It's a mix of "Things you didn't know about Bellatrix" and your average acrostic poem.

without further ado, a tribute to one our favorite Death-Eaters:

B- Mistreated because she was first and always will be a Black

E- Evil in the eyes of the world

L-Like her mother everyone says, but she refused to believe it

L-Never admitted it, but she Liked Andromeda

A-Always making the best decisions that have the worst consequences

T-Wondered why Time wouldn't hurry up and just end it all already until Time listened to her

R-Though it didn't seem like it, Rodolphus was the one she loved

I-"I killed Sirius Black" she would shout while laughing to hide the pain that it really caused her


Left the last letter blank, because that would mean her story had ended.