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Gibbs parked his truck in his driveway and just sat there, unwilling to get out and enter his house. It has been a lot of time since he had felt like that, possibly since his last divorce. He felt out of sort, as if he didn't know what to do with himself.

He hadn't seen Tony since the younger man had been released from Bethesda and, on Doctor Pitt's advice, had gone to spend his sick leave in a countryside clinic, where his healing lungs would benefit from the cleaner, fresher air.

Gibbs had approved, of course, but that didn't mean he had liked the idea of Tony being so far away and the impossibility of paying frequent visits to the younger man. After the fright of almost losing Tony, Gibbs had wanted nothing more than to keep the other agent near him, so he could take care of him and be sure he was fine.

Gibbs didn't like to admit it, but he was feeling lonely. He missed Tony, both in the office and in his house. He was looking forward to the day they would be able to have the talk he had promised in the hospital. This was why time seemed to pass so slowly while Tony was away.

Sighing and mentally calling himself an idiot, Gibbs got out of the truck and walked toward his house.

As soon as he opened the door he was invested by a smell he couldn't identify, but that made his mouth water. Someone was cooking in his kitchen, and it couldn't be Abby, for she had been in the Navy Yard when he had left, intent on talking with McGee, his new team member.

"Do you plan on staying there for the entire evening, wondering what this wonderful smell is, or do you want to come closer and have a taste of my arrosto di maiale with milk?" Tony asked, appearing on the kitchen doorway.

Gibbs just stared, speechless. Tony looked good, healthy, his pale skin, dark shadows under the eyes and parched lips only a memory to be forgotten as soon as possible. He was really a sight for sore eyes, but what was he doing there? Wasn't he supposed to stay at the clinic for a week more?

Tony tilted his head and, as if he had been reading his mind said, "Ducky came to visit me yesterday, and when I asked him how you guys were doing, he mentioned, among the other things, that you looked tired, as if you hadn't been taking proper care of yourself. So I decided to come back sooner than predicted, and I'm glad I did it. You look thinner, Jethro. Have you been skipping meals?"

"Not on purpose. It's just I don't eat much when I'm alone," Gibbs explained with shrug.

"Yeah, I know—and it's one of the reasons I decided to get back sooner, the other being the fact I missed you, Jethro." Tony crossed the living room to stop in front of Gibbs. "I missed you like crazy. And also…also, I couldn't wait anymore to ask you this…Please, tell me you meant what you said in the hospital. Tell me it wasn't just to give me a reason to fight…"

Gibbs took a step forward and put both his hands over Tony's shoulders and said seriously, "I meant every word I said. I would never lie about something so important."

"So, it's true…you're ready to love again."

"Nope. I already love again. I love you. Can you feel it?"

Tony closed his eyes and his brow furrowed in concentration. Then, a few seconds later, a slow, big smile blossomed on his face. "Oh yes, I can feel it. Your pain…your pain it's still there, but it's no longer as overwhelming as before," he whispered, opening his eyes.

Gibbs took one of Tony's hands in his own and put it over his chest. "I lost my first wife and my daughter in 1991…that's the pain you feel. It's part of me, and I will carry it inside me till the day I die. But now, thanks to you, it's no longer the only thing in my heart," he said simply. He would tell more about Shannon and Kelly to Tony at a later time.

The younger man nodded, his fingers curling gently against Gibbs' chest. "I had felt this… change… in the past months, but I thought it was because you had started loving me as a friend. I didn't dare to hope you might want me as more, not with me being a man." Tony's voice trailed off as a worried expression crossed his face. "Are you sure it won't be a problem?"

"I'm very sure," Gibbs replied, and speaking so, he used both his hands to cup Tony's face and pull him closer for a kiss. A kiss that promised far more in the long night ahead.

Tony's mouth opened quickly beneath his own, and Gibbs used that opportunity to explore it, requiting himself with a taste that, he discovered with surprise, he had never forgotten, not even after eleven years.

The kissing went on for some time, as they separated to breathe and then resumed several times, their joining becoming increasingly hotter as their need to get closer became all pervasive.

When they finally separated Gibbs brushed Tony's swollen lower lip with his thumb and murmured, "Follow me."

Together they moved upstairs, and when they reached the bedroom, Gibbs turned around and again cupped Tony's face.

"I love you," he said with the need to repeat it aloud, even if he knew Tony could feel it.

"I love you too," Tony replied, his eyes bright with emotion. "I think I've loved you since that first day we spent together, even before we bonded. You have no idea of what it means to me to be here with you, like this..."

Gibbs grinned gently, "I think I do...It's like coming alive again..."

"Yes..." Tony answered his voice full of wonder. "How-" He never completed the line because Gibbs captured his mouth in another deep kiss, before pulling him over to the bed.

They collapsed together on the mattress, laying on their sides opposite one another where they held each other for a little while, staring deeply into each others' eyes.

Then Gibbs pushed Tony down on his back, and rolled atop of him, covering his mouth again. The younger man moaned in response, and Gibbs groaned at the feel of that hard, strong, yet sweet body beneath his own. They writhed together, holding each other and locking lips with wanton abandon.

