Summary It's funny how fate works. Ever since their first encounter fate has either been bringing them together or tearing them apart. Blair has run off after hearing a conversation she was never suppose to hear, the problem is everything she heard was untrue and she ran off carrying a huge secret. Chuck Bass screwed up once again and now he will stop at nothing to find Blair and fix things once and for all. Will he run or stay when he finds out the secret Blair has been keeping or will he stick around? Is fate going to tear them apart or bring them together once and for all?

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It's A Little Thing Called Fate

Chapter One: Where can Blair be?

"Humphrey!" Chuck echoed through the Brooklyn loft. Dan groggily emerged from his bedroom.

"What do you want Chuck?" he paused trying to get his thoughts together before speaking, he glanced at the clock, "It's 3 in the morning couldn't this wait?"

"No, this couldn't wait I need to talk to Blair," Chuck paused with a deep sigh, " I know I haven't been there for her lately but I have had a lot going on but, don't think I haven't noticed you two hanging out," taking two steps closer to Dan he whispered, " is she here?"

"She isn't," Dan said in a whisper laced with disappointment. "She left." Dan could see the blood boiling in Chuck's body.

"You slept with her?" Chuck almost shouted.

"No," Dan half chuckled, "I can admit I may have started to have feelings for her, but trust me when I say she only has one man in her life," Dan watched Chuck's expression change as he listened," even when he when he professes how sacred some other woman is Blair still only has one other man in her life besides her fathers,"

Chuck stood in shock. He had no idea that Blair knew about that conversation. "How did she know about that?" it was the only thing he could say because she should have never been able to hear that conversation, he didn't mean a word of what he said to Raina, it was all a part of the plan.

"Well all I know was Blair was looking for you, she had something really important to tell you and we stumbled into your little romantic set up for Raina. Well then she heard you guys coming and she pulled me behind the curtains and we heard everything," Dan sighed, " she was devastated and we talked for a while she kept saying that she needed to get out of New York City, so I brought her here, Chuck she didn't even cry she barely said a word and then she left," Dan finished in a whisper.

Chuck didn't know how to really process all this because he knows it is never a good sign when Blair doesn't show emotion and just shuts down.

"Do you know what she wanted to tell me?" Chuck asked in a calm collected matter.

"No, If I knew I would tell you or Serena, I mean we became quite close but she wouldn't confide in me the same way she would you guys," he half smiled, " I did try however to get it out of her but she said it was really important she talk to you first before anyone and she was very persistent in finding you to tell you what ever it was first but then she herd your conversation."

"Well then I'll go talk to her now," he paused "you know that what I said back there it isn't true. The only person I will ever find sacred is Blair. I know you hate me and I am not fond of you either but, you must know that she is it for me and I am going to tell her everything when I get to her penthouse I'm going to tell-" Chuck was cut off.

"You won't be able to tell her any of it," Dan said sadly.

"What are you talking about you said she left here so where else would she be?" Chuck was getting nervous.

"Like I said she didn't talk much when we got back here but what she did say is that she was leaving and not just leaving the loft, she meant more like leaving New York and I don't have the slightest idea of where she went," Dan said feeling completely useless.

Chuck stood in front of Dan for a good five minutes unable to speak; he couldn't understand why she would just take off and not even stay to confront him at least. It was unlike her to leave without even confronting him and making him feel like a complete piece of shit that doesn't even deserve to breathe the same air she does.

"Thank you Humphrey for your time and I am sorry for waking you up, I need to find her, I need to tell her that I love her and I don't care how long it will take me to find Blair I will and I'm not going to let her go ever again," Chuck said before turning around and leaving.

"I hope so, God, I hope so," is the only thing Dan whispered before going back to bed.

