At Ichiraku's Ramen

"Later Kakashi-sensei! Please! Let me finish my Ramen!

In the Inuzaka Home

"Akamaru, now is NOT the time to do your business in my shoe. Bah! Stop it!"

Within the Hyuuga House

"H-hiashi-sama, I-I'm afraid Neji-niisan is not well enough to see you."

Forest of Nara

"Temari, stop. This isn't the time. Argh. Stop. Arghh! You're so…troublesome."

Konoha Training Ground.

"…689, 690, 691- Not now Neji-kun! I must complete my push ups! 692, 693- No! I cannot wait while- WHAT? WHY DID YOU NOT TELL ME GAI-SENSEI IS IN TROUBLE? No! OF COURSE I WAS LISTENING!"

Konoha Forest

"Hmmm… this is not the chakra bug's mating season yet. Not yet. Curious."