"Jordan, I need you to make a pick-up. It's a tough one. It's an infant girl," Chief medical examiner Garret Macy said.

"Is foul play suspected?" Jordan asked as she took the paper with the address on it from Macy.

"No, she died during the night in her sleep. It looks like Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, but we won't know for sure until you autopsy her. I'm going home for the day. Call me if you have any problems." He said as he and Jordan headed towards the elevators.

Ten minutes later, Jordan pulled up to a small house on a quiet street in a Boston suburb. There were two police cars and an ambulance parked out front. The E.M.T's were packing up their gear in preparation to leave. Jordan approached an officer standing just inside the door to the house.

"I'm Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh. I'm the medical examiner assigned to the case. Where's the body?"

"I'm Officer Melissa Daniels. I was first on scene. That's the baby's mother over there. Her name is Mandi Peters," The Officer said pointing to a very distraught woman sitting on the living room couch, sobbing as a female neighbor tried to comfort her. "She says she put her baby to bed around 8 o'clock last night, then went to bed herself around ten. She woke up at seven this morning and was surprised that the baby was still sleeping as she normally wakes up around two-thirty, and again between five-thirty and six. She went to check on her and found her blue and unresponsive. She called 911, but there was nothing they could do. She's in here." Officer Daniels led Jordan down a short hallway and into a small nursery. The baby was still in her crib.

"She's so small. She can't be more than three months old," Jordan said quietly.

"Eleven weeks. Her name is…was Ali. She was all her mother had. Her father isn't in the picture. They split up when Ms. Peters found out she was pregnant. He hasn't even met his daughter. Now he'll never get the chance.

"Well, let's get her to the morgue. The quicker we find out why she died, the better off Mandi Peters will be," Jordan said as she looked sadly at the infant in the crib.