Once Chuck got into his Limo he told Arthur to drive and go to the Waldorf residence. Chuck thought that maybe Blair changed her mind and didn't want to wait to become the woman she wanted to be she wanted to be that woman and be with him all while accomplishing hr dreams. He really fucked up and he has no idea how he will convince her that all the other women who ever entered his life never even came close to measuring to her, to what they are, no one can even compete with Chuck and Blair, Blair and Chuck. He took out his phone and dialed her number… of course it went straight to voice mail. He then called Serena.

"H-h-hello," she said sleepily.

"Hey sis it's me, have you heard from Blair tonight?"

"N-", she cleared her throat quickly waking up to focus, "no I haven't when I got home she wasn't here," she said simply.

"Did she talk to you today?" he pressed her trying to find out everything he could to get an idea as to what was so important that would drive Blair to leave without saying anything to him even if she was hurt she would have at least given him a piece of her mind before taking off. She would have told someone where she was going.

"No she didn't why?" Serena asked.

"It's nothing," he said disappointed, "go back to bed I'll call you later," he said before hanging up the phone.

Chuck then called Nate but that was also useless and wishful thinking on his part that Blair would come to him with any of this information. Chuck then decided to check Gossip Girl maybe someone spotted Blair today that would help give him a clue. The only thing he found was a post about his Limo being spotted almost everywhere around the tri –state area.

"Arthur," He called to his driver through the intercom.

"Yes Mr. Bass?"

"Turn the car around were going to Queens were paying a visit to Vanya and Dorota," Chuck said before taking his hand of the intercom.

Chuck got out of the limo and ran up the steps of the quaint little Queens house before ringing the doorbell. He knew he was taking the risk of waking up the baby and hearing the wrath of Dorota, who was probably one of the only other women in his life he feared next to his Blair but it is a risk he is willing to take.

Vanya opened the door rubbing his eyes, "Mister Chuck?" he said puzzled.

"I'm sorry Vanya for waking you and your family up at this hour, but I need to talk to Dorota, Is it possible I can talk to her now?" he asked feeling completely desperate.

"Um she is actually up with the Baby right now, baby has a cold and has been quite fussy at night," Vanya began telling him as he let the young man into his house. "You never off the clock for that job," he chuckled, "it is worth it though the family living the American dream, hold on a moment I go upstairs and take baby from Dorota," he left to go upstairs to get Dorota and take the sick baby.

A few minutes later Dorota walked down the stairs in a bathrobe and slippers with an all-knowing look already upon her face.

"Mister Chuck what are you doing here at this time of night you lucky baby be up sick all night other wise I ring your neck out," She said in a much thicker accent then her normal one she must have been exhausted.

"I… um… Blair she left no one knows where she is all I know is she had something important to tell me and she heard something she wasn't suppose to hear and she took off she didn't even come and yell at me she just… she just left," he said almost on the verge of tears.

"Mister Chuck you do some pretty shitty things to Miss Blair but she still love you she always will and you know her as well as I do so if you really need to ask me where Miss Blair went then your not the Mister Chuck I know," she smiled at him.

A light bulb instantly went off in Chuck's head and he knew exactly where his Queen had fled.

"Thank you Dorota," he smiled, "and I hope the baby gets better soon in fact when I get back with Blair we will babysit and this time we won't hire someone to do it," he laughed, "promise."

"Just bring Miss Blair Back,"

"I will Dorota, I will," he said before running out the door and into the awaiting limo.

"Arthur, were going to JFK and make sure the Bass Jet is ready to go were going to Tuscany," Chuck said with a smile.

Six hours later the Bass Jet Landed in Tuscany and Chuck jumped out of the plane and into the awaiting car that was taking him to the hotel that he once planed to go to with Blair.

Once Chuck arrived at the hotel the concierge would not willingly give him the key to a Miss Holly Golightly's room. At this point Chuck was so drained of energy that he didn't even try to put the Bass charms to work he just settled with quickly paying the young man off with a big fat check to get the key to her room.

Chuck got out of the elevator and made his way down the long hallway and stopped at her room, 1812, he smiled of course she would use his room number.

