Chapter 1: Kidnapped!

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Only Tori & Sparx

Mission city, population: Twenty thousand can have such a nice atmosphere… when you're not being attacked by giant homicidal robots.

A 2010 silver Toyota Camry glided down the street; a moving van not too far behind them. The drive was in her 30'S with shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes. She wore a pair of khakis and a red v-neck. On her feet were black dress shoes. In the passenger's side of the car was a girl with waist length black hair with some pink in her side swept bangs. Her eyes were an iridescent blue; which darkened the angrier she got and brightened the happier she got. She wore a tie die t-shirt which held hues of pink and blue and stopped at her navel; which a blue jean skirt and black flats. Driving up the opposite side of the street was a 2010 Chevy Camaro.

"Hey Mrs. Corvin?" She asks quietly.

"Yes Tori?" the woman answers barely glancing at the girl.

"My older brother has a Camaro just like that. I helped him pick it out." She says pointing out the Muscle car passing by. She couldn't help but shudder when a police cruiser pulls in behind them. "You okay?"

"Yea. I'm fine." Tori answers as they leave the city. When they were halfway to their destination; the small town of Tranquility, the cruiser makes its move. It drives to the driver's side of the Camry and slams itself into them and forcing it off the road and head first into the ditch. The passenger door breaks and falls off from the sheer force of the crash.

Tori's POV

Something in the car explodes and the seatbelt breaks causing me to be thrown back by the amount of force. 'Oh no, oh no no no no no no no no. this can't be happening! Why the hell would a police officer run us off the road.' Were the thoughts going through my head when the police officer drives up and stops right next to me. The next thing I know is the door opened and a little robot grabbing and dragging me into the cruiser as I struggle.

Normal POV

"Let me go!" Tori says as the seatbelts click together to keep her from escaping. The door shuts on its own and the car bolts off from the wreckage.

"Let… Me… Go!" Tori screams as she kicks the dashboard. More seatbelts appears and restrains her from struggling even more. One covers her mouth. Tears slowly fell down her cheek as she stopped struggling and hung her face in defeat, while the cruiser picked up speed to get to its destination.

'Why am I being taken?' Tori thinks.