It only took one or two hours to stitch up the cut it had on Roxas's head from the fall down the stair case. He was lucky that it didn't cause him to die or something, but he had to stay in a room for one or two days to see if anything happens. For example, dizziness, head aches, and bleeding through the cut still. Except for that, the blonde was okay. Now he needed to wait for Xion. She was in the emergency room for about six hours now.. Every minute, every hour that passed worried Roxas more. He really didn't want to get the bad news while waiting in his room. When the young man was sitting in the bed. He didn't feel like doing nothing. Roxas didn't watch T.V, eat, or sleep while waiting. All he did was sit and look at the clock. Suddenly, the door opened and a man with a white coat walked in.

"Congratulations, she survived." he said with a slight smile. Roxas's eyes brightened up. The young man wanted to know more so he made a hand suggestion for the other man to do so. "The bullet was successfully taken out and it didn't hit any of her vital organs. Though, she has to stay in the hospital for a couple of weeks." The doctor explained. The blonde laid back in his bed and looked up at the ceiling. He and Xion were very lucky.. "Would you like her to stay in this room with you?" he asked. "You are her husband, I assume."

"No.. I'm not her husband. Just a really close friend," Roxas replied with a short laugh at the end. He liked the idea though. "It would be nice if she could stay here with me though.." he continued while looking at the doctor. He had emerald green eyes, long platinum blonde hair with bangs that framed his face. [Yes, it's Vexen. xDD''] The older man nodded and walked out of the room.

After a few moments, a young nurse with brown hair and bright green eyes walked in. [Hehe.. Olette~] She was rolling Xion in as the young woman laid unconscious. Xion even had a oxygen mask over her mouth and nose to help her breath. Roxas's smile slowly faded away from seeing his best friend in this condition. The blonde was speechless now. The nurse rolled in Xion by Roxas and nodded. Then she began to connect things to Xion's arm (for blood and pulse rate; I don't know what it's called). Olette then checked some things off the clip board that hanged from the edge of her bed and left the room.

Roxas slowly got up from his bed and walked over to Xion's bed. Even if she wasn't dead.. Tears began to flow down his cheeks. The blonde felt so guilty because she took the bullet for him while protecting him from Vanitas. The young man reached his hands out to hers and held onto it while starring down at her. After wards, his tears began to fall onto her face.

Xion felt cold and her body was pale. Soon enough, Roxas walked away for a moment to drag a chair to the side of her bed so he could sit right beside her. Then the young man ended up sleeping there with his head on the edge of Xion's bed with his hand still holding onto hers.

The next morning, Xion slowly opened her ocean blue eyes to see light shine through the whole room. The female took off the oxygen mask from her face and yawned while stretching her arms up in the air. Then that's when she noticed the blonde sleeping on the side of her. "R-Roxas..?" she exclaimed softly while shaking his shoulder softly. The young man slowly woke up and looked at her with tear stained cheeks. Though, a smile appeared on his face as she looked directly into his eyes. "Are you okay..?" she asked whole holding her hand up to his cheek.

Roxas held onto her hand with his and rubbed his cheek into her hand. "Mhmm.. I'm alright.." he said softly, still a bit tired. He was glad to see Xion breath without the oxygen mask though. The blonde slowly sat up and stretched his back out.

"Why didn't you sleep on your bed? You must have felt so uncomfortable last night." The female continued while looking at him still.

"I wanted to stay by your side," He replied while twisting his body to the right. Then left. "and I did feel comfortable because I was with you." Roxas finally said while returning the look back to his best friend.

Xion's eyes teared up as Roxas told her that. She had never heard something so sweet, romantic, and kind for so long. Maybe, they could start dating soon? Especially, what was going to happen last night. They should. The blonde brought his hands up to the young woman's face and wiped away her tears. Then he gently held onto the sides of her head and pressed his forehead against hers while looking into her beautiful eyes.

"Xion, I love you." He said romantically.

"I love you too.." she replied with a slight smile.

After wards, he leaned in more and kissed her upon her lips passionately. [Just to let you guys know. I have NEVER kissed someone, so I don't know how it is like. That's why I have a hard time explaining things. Also, NEVER had a boyfriend.] Xion quickly returned the kiss while wrapping her arms arms around his shoulders. Then she brought him in closer to her body. Which deepened the kiss more.

"XION~! ROXAS~!" They both heard coming from the door. It was the others.. The two quickly broke the kiss, not wanting to get caught and pretended that they were just talking.

"We saw that." Sora said simply while walking in with a basket full of gifts.

The two laughed nervously while scratching the back of their heads and turned their attention to everyone else.

"What is it?" Xion asked happily while laying back down. Then she had to put back on the oxygen mask because she felt a shortage of air going through her lungs.

"We just wanted to drop all of this off and see you guys." Kairi replied while placing a bouquet of flowers on the counter as Sora placed down the big basket on the floor. Since, it had no room for it.

"Soo.. How are you guys? AND I'm not talking about the kissy kissy stuff." Sora asked but soon enough, Kairi elbowed his side and gave him a look.

"Well.." Roxas started off while laying back in the chair. "I have to stay here for two days and Xion has to stay for a couple of weeks. Nothing critical happened to either of us, so we're lucky."

Kairi's face brightened up in joy to hear the good news. She wanted to hug her sister tightly, but that would be a bad idea.. Since, she was shot last night. Suddenly, the door busted open and Axel walked into the room holding a BIG teddy bear that says, 'Get Well Soon, Xion and Roxas!'

The young adults looked at the spiky red head with widened eyes and tilt their heads to the side a bit. The man always had a way to show that he cared for them a lot.

"Hey, do you guys like this?" Axel asked with a huge smile upon his face. The young woman nodded her head with a polite smile as Roxas did the same. "You know what happened last night..?" he continued while rubbing the back of his neck.

"Sure.. Why not?" The blonde replied back while walking over to his bed so he could rest better.

"Well~ Vanitas was sent to jail last night and will go to court, but we all know that he will be going to prison for what he has done." The red haired man said while leaning against the wall. "Far as my knowledge goes.. He will be locked up for a long time." he finally said with his arms crossed in front of his chest.

"That's good." Roxas said confidentially. "He should be behind bars for what he has done."

Then the three stayed for the rest of the day with the two, but they had to leave to take care of a few things... That night, Roxas got up from his bed and walked over to Xion's once more to see the young woman peacefully sleeping.

"Xion.." The blonde called out while shaking her shoulder gently. He wanted to ask her something.. That was important to him.

"Hmmm?" Xion slowly opened her eyes and looked at Roxas starring down at her.

"Would you like to be my girl friend?" he finally asked while holding onto her hands again. They did confess and make out with each other, but they didn't officially began to date each other.

"Of course.. I would love too.." Xion replied tiredly, but she understood what he was saying.

My life officially begins now.


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