He was about to place the card into the door when he remembered that just because he was there she wasn't going to be happy and jump into his arms right away. She would eventually but there was a reason why she ran away and he needed to fix everything and he knew there would be a lot of work ahead of him to make things right to have things be the way they should be but he wasn't going to let her out of his sight until they worked on everything. He wasn't going to let her run away and he wasn't going to leave again. It wasn't going to be easy but if there was anything he learned about being in love it is that love is never easy and people sometimes make mistakes, horrible awful mistakes in his case but he knew that what he said before is true they are inevitable and they are better together then they are apart. And with that thought Chuck pushed the card into the door and gently turned the door handle.

When he opened the door he didn't even see Blair in the bed or her things unpacked. He began to search the room for where she could have gone it wasn't until he saw light coming from the bathroom that he knew she was even in the room. He didn't hear the water running and knew she was taking a bath; she always takes a bath when she is upset and stressed. He took of his jacket and threw it onto the bed he then quietly opened the door and saw his Blair in a tub full of bubbles sleeping.

He walked in and decided to sit on the ledge of the tub on the opposite end just to watch her peaceful form for the time being. He looked around the room and of course there was an empty box of macaroons lying next to the bathtub and he just smiled knowing she probably had stopped in France to stock up before coming here. He then started to look at his beautiful sleeping queen, she had the most beautiful face and it pained him to see that her face was stained with tracks of tears he most likely caused her to shed. It pained him so much that he diverted his eyes somewhere else.

She was covered in bubbles and the only thing he could see was her face but he realized that he most have been looking at her for a while since most of the bubbles started to disappear and he began looking at her body. It was almost instantly that his eyes went to her stomach. Something was different and if he didn't know and worship Blair's body the way he did he would have never had noticed how Blair's stomach was ever so slightly protruding. He then noticed how she had her hands protectively around it. He got up from the ledge and grabbed a towel. He realized this is why she needed to talk to him; this is what was so important that she couldn't tell anyone until she told him, that's why after hearing his false declarations to Raina she fled without a word. This is why he is suddenly scared and happy. He started smiling like a fool. He can't believe what he just discovered and now he knows he needs to fix things not just for them but also for their family.

He rolled up the sleeves of his shirt and took of his shoes and socks and dipped down into the tub to gently pick Blair up and wrap her in a towel without waking her. He was carrying her into bed when she wrapped her arms around his neck still in her slumber.

He gently laid her down in the bed and put the covers on her. He then quickly made his way to her suitcases and decided to unpack for her, he thought maybe it would be a nice gesture and show her that he is willing to do work even if unpacking isn't such a huge task but neither Chuck or Blair ever unpacked themselves so maybe it would show her something.

Chuck decided to go into the bathroom to make a quick phone call to the concierge.

"Yes, this is Charles Bass I need you to go and find the best florist and town and order enough pink peonies to cover one of your suites."

"Yes, Mr. Bass when would you like this to be done by?" the man on the other line asked him.

"Well I am about to head to bed now so I want the room covered by the time I wake up so you figure that out and be quiet when you come in if you wake up me or Miss Golightly you will no longer be working at this hotel do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, Sir," the man said before Chuck hung up.

He then decided he was in much need of rest as well and got undressed and left his boxer on, usually when he slept with her he would have taken his boxers off but right now he knew if he was going to sleep with her the more clothes the better. As soon as he settled in Blair started to stir in her sleep and he heard begin to mumble something, "Chuck… we're…" she stopped for several moments, "baby" she said before going back into a deep state of sleep. Chuck just looked at her and smiled. He wrapped his arms around her feeling the slight bump of her belly and whispered in her ear.

"We're better together then we are apart and we will make it Blair, I promise you we will make together, I love you and we will be a family," He said before he himself drifted off to sleep as Blair snuggled closer and squeezed his hand tighter.


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