Being quiet, shy, socially awkward and gay aren't good qualities to have in highschool. In fact they are the opposite of what is good. These qualities are ones I posses. My name is Gerard Way, I'm seventeen. I'm a senior in Hell, my apologies, High School. My younger brother, Mikey should be a sophomore, but he's skipped a couple grades and is also a senior. And seeing as I am mute for the most part, he is in all of my classes. He's really the only person I talk to at school, aside from Ray. Ray is quite tall and has hair that I can only describe as a very large Afro. I don't talk to him much, but he understands and isn't bothered by it. Mikey and I live with our mother and half the time Ray is there as well.

"Gee." I hear Mikey say with a light knock on the door.

"Come in." I say softly.

The door creaks open and Mikey peeks in "You ready to go?"

I nod "Almost just need shoes."

"Alright. You hungry Gee?"

I shake my head "No, I'm fine."

He bites his lip and nods "Ok.."

I shove my feet into my shoes and grab the keys. I walk down the stairs, Mikey close behind. Mom is waiting at the bottom of the stairs. I sigh and give her an inquisitive look.

"Gerard drive safely and if I hear you didn't eat today you're internet is gone, got it?"

I nod and shoot Mikey a death glare. A clear warning: Keep your mouth shut! I move to pass her, and am stopped.

"Gerard why can't you talk to me?"

I sigh, roll my eyes and mumble "I don't talk to anyone!"

"That's a lie you talk to Mikey all of the time."

I sigh "Fine, I'll stop!" with that I push past her and get into the car.

I turn the key and notice that Mikey hasn't come outside yet. I honk the horn a few times until I see him rushing out. Mom walks out and shoots me a disapproving glare, but at the moment I could care less. Mikey gets in and before his seatbelt is buckled, I'm out of the driveway.

"You're not seriously going to stop talking to me are you?"

"No Mikey."

He nods and begins blabbering about his homework.

Art is by far my favorite class. I don't get into trouble for drawing the entire period. Half into the period, the door opens. A boy I've never seen walks in and glances around for the teacher..Its kind of cute the way his eyebrows are all furrowed in confusion. She notices him and takes his schedule.

"Class, This is Frank ah..."

He sighs "Iero."

"Yes. Frank Iero. Now take a seat in the back there beside Gerard." she looks at me "Gerard, sweety raise your hand so he knows who you are."

I raise my hand, continuing my drawing. He makes his way over and sits beside me.

"Hey I'm Frank.!" he smiles.

Up close I can see that he has a lip ring. It looks perfect with his soft lips. I feel myself turn red, and look away form him.

"I'm sorry did I say something wrong?" he frowns.

"No, Frank Gerard is almost completely mute. He doesn't talk much at all. I'm Mikey, his brother."

Frank nods "Oh ok." he gasps "Gerard that is really good!"

I look up and see him staring at my drawing. I feel another blush creep onto my cheeks.


Mikey's eyes widen "Gee?"

"I thought you said he doesn't talk!"

"He doesn't! He only talks to Mom, Ray and I!"

Frank smiles at me "Well I feel special."

I blush again and reply with just a nod.

Mikey grins "So, Frank where are you from?"

He sighs "Where am I not from? I've moved quite a lot, I've lived in every state, excluding Hawaii."

I tilt my head in confusion "Why?"

He smiles at me "My mother's been having some... issues."

Why would he smile about that?

I nod.

"Well, its lunch after this would you like to join us Frank?" Mikey asks.

He nods "Sure, is that fine with you Gerard?"

My heart melts at the sound of him saying my name. Wait, he said something to me!

I nod "Yeah."

He smiles again "Awesome. So, I know you probably don't like being asked, but why are you mute?"

I feel my face redden and shake my head.

"Well Gee has always been pretty quiet, over the years its progressed and some things happened that didn't help..."

Frank frowns "I'm sorry to hear that, but quite glad you've decided to talk to me."

I nod and offer a small smile.

Why did I talk to Frank? I don't know him, yet I feel as if I have. He's cute, alright absolutely gorgeous, but that hasn't made me talk before...

The bell rings, causing me to jump and leave my trance. We walk to the cafeteria, meeting Ray on the way and get into the line. Today they are serving Chicken nuggets tater tots and chocolate pudding. I like chicken and chocolate pudding, but tater tots disgust me. I'm not quite sure why, as I eat fries and other potato products, but they do. We finally get through the line, pay for our lunch and take our usual seats outside, underneath the big oak tree. I sit between Mikey and Frank. Ray is on Mikey's other side, looking at Frank.

"Hi, I'm Ray."

Frank smiles "Frank."

I look down at my food and sigh.

"You better eat!" Mikey warns me.

I scoff and take a bite of a nugget and set it back down.

"You'd better eat Way, I'm not above telling your mom."

I glare at Ray and throw a tater tot into his hair. He growls and attempts to find it, after succeeding he pops the tater tot into his mouth. I scrunch my nose in disgust.

"Really I'll tell her Gerard."

I sigh and finish the nuggets.

Frank frowns "I hate chicken."

