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"Now that the battle against Rafaelo is over, there was no need for the Knights. But since I want to have more fun now, I would ask a small favor from you."

I look up at the major who is already a famous businesswoman. She is gorgeous from her blonde tresses that fall to the small of her back, to the red high-heeled shoes that she uses. The woman before me wears clothes far from what I am wearing. Her frilly pink body hugging suit does nothing but accentuate her beauty. She stands still, watching the early rays of sunlight through her enormous office windows while I sit, clothed with a white blouse and dark red skirt. She was the one who had taken care of me before I was entrusted to captain Fou and here she is again. Will I be indebted to this wonderful woman all my life?

Not that I complain. In fact, I am beyond grateful. When the four legendary knight onslaught the devil which was Rafaelo, she went back to the all of the Machine Empire stations and looked for wandering survivors. She found me and the kids, huddled in one corner of our sanctuary. I remember seeing her in a red outfit that made me doubt of her intentions. Major Aramis used to be a hardcore soldier so seeing her in a suit complimenting her voluptuous body came as a surprise for me. However, noticing the concern she had on her face that fateful day reminded me that that person was one of the reasons I am alive to this day.

I cannot remember how I became as I am now. All I know is she called my name then everything went to a kaleidoscopic blur. I heard the children call my name but a more powerful sound lulled me to sleep.

When I woke up, I could not decipher if what I know is real or a mere product of my imagination. The only thing I confirmed is I am living in a new age where a sign of B't is a thing of the past—its name a mere memory, lost in the lips of old. Because when I woke up, I was not the Karin I could remember. I am Karin, a second year high school student.

Every battle I knew by heart felt like memories of books I "had read." The idea of the earth falling into ruins due to a certain Rafaelo seemed like a joke.

However, she was there, patiently confirming me that what I knew was what was real. Yes, it was not all a dream. The time of Rafaelo and the Machine Empire might have been the most miserable thing but I cannot just consider it a nightmare and forget it. She continuously reminded and reminds me about it. Contemporary history books may not include the rise and fall of that monster, but I have one living source that can attest to what used to be real.

So I will do my very best for this person even if it kills me. She owns my life from the beginning.

"Please ask, Aramis-sama."

She smiles at me and I feel rewarded already. She sits on her chair and looks deeply at me.

"I want you to interview the four knights."


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