as good as yours." Shade said jokingly as I shoved him. We both laughed before I walked him out to his motorcycle where he was going to drive at the hotel all the men were staying. He got on and waved at me before driving away. It's times like these that I see Shadow in my son.


"You sure you don't need help?" I asked looking at my very pregnant daughter. Shade may be the youngest, but I definitely spoil Serenity more.

"I got it, Dad. I can walk up the steps." Serenity said as she held onto the rail. Serenity moved California to expand her clothing line. While Shade is going to take over the family business, Serenity moved on to pursue her passion for clothing. Serenity's husband—Conner—is a film producer and has worked on some of the greatest movies. I guess I have to give it to the kid. He's all right. Serenity and I were currently at her favorite restaurant the day before Shade's wedding to catch up on things. She only recently came back and she had plenty of time with Amy. I need to spoil my daughter after all.

"How's California?" I asked as we were seated.

"Good. Good. Conner is adapting very well and my clothing line is almost complete before hitting the stores." Serenity said.

"How's my grandson?" I asked as Serenity rolled her eyes.

"You don't know it's a boy, Dad." Serenity said as I shrugged my shoulders.

"I'm usually pretty good at these things." I said.

"Mom said you thought I was going to be a boy and Shade was going to be a girl." Serenity said.

"I've gotten better!" I exclaimed as she laughed.

"The baby is mine. I'm due in three more weeks, but the sucky thing is I can't fly back. So, Conner and I decided to have the baby here." Serenity said as I tried to hide my smile.

"Oh, what a shame." I said as Serenity narrowed her eyes.

"Don't act like you're not happy." She said as I chuckled.

"I'm just happy that my grandson gets to be born where you and Shade were born." I said.

"Stop calling the baby your grandson." Serenity said. We ate lunch while our sarcastic discussion continued as usual. I got Serenity the biggest chocolate dessert they had and she was eating it contently.

"Your mom craved chocolate around the clock when she was pregnant. I swear she had a stash of Snickers hidden by her bedside table." I said as Serenity laughed.

"What was it like when Mom was pregnant? Was she crazy?" Serenity asked.

"Most of the time no. A little demanding, but she didn't get really crazy till the end." I said as I thought back to Serenity's birth.


"SHADOW!" Amy's voice rang through her parents' mansion as Tikal and I plugged our ears.

"I believe she's calling for you." Tikal said as I glared at her. Tikal smiled at me before I sighed and moved towards the elevator. I rode up to the second floor and walked into the bedroom where my very pregnant wife laid.

"Yes love?" I asked biting back my annoyance. I had the biggest migraine.

"My water broke." She said as I moved to get her chocolate before I did a double take.

"WHAT?" I yelled as she started to crack up.

"Oh my God. You should have seen your face!" Amy said as I glared at her. "But yes I would like some chocolate." She said sweetly as I gritted my teeth. I don't know if a child is really worth all this torture. I handed Amy a chocolate bar as she munched on it happily. I sat next to her on the bed as we watched some crappy reality show. I suddenly felt my arm being pulled before I was rolled on top of Amy. "Take me now, Shadow!" She said with a lust-ridden voice. What the fuck just happened? Is she becoming bipolar? Whoa, that's her hand on my junk. I like this pregnancy emotion. I kissed her neck before I felt something wet hit my knee. I pulled away from Amy quickly and stared at her. Amy was looking down in shock as I looked down.

"My water broke…" She said as I looked at the wet stain between her legs. I half-heartedly laugh before fainting and falling off the bed.

End of Flashback

"Sounds like you handled it worse than her." Serenity laughed. "By the way, I didn't need to know the part of you and Mom getting it on. That's gross." Serenity said scrunching up her nose in disgust.

"Yeah, yeah," I said rolling my eyes. "You took nearly 17 hours and luckily Shade was only three hours." I said remembering how thankful I was when Shade was out quickly.

"What was it like seeing me for the first time?" Serenity asked as I smiled.

"I didn't really get to see you right after you were born. I think I passed out again from hearing that you were a girl." I said as Serenity laughed. "All the breath left my body. Nothing else mattered. I would like to say I didn't cry, but I can't say that. You were the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I didn't care what happened with us, but I knew it was my job to protect you from anything harmful. I was never a believer of love at first sight, but I know what they mean now. Once I saw you in your mother's arms, I automatically loved you. In my eyes you were perfect." I said as Serenity dabbed her eyes with her napkin.

"Damn pregnancy hormones." She muttered as I laughed. Once we were done we walked out of the restaurant and towards my car. Serenity stopped me before hugging me. I was surprised, but I hugged her back and kissed the top of her head. "I love you, Dad." Serenity murmured.

"I love you too, sweetheart." I said as we pulled away.


The wedding was absolutely beautiful and I practically bawled my eyes out, but Shadow was there with a handkerchief. I watched my son take his first dance with his wife and I danced with him as he promised to make me proud. I told him he already did and he smiled the biggest smile I have seen him smile. Shadow pulled me out of my chair and led me to the dance floor. I smiled as he grabbed my hand and held me close. We swayed to the music as I smiled happily up at him.

"You know, I think we did good. Raised two amazing kids and ran a successful company." Shadow said.

"And it only took a thousand times of almost killing each other." I said making Shadow laugh.

"But love was always there in the end." Shadow said as I smiled softly.

"When did you become the cheesy one?" I asked.

"I think somewhere around the time that Serenity got pregnant." Shadow said as I laughed.

"I still can't believe we're going to be grandparents." I said.

"We'll be the hottest grandparents anyone will ever see." Shadow said as I rolled my eyes. "You know it's true. We're only 45." Shadow said as I laughed.

"Yeah, only 45." I said as Shadow kissed my forehead.

"You look more beautiful than ever." Shadow said as I smiled.

"I love you." I said as he kissed me sweetly. We were at our child's wedding after all.

"I love you too." Shadow said as I leaned my head against his chest.

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