I look over at him "I hate tater tots."

His eyes widen "No way, you are insane!"

"I'm insane? How can you hate chicken?"

Ray's eyes widen "Am I hallucinating?"

"Nope, He talks to Frank." Mikey shrugs "I don't know why, but I'm just glad he does."

"I'll make you a deal." Frank smiles "I'll trade you my nuggets for your tots."

I nod "Deal!"

"He's really having a conversation with him?" Ray tilts his head.

Mikey nods "Yup."

"Thanks Gee." Frank begins to eat his tater tots.

Ray looks over at me "Why do you talk to him?"

I frown and look over at Frank, his mouth full of food, the back to Ray "I don't know."

"What? Gerard you're the one that's mute! You have to know!" he demands.

I sigh and go to dump my lunch tray. Instead of going back to them I decide to walk off by myself for a while.

I walk through the school grounds lost in thought.

Why do I talk to him?

It doesn't make any sense.

It took me months to say a word to Ray!

I talk to mom and Mikey but I did before I was completely mute and it took a while to talk to them again.


I sit in my bedroom floor with my knees pulled up to my chest, tears trickling down my cheeks. Its been months since it happened, and I haven't spoken a single word since I told mother about the event. Mikey isn't taking me not speaking to him well at all, but I just can't. Talking was what got me into this mess! I never wish to speak again. Except there are times when I want to speak, and I try but I literally can't. The words wont leave my lips and I feel as if I'm trapped inside of my mind. I can't even look at the hurt look on my younger brother's face. He tells me that my voice comforts him. I'd forgotten about singing to him when he's scared. But now it seems as if my vow of silence has become an official disorder. As if I need more then depression to worry about. I hear footsteps in the hall, stop at my door. I look over in time to see Mikey walk through my door. I quickly wipe the tears, though I know I'm too late.

"Gee? I had a bad dream can I come in here?"

I nod and offer a small smile.

He frowns and sits beside me on the floor "You've been crying..."

I sigh and nod.

"Is it about dad?"

I grab my notebook "That is not a dad. But yes, its partially about what happened with him."

He sighs "Why wont you talk to me Gerard?"

I bite my lip and write "I can't."

"Why not!"

I feel my eyes water and scribble "I don't know Mikey. Its just too hard. I've tried a couple times and nothing has happened. I can't."

"Try harder! I feel like you can't trust me!"

"That's not the case at all Michael and you know it!"

"Do I? You don't talk to me so I have no idea what's going on in that brain of yours!"

"I'm sorry. No lecture please?" A teardrop falls onto the page as I begin shaking.

He pulls me into a hug "I'm so sorry Gee, I didn't mean to upset you! I know you've been through a lot and I should bother you about speaking it just hurts so much that you wont talk to me!"

I hold him tighter and try with all of my willpower to speak only one word comes out "Mikey."

He jumps and looks at me "Did you just?"

I nod and try to speak again, but fail. I go for the notebook.

"Unfortunately that's all I've got for you. I'm sorry that this has hurt you so much. I will try to speak, for you."

"I love you Gee."

"I love you too Mikes. Even though I don't say it its true. Don't forget."

"Can I sleep in here?"

I nod and write "Of course Mikey."

I look around to see where I've wandered. Bad news, I'm on the Popular's side of the Lunch area.

Oh Fuck!

I quickly walk to make my way back to Mikey and the others.

"What are you doing over here?" I hear Brent sneer.

I'm dead.

I turn around and look at him. Six foot tall, eats testosterone for breakfast, and angry, at me.

"I asked you a question fagot! What are you doing on our side?"

"He don't talk Brent. He's some kinda alien!"

"Oh, you better start talking fag, or you're dead."

I bite my lip and being to shake.

"Gerard!" I hear Frank.

I look in the direction of his voice and see him walking over to me.

I motion for him to stop, not wanting him to get beaten to death as well. He ignores my vicious flailing and stands beside me.

"I've been looking everywhere for you!"

"Is this your boyfriend faggot?" Brent grins "I'll kill you both and let you die together."

Frank snorts "Dude, I'm seriously not afraid of you. Yeah, you're big and you inhale steroids, so what? Your strength is no match for my abundance of common sense. So you're wasting your time."

Brent glares at him "Oh yeah?"

Frank steps closer, making him look even shorter "Yeah."

Brent raises his fist and throws a punch, which Frank dodges almost effortlessly, making Brent unbalanced. Frank helps him meet the ground with a shove and grabs my hand and pulls me. We run to our side and keep running until we're too far for him to find.

"Gerard, what on earth were you doing over there?"

I look down "I was lost in thought..."

He smiles "I imagine you are a lot of the time."

I nod.

"So, am I right in assuming we're friends now?"

I nod.

"Why didn't you come back after dumping your tray?"

I sigh "I hate when people question my selective muteness."

He nods "I bet. I'm sorry I'm just curious."

I smile at him "I was referring to Ray."

"I was apologizing for asking about what caused it."

I frown "It's a normal question to ask. Its not a easy story to tell..."

