Summary: Mallory Turner was given a new family at seven, become an official hunter at thirteen and lost everything by fourteen. Now at seventeen, she's all alone save for a persistent Angel of the Lord who has come back to her life after three years and refuses to give up on her. Who the hell gave him permission to stroll on in and try and "save" her from herself?

Rating: M (violence, language, mature themes)

Disclaimer: Supernatural and anything associated with it belongs to Eric Kripke (damn him).

A/N: I've officially become obsessed with Supernatural. And yes, yes I know, I still have Twist The End, Love Like Sin going and The Swan's Song needs to be finished. No need to remind me, those will all be kept with. But I thought that Castiel needed to be followed around, not just Dean. And I was requested through a video (check me out on youtube, Ramera99, vid is Castiel's Girl. It'll also be linked in my profile) to turn that particular bit of art into a story. And since then, it's been in the back of my mind to do so. Since I am finishing up The Swan's Song very soon, I figured what the hell. Let's give this a shot. So here it is, something for our little Angel buddy.

A/N Again: This chapter has an almost incestuous rape scene so you have been warned. My aim is really to make this story darker then the rest all the way through so I can tell you right now, expect some new things from me.

Ten Years Ago

Jimmy Novak I must ask for you assistance. You are to become my vessel in this time of need. I assure you that you will remain unharmed and during the time I am inhabiting your body, any and all illnesses will be healed. You are a good, devoted man, Jimmy Novak. It is why you are chosen. I will attempt to make this quick so you may return to your family. You have my word that no harm shall come to your wife or young daughter.


"You dumb stupid bitch!"

"Go to hell!"

"Oh is that the best you got?"

Drawers slammed.

Footsteps thundered across the floor.

"I am so sick of looking at you! Sick of this goddamn house!"

"Then get the fuck out you whore!"

"Oh I'm going...I'm so gone!

Doors slammed then crashed back open.

"Yeah that's right bitch, run! That's all you're ever good for!"

A little girl, only seven years old, couldn't take it anymore. She crawled out of bed with tears in her eyes and stuffed a few things of clothes into a backpack. Grabbing her lone teddy bear, she crawled up her bed and out the window. From there, she dropped into the bushes just underneath and crawled her way out. She whimpered softly as the thorns and twigs scratched at her skin. Finally free, she held her backpack across her back, her teddy to her chest, and walked with bare feet away from hellish single story house. She let her tears run down her face as she walked onto an empty road, clutching the teddy bear for dear life.

This hadn't been the first time she had done this but she kept hoping that one attempt would work. It wasn't the first time her parents had fought and her mother had stormed out either. She would come back, few hours, maybe a day later, but she always came back and the girl didn't want to be there when she did. She stepped on a sharp rock and held back the yelp of pain, letting out a slight whimper out as she lifted her foot and pulled the rock from her sole, biting her lip and trying to ignore the blood and pain. She tried to watch the ground as she walked but her vision was too blurry. It wasn't long before she grew tired and came across the park. She put the teddy bear on a bench then climbed up to lie across it with the bear as a pillow.

"I want a real home." The young child whispered, closing her eyes and turning her head to bury her face in the bear's stomach. A fluttering sound surrounded her and a slightly elevated feeling came over her as if the bear and her whole upper body were across someone's lap. The sudden warmth around her and lack of pain in her foot made her think that she wasn't alone but the little girl just didn't care anymore. She curled up on the new arrival's lap, not bothering to look and see who it was or ask how they had gotten there in that sort of placement. A brush of feathers touched her feet and she giggled softly against the teddy.

"You're safe Mallory." A slightly rough sounding voice spoke above her. A large hand ran comfortingly across her shoulder. "You can sleep. You will have a new home when you awaken." The hand drifted up to her head and she was sure she was about to fall asleep but she had to ask just one question.

"Are you an Angel?"



Five Years Later

Jeffery Turner was always considered to be a hardass and he was definitely not someone you wanted to cross. As he walked through the graveyard, he was stealthy, he was silent, he was aware of everything around him...

