He was getting old, and immortality seemed too far in the future to grasp. He needed insurance so to speak. He needed to be assured that if he were to ever be gone from the world, his ideas, his opinions, his way of life was secure and would continue on till all of his ambitions, his wishes, were fulfilled. He needs a heir. Or heiress, the sex of the child did not bother him, what only mattered was that there would be someone out there that can take over his "career" so to speak. Now all he needed is a woman to bear his child, a woman that, combined with his genes, would make a powerful child. Bella Lestrange was already obsessed with him and would surely help raise a child that followed his opinions on the wizarding world and on the muggles. Even while thinking of them he had to sneer at their title. Plus, he loved the way she tortured her victims and that wonderful trait will surely be passed down to the child if he had anything to say about it.

"My dear Bella, come to your master." He said grinning as her eyes flew to him and seemed even brighter when called to his side. She bowed respectfully and looked up at him with adoration shining brightly through her eyes. He smiled evilly; the only smiled which seemed to ever grace his face.

"Sire?" she asked her eyes wide with anticipation at his next request, whatever he asked of her, she would comply without a second thought.

"I need a heir, someone to take my position if ever I were to perish. You can provide me with one." He said with malicious smile. Her eyes got even bigger, if possible. She nodded, unable to form words and a smile of pure joy graced her features. "Tonight my heir shall be made and soon will grow into a feared leader." He smirked, thinking of the future. Bella, however, was still in shock and couldn't seem now to form thoughts. In her own twisted mind, this seemed to be the best moment of her life and tonight she might die of happiness. She thought he cared for her, how wrong her mind twisted things.

That night, he did his deed putting as little affection as he could while the process was in its making. However, that did not matter to Bella, every touch made her mind twirl in disbelief and her stomach erupt in pleasure despite his grim features and sneer every time she uttered a noise. As soon as the process was done he left without another word, only consulting her the next morning about the future child.

"You, Bella, shall be taking care of the child for the first 5 years of its life. Teaching it our ways and raising it to our beliefs. I will visit on the days I can, but it will be mostly in your care. Teach it to be a cold killer, to only have happiness when its enemies are died. Whether the child is male or female it will be beautiful, most beautiful people are cunning since others are at awe with their looks. It would be better if female since many would underestimate her, and those are the ones which will be sorry." He grinned at the image of his future child taking out his enemies with just a flick of its wand, no not even a flick of a finger. That's how powerful it will be.

"And after it turns 5?" She asked anxiously, already getting attached to their child. He looked at her as if she had grown two heads.

"Training of course, extensive training, by age ten I hope it will have already learned all the curses we know. This child will be the perfect killing machine; no, the perfect monster. "

Bellatrix had her child with no problems, and she was beautiful. By age 4 she was already a heartbreaker, with long straight black hair and crystal clear blue eyes that seemed to pierce through anyone she looked at. Bella named her Anika, which means beautiful and her name really did suit her.

"Momma, why don't we just use dementors as our own weapon? If they are always confined in Azkaban they surely must get sick of the already hopeless souls there, and we could bribe them to work for us saying that there are far more souls out there to destroy." Anika asked confused on why this didn't already happen. Bella's eyes shone with pride as she looked down at her daughter, already planning the demise of others at age 5.

"We don't need them yet, perhaps in the future if things were ever to go astray. However, that was a wonderful thought indeed; next time your father comes to visit you should surely tell him your grand idea." She said as she brushed her daughter's hair.

"No need I've already heard it." A voice said from the shadows of the room and Voldemort stepped out of them. He looked down at the two, Bellatrix doing as she promised and keeping her beautiful while also educating her in their ways. Anika, having a thick book that most ten year olds would have trouble reading, was leaning against her mother's side and having no problem reading and analyzing the text before her. However, as much as it looked in Voldemort's eyes, as well as Bellatrix's, Anika was not fully brainwashed in their ways, Bella gave her one thing that defended herself against them. Besides teaching her legilimency and occlumency, she also gave her books that were teaching her about muggles. Bella found no wrong in this since she even thinks one should know the enemy. However, by giving her unbiased books about muggles, Anika has also formed an unbiased opinion on them as well. One she hides well against her mother and father, especially him.

"Well then, let's see how well you've trained her so far shall we?" He asked as Anika raised her head and looked straight into his eyes. He smirked, she was fierce and already challenging him. They both couldn't help but think how fun this will be.