Title: Just One Week
Spoilers: None
Summary: House spends a week in Baltimore delivering invited lectures. House's POV. Takes place in a AU version (or maybe not?) of S7, in which House and Cuddy are together in May.
Rating: NC-17 (M)
Word Count: 6200 approx
Warning: h/w slash, no details; mildly verging on noncon, but in a sweet way.
Disclaimer: we own nothing, not even a Jacuzzi.
Author's note: The fic was beta read amazingly well and fast by George Stark II, who corrected the language and saved me from some blatant OOC's. If you haven't yet, go read her stuff on ff. The ongoing The Engagement is a good starting point.

Chapter 1 Sunday afternoon

[The previous Thursday]

"Cuddy, I told you already. I will not go if you don't come with me! No discussion!"

House carefully navigated the stairs with the cane while Wilson carried his suitcase to the trunk of the Volvo.

"I still can't understand how she convinced you," he said after he started the car.

"She tricked me. First she said we would be going there together. Six days, no child, no cases, no clinic… I just had to give four lectures and the rest would be food and sex. The hotel room has a huge Jacuzzi on the private balcony, and there's an official dinner at a restaurant with two stars on the Michelin guide." House sighed. "And then she said she had an important series of donor meetings and canceled on me."

"Well, it's true that the donor meetings were scheduled rather suddenly. It's something the whole Board found out very recently." Wilson scratched the back of his head. "I actually don't understand what I'm doing there. You're the big diagnostician, delivering the famous named lecture series. Cuddy insisted so vehemently I should go with you that I accepted, but I still don't know why."

"I think she trusts you to make sure I don't misbehave. You know, delivering my lectures wearing only my boxers." House paused, considering which of those he had brought would be most appropriate in such a case. "Also, with you nearby I look taller and smarter."

"And much, much older."

"Anyway, I know why you said yes. You love the idea of watching me sleep."

"House… are we sharing a room?"

"Cuddy had booked one room for the two of us. Don't worry, it has two beds."

"But she must have changed the booking when she knew she couldn't make it!"

"She was so busy she asked me to do it. So I just changed the name. They had actually booked separate rooms for Cuddy and me, but the hotel agreed to exchange them with one luxury suite without telling the inviting Institute. That's how we go the Jacuzzi on the balcony."

"A Jacuzzi? I didn't even bring a swimsuit."

"I'll lend you one of mine. If you manage to fit in it."

The hotel was about ten miles away from Baltimore, where the lectures were to take place. Soon they were installed in the most luxurious suite House had ever seen and Wilson was thirty dollars poorer, what with all the necessary tips.

The bedroom had two king beds, the living room had a dining corner and a sofa with large screen TV. There were none of the usual coffee-making amenities; room service (on the room, i.e. paid by the inviting institution) was available round the clock. The huge, sheltered balcony featured a Jacuzzi big enough for four and enough potted plants to look like a garden.

Having seen how beautiful the room was, Wilson decided not to change the reservation. His friend was already busy with the remote, then cursing when he noted that while PayTv was included, porn channels cost extra. House lent Wilson one of his swimsuits and they spent one hour in the hotel's warm swimming pool.