Based on Flying Pyro of Doom's story The Unconventional Wooing of Pierce and the sequel The Ups and Downs of an Interspecies Relationship. She made me a believer in this couple, and in the last chapter she asked other people to write for them! Here's my sad attempt. It's not nearly cute and sweet (more like lightly smutty), but I tried. Enjoy!

Lazy days were the best days.

Lying around in Boris's punk room were Boris and Pierce, staring up at the ceiling, pillows and blankets between their backs and the floor. Warm, summer light streamed in from the small windows, making criss-crosses on the floor.

If Pierce was to describe a more perfect day there would be cheese involved.

A question had been floating in the mouse's mind for a while. When questions came to his mind, he simply had to vocalize them.

"Remember when you threatened to eat me?" Pierce's voice was small, shaking. "Did you ever mean it?"

Boris peered at them, barely bringing his head up. "Yeah."

"What! ?"

"I was hungry, and you looked really delicious. Can you blame me?"

Pierce felt his throat constrict, like he was about to have a panic attack. Noticing this, Boris rolled over to him, and rubbed his arm, trying to comfort him.

"Hey, I eventually saw it was wrong, okay! Don't freak. Haven't I made up for that?"

"Well…" Pierce nervously brought his fingers together, thinking.

"I said…" Boris nipped at the mouse's round ear. "Haven't I?" His voice taking on a deep, husky tone as he rubbed his arm.

Was this his attempt to calm him? Because this was not calming at all! No, no, no!

Pierce's head spun. This was quite the opposite of calm. This made his clock tick rapidly, his hands clench up just as his body froze.

"I still kinda want to eat you, you know…"

"Boris!" Pierce squeaked. He didn't even know his voice could go that high.

"Hey, it's okay, right? Because it's me." He licked the mouse's cheek. "It's all right. Everything's okay."

Everything was not okay, no matter how soothing Boris said it.

Nothing was okay! He was probably going to be eaten again. Pierce stood up quickly, survival instincts kicking in as he scurried over to the other side of the room. What had gotten into Boris? "Hey, c'mere!" The cat's voice was irritated. "I wasn't going to eat you…literally!"

Flushed face, Pierce stayed fixed against the wall like he was trying to blend in with it. It was stupid. Of course, Boris could see him still, but the little mouse didn't want to be eaten!

"You're still delicious," Boris said wickedly, coming over towards Pierce, his tail twitching. Piece watched him, obvious fear in his eyes.

Boris's heart melted, and he relented. This was just the emotion he wanted to not elicit from him. Throwing his hands up in the air, he walked over to the bed and plopped down, sulking that Pierce didn't want to be near him.

Pierce watched him from across the room for a few moments. Seeing the darkness in the cat's face, he frowned, feeling sad for his friend/boyfriend.

Gingerly and cautiously he approached Boris, sitting down beside him. "You promise you won't eat me?"

"I wasn't going to eat you. I can't believe you thought I was after all this time."

"But you said-"

"That's not what I meant!"

"What did you mean?" Pierce's eyes were wide.

Boris eyed him. Surely he couldn't have been this dense? But then…the cat smiled widely. "How about I show you?"

Pierce blinked, not really comprehending, until Boris grasped the mouse's arms and began nipping at his neck.

And suddenly he understood.