He nods "Then I wont pressure you for the answer."

I smile "Thanks very much Frank."

He grins "Its no problem Gee."

I smile "This is the longest conversation I've had in quite a while. I really don't know why I talk to you, its just easy. I'm curious as to why though..."

He nods "I am too! I feel quite honored really."

I chuckle "Honored?"

He nods "I dunno why."

"So, are you doing anything after school? If I know Mikey, he's already told mom I talk to another person and she'll want to meet you."

He smile "Nope, not doing anything."

"Come home with us?"

He nods "Sure!"

After school, I meet Frank and Mikey by the flag.

"Well hi Frank!" Mikey smiles.


I walk ahead, pulling the keys out of my pocket. Frank and Mikey follow.

"Oh, are you coming with us?" Mikey asks.

Frank nods "If that's still alright Gerard?"

I nod and open the door. Mikey sits in the back, allowing Frank to sit up front. I drive home and kill hte car. I turn to Frank.

"A warning, my mother is extremely emotional... she may cry. She WILL hug you."

He chuckles "I think I can handle it."

I nod and lead him inside "Mom we're home!"

We find her in the living room, folding clothes. She sees Frank and smiles.

"Who is your friend?"

"Mom, this is Frank." I turn to Frank "Frank this is mom."

"Frank, well I- did you just talk to him?"

I nod "Yes mom, and I know Mikey's already texted you about it."

"Yes well I wasn't sure if he was kidding or not!" her eyes begin to water "Oh Gerard you're talking to him! How long have you known him?"

"We met today..."

She looks confused "Today?"

"Yes mom. Before you ask, I have no idea why I talk to him but I do."

She nods "That's pretty weird but I'm so glad!" she rushes over to hug Frank.

He hugs back and gives me a grin.

She releases him "So, Frank are you new?"

He nods "Yes ma'am. Today was my first day."

She smiles "Well you picked an interesting day to start school, on a Friday. Would you like to stay the night?"

He looks over at me "Well I uh, would you mind?"

I shake my head "No, why would I?"

He shrugs "I'll have to talk to my mom but yeah, I'd like to stay."

I nod, really hoping his mother allows him to stay.

He goes out side to speak with his mom.

"I'm so happy you've found someone you talk to!" Mom beams.

I nod "Me too..."

Mikey grabs my arm "I need to have a word with you!" and drags me into my room.

"What Mikey?"

"You like him, don't you?"

I blush "Mikey just because I talk to him-"

"Don't lie to me, you do!"

I bite my lip "Mikey I-"

"Hey mom says I can stay but I need a ride to go get clothes and stuff..." Frank walks in.

I nod "Alright, lets go."

Mikey follows us out to the car "Can we pickup Ray too? Mom said he could stay!"

I nod and start the car "When did I become your chauffeur?"

Mikey grins "When you got a license."

"Frank, I need directions." I say playfully.

After meeting with Frank's mother who was quite annoyed by my lacking end of the conversation, we headed over to Ray's house to pick him up. He sits in the back with mikey and we order pizza. I have Mikey call in the order. As we wait in the Parking lot of the Pizza Hut, we listen to the cd Frankie brought with him. Frankie? Ray, Mikey and Frank sing along, I just smile and watch them.

Mikey pouts at me "Gerard, come one sing!"

I feel a blush creep across my cheek "I-I.. I don't know this song."

"Sing one of the ones you've written then." he grins.

Frank turns off the radio "I agree!"

Ray nods "I do as well!"

"I-I... I would really rather not..."

"Please?" Frank gives me puppy eyes.

I sigh "Fine but... don't stare at me or I wont be able to do it!"

He nods.

I clear my throat and stare at the steering wheel " Hand in mine, into your icy blues

And then I'd say to you we could take to the highway

With this trunk of ammunition too

I'd end my days with you in a hail of bullets

I'm trying, I'm trying

To let you know just how much you mean to me

And after all the things we put each other through and

I would drive on to the end with you

A liquor store or two keeps the gas tank full

And I feel like there's nothing left to do

But prove myself to you and we'll keep it running..."

I stop feeling their eyes on me.

"You have such a beautiful voice!" Frank pulls me into a hug.

"I haven't heard you sing in so long!" Mikey smiles.

I nod "I know..."

"Mikey, lets go see if our food is ready!" Ray grabs his arm.

They enter the building and I feel Frank's eyes on me "Yes?"

"You're voice... its just... so amazing."

I blush.

"Really Gee. You have a beautiful voice, just when you talk... but when you sing its..." he shakes his head "Beyond amazing."


He smiles "Yes Gee?"

I shake my head "I don't know what to say..."

His smile gets bigger "You don't need to say a word" he pulls me into a hug.

Ah hell, you're right Mikey! I like him so so so so so much.

I chew on my bottom lip as I inhale his scent.

The back side doors open and I smell pizza.

"Yay we can go home and eat!" Mikey smiles.

Frank gives me a sweet smile "You should probably start the car."

I blush, realizing that id been staring at him! I start the car and remain silent the rest of the way home.