My heart in a Pandora's box

Your eyes

Ada and Vincent were walking through a rose garden that sunny afternoon, admiring its splendor and talking about trivial things, well mainly the blonde haired Vessalius. She cheerfully took up the talking space, while Vincent walked beside her and politely tuning in and out of the conversation. He inwardly reminded himself why he was with the exceedingly weird and not to mention annoying girl in the first place. She was just a pawn, in order to retrieve the Key to the Abyss from Oscar Vessalius. He subtly blinked a few times, trying to get used to the contacts in his right eye. A few times he would try and relieve the irritation by massaging his eyes when she wasn't looking, trying not to give away the fact he had contacts in, hiding his red eye. Didn't want to scare the poor girl now did he? He sneered silently to himself.

She turned up to present him with a smile, and he forcefully returned it. It was a sin, that someone could be this happy being with him. He turned his head and stared forward, waiting for another remark from her when nothing. Vincent felt a tug and turned around to face his company when she stared at him for a few minutes, her eyes widened and she let out a gasp. He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion and was about to ask the stupid woman what was wrong when she interrupted him.

"Vincent-sama! Your eyes!" She pointed out half in surprise and curiosity.

He cringed, knew immediately what was going on and blinked. Maybe the gold contacts moved out of place. As he blinked, he knew the damn contacts weren't in his eyes and his mood darkened considerably. His eyes darted around and spied them on the edge of his sleeves. Just. My. Luck.

"What about them?" He sent her his best forced smile, but he knew they were treading thin ice. His eye colour was such a sensitive subject for the Nightray. He'd better not let his emotions slip. Maybe she noticed the change in his mood too, because she walked away hurriedly. He sighed tiredly and trudged after her, until they stopped at large tree. He stood by her side solemnly and embraced the silence.

"They remind me of those apples" She said rather cheerfully and randomly, for they had stopped at an apple tree.

He tried his best not to twitch, really… APPLES? Apples can be poisonous… he thought rather darkly. He knew he was thinking these dark connotations up himself, but he made himself believe the incredibly naïve girl with him were thinking such thoughts too.

She smiled, and looked around the large garden and then running towards some neatly trimmed hedges. "And they are as red as those roses!" She pointed at them like a child.

Her attempts at trying to make him feel better were pathetic. Be careful my thorns don't stab you.

"That's…" He struggled for a word. "….nice" He'll just settle for that. Simple was always the safer option.

She beamed at him. Ada noticed that he had adverted his eyes towards the ground more than once today, and had a lost sort of look was in his eyes. She felt rather pathetic not noticing his eyes before, but she blamed him too for covering them up with contacts. She was trying to hint to him how much she liked his eyes by comparing them to all her favourite red coloured objects. It didn't look like he was getting the hint. The only way she could convey her thought to him was to say how she really felt.

"Well, y-y-you know Vincent-sama…" She looked at him nervously. Just say it! "I think that your eyes… I think…"

Thinking now are we? Vincent raked a hand through his hair in annoyance. He was waiting for her comment.

Ugly, horrible, disgusting! Even his brother hated his red eye. Its colour brought misfortune, the colour of blood, death, horror. Due to the stupid belief that red eyes will bring disasters, he and Gil used to live on the streets where people would attack them whenever his eyes were revealed. Gilbert was tainted because of him. He couldn't stay in the sunshine forever, because of him…

Well whatever she says, I'll just tell her: I'm glad that you think so, he thought grimly. He held his arm with his left hand and dug his gloved hands into them. It was an involuntary action, but for some reason he needed to relieve some stress.

"What I mean to say is…." Vincent stared at her deadpanned. Repulsive? Just spit it out all ready, stupid woman!

"… is that they look really, really pretty!"

His mouth slightly fell open in shock, but he did his best to hide his surprise. He looked into her eyes to see if there was any trace of lies, but found none. She was blushing, even her facials told him that she really meant it. He slowly let go of his arm and a sense of tranquility and dare he think it-slight happiness rushed through him. But of course he'd rather commit suicide than tell her that. He remembered… this feeling when Jack had told him, that he loved his eye as well…

The nightray felt his eyes soften and his lips weren't set in its usual straight line or fake smile, words coming out more naturally than he predicted. "I'm glad you think so..."

Maybe he could step into the sunshine too…

WOW, that was just… LOL xD I dunno, really roughly done up! Gah, I was trying for something cute, but NOTHING can be cute with Vincent! Ah wells! Please enjoy the story, if you have any suggestions, please don't be afraid to mention them! Hope you liked this chapter, and another chapter will be on its way~ :D

Love, Marina-chan