Title: Everything is perfect!
Pairings: Goku/Chichi
Genre: Humor/Romance
Warnings: none
Rating: PG+13 (T)
Chapters: drabble
Status: complete
Word Count: 190

Disclaimer: I don't own DBZ nor the characters.

Summary: How strong is Goku's ki when he's happy? A post-Buu (hopefully) humorous drabble.


The Earth was quiet and peaceful. The latest threat in the form of Majin Buu was defeated and the defenders where finally in their homes relaxing. The planet was saved, the people revived, and most of all, Goku was back. Everything was perfect.

That is until suddenly…

On a small island, a short man choked on his drink suddenly while his wife raised an eyebrow…

During a training session with his team, a dark-haired baseball player fell down missing the easy ball coming his way…

In the deserted, rocky area, a three-eyed fighter stumbled on his exercise while his short companion got better of him…

Near the long and powerful waterfall, a green-skinned alien frowned in the middle of his mediating session, losing his concentration…

Outside the large dome of Capsule Corporation a spiky haired man blushed angrily as his son frowned wonderingly…

In the cinema a tall young teenager shifted in the seat next to the girl while his younger brother looked at him questioningly…

All of them around the world sighed, resignedly. Everything was perfect. Goku was back.

And he was enjoying a helluva reunion with his wife!




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