Frank and I get into my car to pick up Ray and Mikey. Mom didn't want us to go, but she had to got to work, and Gramma Elena dozed off, leaving Mikey with no other ride home. And ever since we were in elementary, we don't ride the bus. Some kid in highschool had a lot of gum and he stuck our hair together with it... mom wasn't happy. I pull into a parking place and text Mikey, telling him where we are. He texts back.

Dude, get out of the car, you're not gonna believe this!


Just do it.

I sigh and get out of the car. I look around for Mikey and Ray. My eyes widen when I see a group of kids surrounding them. What the hell? Frank gets out of the car as well.

"Do you see- who are they?"

I shrug "Some of the students here but... they usually don't hang out with us..."

The group of about nine people approach us.

"Damn Gerard, you showed him!" a voice calls.

I look at Mikey, confused.

He shrugs "They've decided you're awesome. And by default, so are Ray, Frank and I."

I sigh and get into the driver's seat. Nothing changed, I'm still quiet geeky gay Gerard... Ray, Frank and Mikey get in as well.

"What's wrong Gerard?"

I shake my head and point to my seatbelt.

They all sigh and buckle their seatbelts.

"Now you're gonna be quiet?" Mikey frowns.

I roll my eyes and drive home. When we get there I text them all.

I don't understand why everyone is acting different all of the sudden! NOTHING has changed! I'm the same quiet gay loser I was when I woke up this morning!

Ray: Gerard you're not a loser and people are going to be excited that you kicked Brent's ass, it isn't just you he picks on, ya know?

Frank: Sugar something has changed. You finally stood up for yourself I know you didn't do it for the attention, but it'll lay off soon. At least we're expelled and ya don't have to deal with it every day =)

Mikey: My opinion of you hasn't changed in the slightest. I've ALWAYS thought you were awesome! Though, I must admit I was shocked when you were ready to kick his ass after he bothered me. I was hoping you'd leave it alone so you wouldn't get hurt and thought you aren't violent I had a feeling that you weren't gonna let this go... so thanks you're an amazing big brother =)

I pull Mikey into a hug. He hugs back, very carefully. I pull away and smile at him.

Gramma Elena walks into the living room "Hello Boys!"

Mikey runs over to her "Gramma!"

She hugs them and walks over to Ray "You better give me a hug boy!"

Ray smiles and hugs her "So demanding!"

"Hey Gramma can I tell you something?" Mikey messes with his shirttail nervously.

"Of course sweetie!"

He keeps his eyes on the floor "I ah... I have a boyfriend."

"Oh really! Who?" Gramma Elena casts Ray a suspicious glance.

Mikey walks over to Ray and grabs onto his hand "RayRay!"

I try and fail not to laugh "R-RayRay?"

Ray grins "Shut up Sugar!"

I stick my tongue out at him.

Gramma Elena Smiles "What did your mom say about it?"

Mikey suddenly becomes interested with his shoes "W-well nothing... I didn't tell her... I hadn't gotten a chance and then she... she said that thing about Gee being gay..."

Gramma Elena sighs "You know she didn't mean that..."

"Still it wasn't a good time to tell her..." He frowns.

Gramma Elena nods "Well, don't you dare tell her you told me first, understand?"

I roll my eyes "Yeah, she wont like that, trust me!"

Mikey frowns "Yeah I kinda picked that up but... I had to tell someone other then you two! I can't hide anything!" he sighs.

Ray smiles at Mikey "Relax, we'll tell her when everything calms down a little. Or, if you freak out and tell her at random, that's okay too." He wraps his arm around Mikey "She'll love you no matter what, just like she loves Gee."

Ray and Frankie have to go home tonight So Mikey and I take them. I drop Ray off first, who gives my brother a quick kiss before leaving. Mikey is still blushing and grinning when we get to Frank's. I get out and walk with him to the door. He frowns, hearing his mom's voice. I pull him into a hug and kiss the top of his head. He looks up at me with a smile and pulls me into a kiss. I kiss him back, forgetting Mikey waiting in the car. He leans me against the brick wall and explores my mouth with his tongue. As much as I'm enjoying his hands beginning to explore I pull away. His doorstep is not the place for this. He blushes.

"Sorry about that..."

I smile "It's no problem Frankie." I frown "I gotta go... I love you."

He smiles "I love you too!"

I give him a quick kiss and walk to my car, and laugh at Mikey's facial expression. I open the door and get in.

"EW was that really necessary?"

I shrug "He started it. Look away next time."

He rolls his eyes "Yes because I was really watching it Gerard!"

I chuckle and pull out of Frank's driveway.

"Don't laugh! You could use some self control!"

I smile and look at him as we're at a red light "The only thing keeping our clothes on just then was my self control."

He shudders "Ew!"

I laugh "Save your self control speech for when you and Ray are alone."

He blushes and shakes his head "Sh-shut up!"

I laugh more and drive home.

Since its just Mikey and I, we decide to hang out in my room and watch movies. He of course grabs a bunch of horror movies. I don't say no, though it makes me wish I had Frank burry his face in my shoulder and squeezing my hand when he gets scared. Mikey gives out a maniacal laugh as he watches Jason's machete hit a guy, sitting in a wheelchair, in the face. The guy rolls backwards down the porch steps.

"Mikey... that's just evil."

He laughs more, and begins to wheeze. I shake my hand him his inhaler.

"That's Karma for you bro."

He glares at me, and uses his inhaler. I chuckle and grimace at another person being viciously murdered.

"Mikes... How do you love Unicorns... and this?"

He shrugs "I dunno. It's all so fake Gee. No guys is really gonna chase you around with a machete."

"No, but if they do, I'm throwing you in the way for jinxing me!" I grin.

His eyes widen "You would do that to me?"

I push his shoulder playfully "Of course not! But in a zombie apocalypse I will be tripping your ass! I will not be a zombie. Now, if its Vampires, feel free to trip me bro!"

"I don't wanna be a zombie either!" he whines.

I shrug "Then you better run faster then me."

He frowns "For that, when I find the unicorns, you can't have one!"

I shrug "Fine by me."

We continue watching movies, and he falls asleep. I shrug and turn off the tv and go to sleep myself, making sure he has a pillow. I wouldn't really let zombies hurt you Mikes... I cover him up and lay down and close my eyes.

I wake up to Mikey shaking me awake.


"Wh... huh?"

"I can't go to school! You wont be there! What if he retaliates!"

"I don't think so but if so... call me. Don't expect me to win. I'll get my as kicked this time, but I'd rather it was me rather then you."

He smiles "That's the nicest slightly suicidal thing you've ever said to me!"

I smile back "Now, go to school."

He nods "Alright love you Gee!"

"Love you too Mikes!"

I grin and lay back down. Home-schooling is good!

I'm sorry for this short update. I had some things i was going to do, but its not the right time for them in the fic. so This is what I've got for you now. hope you like it.