"I dreamed of this so many times, Jethro," Tony whispered, as he traced his lips along Gibbs' jaw.

"Me too," the older man replied, pulling his lover closer reflexively.

"Really? One day you'll have to tell me about them," Tony teased, "But not now."

"Nope, not now," Gibbs agreed, before they kissed again deeply and full of longing.

They helped each other out of their clothes, and the older man took his time as he studied his lover's body. Tony had filled out in the past years; he was broader, more muscled, his chest covered in abundant body hair...and Gibbs found him damn hot. His cock twitched at the sight of all that tanned, bare flesh, putting at rest any lingering doubt he might have been left about his ability to make love to a man.

Tony was perfect for him, in the soul, in the heart and in his body too, and Gibbs smiled broadly, in sheer happiness, as he had not done in far, far too long.

He moved closer to Tony again and put an arm around his waist, grinning at the strangled moan the younger man let out as their naked bodies touched for the first time.

They both reclined again on the bed, and Gibbs settled himself between Tony's spread thighs. He began to kiss and lick every inch of his lover's chest, exploring his body, paying homage to it, and learning what spots and touches gave more pleasure to his partner.

He paid special attention to the hard nubs of his nipples, because he remembered how sensitive Tony had been in the past, and the quiet gasps and mewls he got in return, were evidence enough his memory had served him right...that and the hard erection prodding his stomach.

Feeling bold, Gibbs slid even further down, tentatively swiping his tongue along the underside of Tony's cock and causing the younger man to gasp and arch his back.

The sight of his tanned skin flushing with passion was gorgeous and it nearly made Gibbs come. Realizing he was too charged up to take it slowly, Gibbs rose to his knees and reached out with a hand to open his bedside table drawer.

He groped around the drawer, blindly looking for the lube he used when he engaged in solitary pursuits, and when he found it, he used it to slick both their erections.

Deep in his heart and groin, he knew this wasn't what he really wanted to do. He was burning with the primal need to claim Tony's body and take that final step that would make the younger man truly his, but he didn't want to ask too much of his partner. This was going to be the first time they had sex as true lovers and since he wasn't sure of what Tony liked or disliked, Gibbs decided to go for something he was sure his companion had enjoyed in the past.

Gibbs took both of their cocks in his hands, as he had done eleven years before, but Tony shook his head and gripped his wrist to make him stop before he could start stroking them.

The older man frowned, not understanding. "You don't want this?"

"I want what you want..." Tony answered, and his voice and burning gaze left no room for misunderstanding. He wanted Gibbs to make love to him, in the full sense of the words.

Lust zapped along the older man's spine and he had to press at the base of his cock to prevent himself from coming right then.

"Spread your legs more," he said, his voice rough, as he picked up the discarded tube and poured the cool gel on his finger.

Tony complied, and Gibbs spread the lube on his opening, before slipping in just the tip of his finger, as he watched his lover's face closely for any sign of discomfort. He saw none, so his finger slid deeper and stroked. A moan escaped the younger man's lips, and a second finger was inserted.

He stretched along Tony's side, and their bodies pressed closer together as Gibbs slowly made love to his precious Perfect Match with his fingers, changing the angle to rub the prostate, making Tony moan and writhe in pleasure. He was wildly grateful for having spent time researching gay sex techniques after his talk with Ducky, because it now allowed him to give such pleasure to his loved one.

"Yesss," Tony groaned, pressing down onto his fingers and palm.

A third finger slipped in and Gibbs stilled his motions as he carefully watched Tony's staggered breathing and the tension in the younger man's legs. He now knew for sure Tony was a virgin in this, and it made him even more determined to make the experience good for him, and as painless as possible.

So he waited until the younger man's legs fell open further and relaxed before he began to stroke in and out again, faster and deeper.

Tony raised his head from the pillow and watched half dazed when Gibbs withdrew his fingers. The older man smiled at him as he rose on his knees. He took a condom from his drawer, put it on and smeared his erection with a good amount of lube.

Then he moved between Tony's spread legs and asked, "Ya sure?"

"Absolutely," came the breathy answer, followed by a bright smile.


Gibbs lifted Tony's hips off the bed. "I read it's easier if you're on your stomach, but I want us to look at each other this first time. I need to know you're all right... and I want you to watch me loving you."

Tony nodded quickly and Gibbs felt his heart twist in his chest at the complete trust he could see in his face and eyes. It was such an overwhelming feeling to know the younger man was giving him all of himself…

Gibbs pressed his cock to Tony's loose opening and pressed forward, the head slipping in slowly but steadily. He let out a satisfied groan. So good and it had just begun. He pushed forward again, easing in one more inch.

"So full," Tony moaned as he writhed.

"Too much?"

"No, I need all of you," his lover replied, relaxing.

Gibbs lifted one of Tony's legs and put it over his shoulder as he slid in deeper.

This time a loud moan escaped Tony's lips, and he leaned down to kiss him tenderly. "More?"


