"What did I tell you?" Vanitas yelled furiously while grabbing Xion up by her hair. The girl looked at him with tears in her eyes. "I-I'm sorry.." she apologized trying to hold her tears back. The man sighed heavenly and slapped her across the face. The girl fell back and her head hit against the hard wooden floors. Vanitas glared down at her as she cried and screamed. He was just getting more mad. The man sat over her and punched her in the face. "Shut up! The neighbors will hear you!"

"How long are you going to do this? You said that you won't hit me anymore, Vanitas!" she said in a hurt voice, trying to get away from him. Vanitas got up to kick her in the side continuously. "What did I say?" The female crawled away from him and ran into the bathroom. Then quickly locked the door behind her. She was lucky.. Xion never got away from him because she would be to scared to move. The girl walked up to the mirror and looked at her self in the reflection. Her hair was a mess, her eyes were red from crying, and all over her body were blue and purple with bruises.

When she first met Vanitas he was kind and caring. He never would hit her. Then three months after the two began dating. He began to beat her.. At first it was two times a week. Then it became daily. Vanitas promised that he wouldn't touch her again, but he still did. When she tried to leave him one time. Vanitas tied her down the bed and threatened to burn down the house with the two of them in it, alive.. She decided to stay, but this time she couldn't handle it. She wanted to leave!

"Xion! Open the damn door!" Vanitas yelled from the other end. Xion could hear him pounding against the door and shaking the door knob furiously. The girl looked back.. "Vanitas leave me alone for now! Please!" she begged, but then she could see him making a hole through the door. Soon enough, he would come in and beat her again. "I'll give you until the count of three. One.."

The black haired girl scanned the bathroom and ran for the window. Finally, the door broke down and Vanitas came in. His white collared shirt was buttoned down a bit and his tie was loose. "Come here!" he said while reaching out for her. Xion crawled through the window and jumped off the roof. She looked back up to see him looking down at her. She knew that he would come down after her, so she turned away and ran for it. Yes, her legs felt very weak from the fall but the adrenaline ran through her. She HAD to get away, so she ran as fast as she could without any shoes. Her feet were beginning to ache and it had a couple times that she almost fell over.

Xion couldn't go to her sister, Kairi because she lived with Sora, Vanitas's younger brother. The red haired girl would freak, if she found out what happened and for Sora.. The worse could happen. She had no where else though unless she was going to sleep underneath a playground in a park. Then it came to her. She could go see Roxas. Her friend ever since, high school.

While running through the streets, people would give her looks. Some even tried to stop her to see what's wrong, but Vanitas would come chasing after her soon. She couldn't stop just yet.. Then a few seconds of running turned into minutes.

Finally, she made it to Roxas's apartment but to get up. He needed to buzz her in. Xion dialed in the numbers and hoped that Roxas wouldn't be sleeping yet, so he could pick up his phone. It rung for twenty seconds and already the girl was getting frightened from every person that walked passed. "Hello..?" Roxas answered. The tone of his voice was drowsy, he must have been sleeping. Xion's eyes widened and she passed her hands against the wall as her mouth spoke into the intercom. "ROXAS! Please, buzz me up! Hurry!" she begged as tears swelled up in her eyes again.

Suddenly, the door clicked. Xion grabbed onto the door knob and ran into the building. She didn't even tried to use the elevator. She went straight for the stair case and ran up it to the tenth level. The girl walked out into the hall way to see Roxas waiting for her in front of his door. "X-Xion..?" he questioned while taking a few steps forward. The boy never saw her in this condition before.. Especially, her bruises. Since, she would wear clothes to cover it up but now she was wearing a short loose white spaghetti strapped dress. Xion ran towards him to only collapse half way. Her body finally gave up from running so much but this time. She could feel that her leg was sprained.

The blonde rushed up to her and carried her; bridal style. He did notice what was wrong with her leg and didn't waste any time to bring her inside his home. "What happened?" he asked worryingly while sitting her onto his couch. "Why are you out this late? Xion!" The young lady looked up at him with her calm blue eyes and caught her breath. "I couldn't handle it anymore.. It went on for months.. H-H-he keeps on beating me!" she exclaimed as tears swelled up in her eyes again. She was hurt physically and mentally..

Roxas's hand then clenched into a fist. He was furious that Vanitas would even beat her because he would act if nothing was wrong when they saw each other. Then he snapped back into realization to see his best friend crying. The boy went over to her carefully and embraced her. "It's okay, Xion.. You don't need to be scared anymore. I'm here to protect you. In fact for now on. You are living with me. You are not going back there." Roxas said trying to make her feel better a bit.

Then he pulled away and looked at her leg. "I'll come back.." the boy turned away and got a few things ready for her. When he came back, Roxas picked her up again, but this time he carried her over his shoulder and placed her on his bed. On one end it had three pillows stacked and one pillow for her head. "You'll be sleeping on this side." he ordered while laying her down and placing her sprained leg above all the pillows. Then he went off again to get the bags of ice, so when he came back he placed it over the leg.

Xion looked over at Roxas and thanked him with a smile upon her face. "No, don't worry about it.." he replied while returning the smile and messing up her hair more. "Just rest. Good night, Xion." he said while leaving the room. "Roxas." she called out while looking up at the ceiling. The blonde rushed came back in and looked at her confused. "Come and sleep here.. It's your room after all and your bed could fit both of us." The boy's face quickly reddened. She looked at him to only see her leg in the way and added on, "Don't be shy~ We always used to sleep together in high school. It makes it no different from now." Roxas walked over to his side of the bed and laid down by Xion. Finally, they both went off to sleep..

Things will be different for the good starting now.. Roxas, I'm so thankful that you are letting me stay here with you. You saved me.. I wish, I can show it to you more..