Killing The Dragon
Introduction and Teaser

Authors note:-

Yet another little story that crossed my mind last night. How meny of these plot ideas am I going to have? Oh and if you want a clue as t what's going to happen, please insert maniacal laugher here!


I do not own Stargate Atlantis, if I did I wouldn't have cancelled it and replaced a fun and creative show with a god damn awful BSG clone.

John Shepard gave his pet scientist a dark look. 'Suck it up McKay, we've still got half a mile until the village.'

'Yeah, uphill.' The Canadian rolled his eyes.

'More like up-mountain.' Ronon smirked to Teyla who tried not to laugh.

'I still don't know why we couldn't take the Jumper.' McKay whined.

After a sigh Teyla explained for what had to be the dozenth time. 'I told you, the village we wish to visit is terrified by technology. A Jumper would only scare them.'

'And we don't want that,' John added. 'Supplies are running low and this is the only that grows anything close to coffee.' That was enough to get his attention.

A few hundred yards later Teyla explained a bit more. 'The plant we seek is considered a weed here. It will be quite difficult to convince them to trade.'

'Medical services are usual good.'

'Possible, but their fear of technology may make that problematic.' She said ruefully. 'It is a common joke amongst my people that those of this village would un-invent fire if they could.'

'Great.' McKay muttered. 'I see why it was so important for me to come.'

'Elizabeth asked me to take my team, you're still a part of my team, hence you came with…' She stopped. 'I smell fire.'

She was right, almost as soon as John noticed it himself Ronon was moving. John and Teyla were three steps behind the big guy before he stopped.

'Holy…' John hissed, it might have once been a village but it wasn't anymore. There wasn't even any livestock left, most of the tents had already burnt way leaving nothing but ash and there were bodies scattered around.

'This wasn't a culling, this was a slaughter.' Ronon announced, even he sounded a little shocked. John couldn't blame him, he'd seen how the Wraith operated and as brutal as they could be they would never slaughter a village like this.

'Holy…' McKay hissed. 'I don't think there's any survivors.'

'The culling's have been getting more and more desperate' Teyla said, sadly.

John shook his head, looking at the bodies. 'No, starving wraith would have fed. This is something different. Spread out and look for any clue as to what happened here.'

'Shouldn't we, I mean…'

'This must have happened hours ago.' John turned on the scientist. 'I want to give Elizabeth a full report and if there are any survivors…' He left it hanging. McKay quickly got the point and slouched off.

Survivors were a long shot but it might have still been possible. After only a few minutes that long shot looked more and more less likely. The slaughter, as Ronon had called, it was total. Then, from amongst the wreckage he saw what looked like a body.

Dashing closer he saw it was a teenage girl, maybe a little older than that and she was very still. Too still, but there was something wrong with that. Carefully John rolled her over. There were no burns, cuts or marks on her, but she was dead.

He rolled her head to one side and finally saw some sort of injury. 'McKay! Get over here!' he shouted, not willing to accept what he was seeing.

Teyla and Ronon were just ahead of the canadian. 'What is it?' he asked, obviously sickened by what had happened.

'I need you to tell me I'm not seeing what I'm seeing.'

'What is wrong John?' Teyla asked as McKay knelt by the body.

'That's not… I mean it can't be!' He said jumping back. 'Where's all the blood gone?'

'You know where.' John snapped, arming his P90. He was scared, truly scared. There was only one thing he knew of that left two holes in the side of the neck and drank all it's victims blood. Only one problem, they weren't supposed to be real.

Ronon shared a raised eyebrow with Teyla. 'I don't have a clue what either of you are talking about but she's dead.' he pointed out, jabbing a finger at the corpse.

Her eyes opened.

The Wraith Queen entered the chamber that was once hers and bowed deeply. 'My lord.' she said in her most servile tone.

Iain picked at his teeth with a carefully manicured fingernail. 'Is it done?' he asked, the girl-child he'd drank had left a sour taste in his mouth. While she had been rather pretty her lack of hygiene had spoiled the meal.

'Yes, the survivors have been gathered. None have been touched.'

'Good, good.' he said absently. 'Keep them heathy and well nourished and then find us another world.'

'Another?' the queen gasped. 'We have already culled four worlds…'

'Then we will harvest four hundred!' Iain slammed his hand down on the ornate wooden chair he'd had installed. 'I will cave a swathe through this galaxy the like of which your race has never seen!' He saw a flicker of fear behind the Queens eyes. 'Oh, has the time come yet? Are you finally ready to pit your strength against mine?'

She backed off.

'I snuffed your predecessors mind out like a candle and fed the remains to my hounds. You're own people fought over the scraps for my sisters amusement.' He reached out with his powers and the Queen screamed. 'Do not let me remind you again.'

'No, never. Master' She fawned.

'I am no master,' he snarled. 'We all serve the Great Old One. It is at his will we follow and when he awakens the stars themselves will bleed.' Iain dismissed the Queen with a wave.

Before she got out of ear shot though he called after her. 'Oh and have the sacrifices washed. It would not do to offend the Old One with sour offerings.'

'As you command.' She added and fled.

Iain turned from the door and looked high above his throne. 'You will awaken, father, and those that imprisoned you will fall as you rise!' He promised.

End teaser.