And he was annoyed at the voice coming through his bluetooth.

"And Jenny just wouldn't let it go." The feminine voice whispered. "It's like come on, Jen, it was just talking, it's not like he proposed to me."

"Mal...shut up." Jeffery hissed. "I'm not the only one who has to stay quiet."

"Oh, right, sorry bro." Mal replied.

"This is your first hunt that we're letting you move on your own." Jeffery muttered, ducking behind a gravestone. "Don't make us regret it and DON'T get yourself killed."

"Right yeah, I won't." Mal insisted. Jeffery sighed. He loved his sister and he was ready to skin alive any person who hurt her, but she was only thirteen and hadn't yet learned how to separate the two parts of her life. Also, she didn't seem to realize that as much as he loved her and had loved her as a real part of the family for the last five years, he just didn't give a rat's ass about whatever mess had happened at school. Mal made friends easily whenever they moved...and she got into fights with them just as easily. It was that whole nonchalant behaviour of hers, as if she didn't care if she was with people or not.

"Target acquired." Jeffery whispered.

"About time you used that." Mal mocked. Jeffery rolled his eyes and grinned as he moved towards the nest. Movement out the corner of his eye caught his attention and he saw his sister crouching behind some bushes. Normally it wouldn't have been just Jeffery and Mal but their mother and brother had been captured and it was up to them to save their family. Jeffery just hoped Mal would take this seriously.

The nest was a crypt, the door open and a green glow shone from inside. Jeffery leaned against the wall next to the crypt door. He leaned over to look into the crypt. His blood ran cold when he saw his mother and brother lying on top of coffins and he prayed that they were still alive.

"Jeff?" Mal whispered through the bluetooths. "What do you see?"

"Nothing good." Jeffery replied. "Just stay where you are. Anything comes out that's not family, shoot it." He heard a sigh in reply but thankfully Mal didn't argue. Jeffery moved further into the crypt and out of sight from his sister.

Mal sat and waited, toying with her brown hair that held just a tint of red to it. She didn't like doing nothing, she had to do something. Biting her lip as her bluetooth suddenly shut off, she moved through the bush and headed over to the crypt as she heard the sounds of gun shots. Mal frowned and peeked inside. There was a large fire, burning green, with two body shaped logs. Her sea green eyes widened when she realized it wasn't logs, it was her family.

Jeffery was pinned down under a creature with black, leathery wings sprouted from it's back. He struggled and pushed at it's jaw to keep it's mouth away from him. He jumped as a gun shot rang out and the creature dropped off him and convulsed on the ground before going still and dead. Another shot rang out and Jeffery looked to see Mal standing in the doorway of the crypt. He didn't know whether to be scared or impressed as, one by one, his little sister shot the creatures that were responsible for taking away the rest of their family. His mind was made up when one of the last creatures suddenly came up beside the young girl and bit into her shoulder. Her pain filled scream rang throughout the whole crypt as she crumbled to the ground with the monster over her, lapping at the blood that ran from the wound.

"HEY SHIT FACE!" Jeffery yelled, grabbing his shot gun and directing it at the creature over his sister. The monster turned it's eyeless face to the young man, only to lose it's head as Jeffery fired the rock salt bullets. He took out the rest of the creatures before rushing to his sister's side. "Damn it Mal, didn't I tell you to stay put?"

"Would...have too." Mal whimpered. Jeffery frowned as he watched the skin around the wound start bubbling as if it had been touched by acid. He reached forward to get a better idea of what had happened but Mal smacked at his arm weakly. "Don't!"

"Mal we have to do something, we have to fix this." Jeffery insisted. Mal sighed as her eyes closed. "No no no, Mallory, don't do that!"

"Tired." Mal slurred out. Jeffery frowned and took his coat off before wrapping it around his sister's wounded arm. He carefully lifted her up, wincing when she groaned in pain. "Mom..and...Aidan.."