This amount of restraint was taking much of Gibbs' willpower. His instinct was telling him to thrust hard into his lover. To make the younger man take him completely in one deep thrust. But he knew such a move could cause injury and pain. And so, with deep breaths, he inched inside the tight heat, resisting the urge to thrust in and out, until Tony's muscles accepted him more easily.

A final push forward and he bottomed out, and felt a deep sense of satisfaction at the knowledge he was completely inside his lover.

"How are you?" he asked. Usually he didn't say much during sex, but this time it was important he knew how Tony felt. He needed to be absolutely sure what he was doing was enjoyable and wanted by both of them.

"Ready… Wanting more," Tony breathed out.

Gibbs placed his hands firmly on Tony's hips and slowly pulled out as far as the crown. The movement got a hiss from his lover and he slowly pressed back inside. He repeated this slow, torturous pace for several strokes, until Tony began to arch up harder into his thrusts.

"Yes," he moaned back, pleased that his lover was enjoying the experience.

Gibbs quickened his pace and, as excited as he was, he knew it wouldn't take much to reach his peak. When he felt he was about to come, he began to stroke Tony's cock in time with his thrusts.

A moment later, Tony let out a cry as he arched up and his cock spurted over his fist and his lover's belly. His channel became impossibly tight around Gibbs' cock and he lost his control. He came, groaning loudly as his body shuddered with pleasure.

Afterward, Gibbs pulled out gently, removed the condom and lowered himself over Tony's body. His lover held tightly onto him, with his legs and arms, as if he didn't want to let him go. They rested like that for a while, and then the older man raised his head and kissed his partner.

"You all right?" he asked softly.

"Uhm...never better," Tony answered with a lazy, content smile.

"Good...and tell me, do we have to rush downstairs to prevent your arrosto from burning to a crisp, or did you have the good sense to take it off the fire before you greeted me?" Gibbs inquired.

Tony squeezed his buttocks with both his hands and answered with a smile, "It was ready five minutes before you got home. It's safe for us to enjoy the afterglow for a while...that is, until dry sweat and semen pushes us to take a shower..."

Gibbs snorted and he commented, "We'll deal with it when it happens..." For now, he just wanted to rest and bask in the sensation of completion that had encompassed his soul and went far beyond the wonder of the physical satisfaction of finally being one with the person he loved.


Much later Gibbs and Tony left the bed, took a shower, put on their t-shirts and underwear and walked back downstairs. In the kitchen, they filled their plates with the meat Tony had cooked, picked a bottle of red wine from the rack and returned in the living room.

They settled on the carpet in front of the fireplace – Gibbs started the fire on Tony's request, not because it was cold, but to create some 'atmosphere'- and ate quickly, both because they were hungry and because the meat and the wine tasted so damn good.

When they were done, they put the empty plates and glasses on the coffee table behind them and just stayed there, in amicable silence.

Gibbs stared at Tony, wondering if that was the right moment to tell him something he had been pondering for the past ten days.

"Don't think so hard," Tony murmured, tapping a gentle finger against Gibbs' temple. "You'll get a headache."

"That's the same line you told me eleven years ago," Gibbs replied with a small grin.

"You remember it?"

"I remember everything of those two days."

"Me too. You know, one day we could get back in that town; spend the night in that motel after we stroll along those streets. I wonder if they finally got a video rental and if that shop still sells those delicious biscuits," Tony said, staring at him with a hopeful look.

Gibbs pursued his lips, and commented, nonchalantly, "I guess it could be arranged. That is, if you manage to convince your new boss to give you an out-of-rotation weekend. I heard he's a workaholic bastard that tends to forget people have a private life."

"My new boss?" Tony echoed, sitting straighter. "I have been assigned to a team without being told?"

"Well, the assignment isn't official yet—but I hope you'll accept the position." Gibbs smirked briefly when he saw understanding flash in Tony's eyes. "Stan is moving to the San Diego office, and I need another agent in my team. One able to help me to train McGee and to keep Kate on her toes. So, what do you think?"

"I'm tempted…but don't you have some kind of rule about not dating coworkers?" Tony commented.

"Yep. Number twelve. But first, we aren't dating. Second, I think we'll be able to keep our private life out of the office."

"Uhm…" Gibbs could see Tony observe him for a moment before the younger man said, "I've the feeling you don't want me in your team just because Stan is leaving…"

"You're right. You're a hell of detective, Tony, and it won't be long before you're assigned to field duty. And when it happens, I want to be on your six."

"In this case, I accept your offer, Boss- as long as you understands what I will have your six in return." Tony reached out with his right hand and Gibbs took it in his own, squeezing it firmly as they sealed their agreement.

Then he let go of Tony's hand only to grab both of his arms to pull him closer and capture his lips in a long, deep kiss. Gibbs felt his body begin to stir again and he couldn't think of a better way to celebrate the beginning of their new partnership.

The Perfect Matches made love in front of a roaring fire and as it warmed their bodies, their love warmed their hearts.




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