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"Damn it!" I cursed under my breath as I paced. It was 10 minutes 'til midnight, which was when I usually visited Allen. Bat the moment, I had nothing to give him. "If only I hadn't left this to the last minute… How can I top off the book?" I muttered to myself. I wanted to kick something really badly. Everything that was sentimental to us couldn't be given to him. The snow that we'd tossed at each other would be useless. The music he liked, I couldn't give to him, risk being caught. And those days where we would sit by the fire talking, snug under a blanket, how could I give that to him? How could I give him the scent of rain, the sound of crackling flames, all those memories that he loved?



I'd given him a book… and now I wanted to give him our memories… Hadn't I made…?

I gasped and uttered a victorious "YES!" to myself. I remembered now. For Christmas, Lenalee had given me a kit to make a book of memories and I had embarked to finish it to hold the memories of me and Allen. Now the only problem was… Where had I put the damn thing? A light bulb practically went on above my head and I started hunting through the papers on my desk.

God I should really clean this up, I thought to myself as I dug deeper through the endless piles of documentaries and historical accounts. Aha! I withdrew the small photo album for the mess and dusted it off. I flipped the cover open and smiled at the picture and caption. It was a snapshot of me and Allen smiling and hugging with our names underneath. Every time I turned the page I would smile again. There were photos of us doing every possible thing: baking cookies, playing in snow, eating in the cafeteria, laughing, putting makeup on Yuu as he slept, reading by the fire, sleeping, running outside as it rained, and most common of all, embracing. Grinning widely I tucked the book under my arm and sprinted to the medical ward. Just as the clock's hand reached the stroke of midnight, I slipped inside to find Allen sitting up, waiting for me.

"Allen, you look well," I commented and pecked him on the cheek. His brilliant smile almost brought tears to my eyes. "I brought you something," I said slyly and showed him the album. He looked at me quizzically.

"Here, I'll show you…"

For the next half hour I flipped the pages and explained the pictures to him. By the time I reached the end of the album, both of our eyes were glistening.

"Oh, Allen… I just wish you would talk to me…" I cried as I hugged him tightly. His arms went around me for a brief, joyous moment, but then they dropped again. I parted from him and looked at his blank expression quizzically.

"Allen?" He shook his head and turned away from me. He shoved the book away and it fell open to the last page, a picture of us hugging each other and laughing. Why could we not do the same now?

"Allen…?" He looked at me with eyes filled with grief and glared at the book. The look he gave it was so malicious I wondered what those poor photos ever did to him.

"What's wrong, Allen? Why don't you like it anymore?" I asked gently and touched his cheek. He didn't slap it away, but he still refused to meet my gaze as tears dripped steadily down his cheeks. "What's wrong with it, Allen?" He looked at me and opened his mouth. For a fleeting moment I thought he was going to speak, but of course he only mouthed the words again.

"It's not finished," his soundless lips told me. I raised an eyebrow and examined the book. What could he mean by that? I frowned as I flipped the pages, searching for something that wasn't there. Then it struck me. Why wasn't there a single picture of us kissing? And that's when it hit me a second time, this time full blown across the face.

We hadn't.

"A kiss… we've never… oh, Allen…" I murmured as his tears increased. "I'm sorry. I just wanted to take it slow and-" What he did next not only shocked me, but wounded me as well.

"Take it slow? TAKE IT SLOW? You didn't want to take it slow! You were lying to me! You… You were cheating on me!" he screamed. His voice was hoarse and small, probably because of lack of usage, but his words were full of fury.

After I had stopped gaping because he'd spoken, I managed to summon a reply. "Allen! I would never cheat on you!"


I sat in stunned silence. I moved my lips silently, baffled and totally unsure of what to say.

"Yeah, that's what I thought. You love Kanda. I was just your toy for when you were bored. You're leaving me and lying to me like everyone else in my life. I-I thought I could trust you, Lavi!" Allen was crying now, his hands covering his face as he sobbed.

"Allen, I am not cheating on you with Kanda," I said firmly. "Kanda's just a friend. I've never loved him. The images the Earl showed you were fakes. Everything he told you was a lie."

"B-But, I could see the way you looked at him when we were going back home! Those secret glances, raised eyebrows, hushed conversations…"

"Allen, we glanced at each other and whispered because we were afraid for you. We didn't know what was wrong with you. We were confused, and even though Kanda's a cold-hearted idiot, he was concerned too, even if it wasn't as much as I was. I love you, Allen, and only you. Saying otherwise would be like suggesting that Komui isn't the biggest procrastinator in the world."

Allen smiled a little at that.

"But… Still… W-What proof do you have?" Allen said after he found his voice again. I gentle smile graced my lips. And without missing a beat, I leaned down and captured his lips in a kiss.

It was gentle, I made sure of that, but I put every bit of my love into it. Allen was obviously surprised, but to my relief, didn't pull away. I was pleased when he leaned into it, his hands traveling to my red locks and entangling themselves in the fiery strands. I wrapped my arms around his waist and held his warm body to mine as we kissed; I felt like I was floating the whole time. Allen wasn't my first kiss, but he sure was the only one that ever had any actual love behind it.

When we parted for air, his eyes were wide and the angry tears that had spilled down his cheeks had stopped.

"Lavi…" Allen murmured as he nuzzled my neck, his tear-stained skin brushing against mine.

"I love you, Allen…" I breathed and kissed his forehead, pulling him into another hug.

"I know you do…." He trailed off, then looked up at me and smiled, leaning his head on my chest.

"I love you too."

And we sat like that for the rest of the night, wrapped in each other's arms, warm, loving, and full of life.

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