"Gone." Jeffery sighed, feeling tears stinging his eyes. He laid his sister on the grass in front of an Angel tombstone and looked at her shoulder again. Muscle was getting eaten away and bone was starting to get revealed. It looked like some sort of tunnel through the skin and muscle to her bone. A bloody, bubbling tunnel. He winced at the sight and felt a new level of respect for his sister for not screaming at the obvious pain she was in.

"Jeff...make it stop hurting." Mal whispered, tears trailing down her face.

"Just relax. Everything is going to be okay." Jeffery assured weakly. Mal nodded slowly. Jeffery looked around, wondering if he could get his sister anywhere fast enough to save her. He looked up at the Angel tombstone and found himself wishing it was real. He couldn't lose someone else, couldn't lose his whole family in one go.

The sound of rushing wings made the young man jump and lift his tear stained face. Standing next to the Angel statue was a middle aged man in a navy blue suit and a brown trench coat. Jeffery frowned, unsure how this man just suddenly appeared and whether or not he was bad. The man took one look at Jeffery then stepped closer. The younger man gripped his gun and watched the other man crouch down next to Mal. The girl was incredibly pale and her chest barely moved as her breathing slowed.

"Who are you?" Jeffery asked. The man didn't answer as he studied the young girl in front of him. He reached forward and touched the skin around the wound. "HEY DON'T TOUCH HER!"

"I must touch her to heal her." The man replied roughly. Jeffery blinked then looked at Mal's shoulder. Sure enough, it was completely healed. All that remained was blood stains on her clothes.

"How did you do that?" Jeffery asked. "Who the hell are you?" The man lifted shockingly blue eyes to look at the brother.

"I am an Angel of the Lord." Was the only response before the man disappeared with the sound of fluttering wings. Not even a second later, Mal was groaning and opening her eyes. Jeffery looked at her then sighed and pulled her into his arms. She blinked, unsure of her brother's behaviour. Smiling slightly, she returned the hug, deciding it best not to ask.


One Year Later

"Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, tra la la, tra la la, happy birthday to me!" Mal sang happily as she pranced over to the motel that she and Jeffery lived in at the moment. Sunlight shone down on her,making the red in her hair stand out. She swiped the keycard through the reader and walked in. Jeffery sat at the table, a newspaper in front of him. "You won't believe what happened today." Mal looked over at her brother as she dropped her backpack and sat on her bed. She smiled happily, trying to be cheerful since it was the only way to get her brother to be cheerful. "A few people in my class gave me cards and we had a cake, isn't that cool?"

Jeffery didn't say anything. Mal paused, her happiness fading to curiousity. Standing up, she took a step towards the table then paused as her eyes moved over to the door. It was shut firmly and completely clear, void of anything to possibly block it.

Including salt.

Mal frowned, knowing that her entrance wouldn't have done that and that her brother would never have left the door unsalted. She stepped back as Jeffery's hand slowly lifted up to rest on the table. She didn't know what to do so she picked up her backpack slowly and when she straightened up, it was to find him standing right in front of her. Mal screamed and jumped back, staring with wide eyes at her brother's black as night eyes.

"You must be Mallory." Jeffery cooed with a false smile. "You helped this one destroy my creatures some months ago you little bitch." His hand shot out, catching Mal in the face and knocking her down onto the bed. She rolled from her side to her back then started to struggle as he jumped on top of her, holding her down. "Your brother's in here with me, do you have anything to say to him?"

"HELP!" Mal screamed at the top of her lungs. She received a sharp slap to the face again and she whimpered. She felt her hands getting tied together then forced up to the top of the bed. They were left there but she knew if they were together, it would be pointless to try much of anything. One of Jeffery's hands clamped over her mouth while the other pushed up her shirt.

"He wasn't very cooperative, your brother." Jeffery informed her casually. "I watched him drop you off at school. Then I caught him. He put up a fight." He chuckled as his fingers tapped along Mal's bra. She kept trying to scream around his hand as tears ran from her eyes. Her body arched and twisted to try and get him off but he was bigger then her and stronger. "No where near as much of a fight as you're putting up though, my dear. I would have just left him for dead but he was so bent on telling me to leave you alone. So...blame him."

The hand that was toying with her bra slid down along her stomach, across an old scar created from before the hunting days, to the button and zipper of her jeans. Both were opened before the article of clothing was pulled down. Mal tried to kick during that time but it seemed to have little affect. Jeffery looked at her, eyes still black, and smiled as he produced a roll of duct tape from his back pocket. The split second that his hand was off her mouth, Mal screamed but it was useless as the tape quickly covered her lips.

"Shh shh shh...there there." Jeffery cooed darkly. Mal narrowed her red rimmed and watery eyes at him. Eyes that instantly widened to an impossible size when she heard his jeans rustling as they were removed. Jeffery laughed and it was the worst sound Mal could possibly ever imagine. "She gets it now. She understands what's going to happen." The young girl once again tried to get away but a rough hand grabbed her bounds ones and held them down. The second hand gripped her panties and tore them away. Mal screamed as much as she could behind the duct tape. "Scream all you want little girl but no one's going to hear you. Big brother is going to And just to make it that much more enjoyable for me."

Mal whimpered as Jeffery's eyes became normal even though everything else about him was dark and demonic. His hand pressed hers harder against the pillow and she could feel something underneath it digging into her wrists. She slowed her struggling as she closed her eyes, trying to take deep breaths through her nose.


Her help wasn't coming.

The Angel that had saved her before wasn't doing it this time. Would he ever? What was he waiting for?

"Now...this...will hurt." Jeffery informed the sobbing teenager beneath him as he shoved his boxers to his knees. "Scream for me little sis. Happy birthday." Mal did indeed scream when her body was invaded, not as if it did her any good. The only upside was him letting go of her hands to grip her waist painfully hard, leaving bruises, his nails digging into her skin sharply enough that she was sure she'd bleed. Mind you, she'd be bleeding already. She tucked her hands under the pillow and gripped the handgun that resided there. She took another breath through her nose and steeled herself as she opened her eyes, glad that the tears had blurred her vision. She could still make out her brother's thrusting form above her. Before she could let it get to her, she had yanked her hands from under her pillow, mumbled an apology against the duct tape, and fired the gun as it came parallel with Jeffery's head.

All movement halted as his face flashed, an apologetic look crossing his features before smoke drifted out the bullet wound and disappeared out of the room. The dead body tilted to the side before tumbling off the bed. Mal dropped the gun and curled up on the bloodied bed. She pulled the duct tape off her mouth and let her sobs have full control.

"Please!" Mal called out hoarsely. "Please please, take me away! Oh God please! Where are you?" Her voice drifted off with the question and she lay curled up, heartbroken and pained, all alone save for the body of her dead brother. She remained like that for ten minutes, crying her eyes out and wishing for some salvation. When none came in that time, she realized she had to leave. The gun shot wouldn't have gone unnoticed and she couldn't be there when police arrived.

Forcing herself into action, she uncurled her body and got off the bed. She looked at the blood stains and winced before steeling herself once more. She grabbed the clothes that had been torn from her body and pulled them back on, wincing as she went but ignoring it just as she ignored Jeffery's body. She grabbed her brother's bag and her own and everything else that was theirs, stealing a few things from the room as well. Finally, she looked at the body. She stood and stared for a few minutes before she bent down and retrieved the car keys from the pocket of the pants hanging around his ankles.

A joyful, newly fourteen year old girl had entered the room barely an hour earlier.

A solemn, emotionless fourteen year old girl exited.

So for those of you wondering, yes this story takes place a bit after Supernatural will officially end. I don't know what's in store for Castiel there but in my world, he's continuing his awesomeness. That last part of this chapter takes place at the end of season five when Castiel is human so he wouldn't have known the danger Mal was in.