Kurt watched them all sadly.

Finn had Rachel, just one more thing that she got that he didn't.

Sam had Quinn, but that was his own fault for listening to Finn, the idiot.

Tina had Artie, and oh, that was so sweet it made Kurt want to vomit.

Santana had Brittany and, even though Kurt was gay, he could admit that they were beautiful together.

Even Mike had awkwardly asked Mercedes out for a date last week, they seemed to be hitting it off.

Kurt groaned as Puck came in with some girl.

'Why are you even here, they are all losers,' she stated looking around at the group.

'Look, Ashley, you're a chick, but there was nothing going on between us,' he stated, clearly exasperated with the girl.

'But, Puck...'

Kurt was suddenly inspired.

'Hey, Babe,' he announced as he sprang into action, 'I missed you today,' he placed a soft kiss to the side of Puck's mouth and latched onto his arm.

Ashley blinked, staring at Kurt, who was grinning at Puck like he was the sun, and Puck, who was staring at Kurt like he was a genius, like they'd just grown horns and announced that Kurt was carrying Puck's baby.

'I missed you too,' Puck suddenly stated, pulling a completely surprised Kurt into a hungry kiss.

Everyone stared at the pair in horrified shock.

'Can I be your hag?' Ashley suddenly blurted, way too excited, breaking everyone's silence.

'Oh, hells to the naw!' Mercedes announced, linking arms with Puck.

Quinn joined them, linking arms with Kurt as Santana, Brittany and Tina grouped behind them, 'they have more than enough hags to go around.'

'Be gone, little girl,' Rachel waved her away, joining them all.

With one last wistful look at Puck she turned and left.

'I'm sorry, Noah, but you just seemed to want her to go away and I figured that...'

'Hey, Kurt,' Puck interrupted the other, obviously nervous, boy, 'Thanks for that,' he grinned, 'maybe she'll leave me alone now.'

Everyone dispersed, not really sure what to think of the pair, but watching anyway.

Kurt blushed, 'I'm glad I could help,' he moved to sit beside Mercedes but Puck grabbed his arm, mischievousness shinning from his chocolate brown eyes.

'Though, we'll have to make it believable, you know, so she doesn't think I was just trying to blow her off, or something,' he stated, seriously.

Kurt squeak as Puck pulled him into his lap.

'You have no idea how long I've wanted to do that,' Puck admitted in a husky whisper in Kurt's ear.


Puck nodded, pulling Kurt in for a sweet, passionate kiss.

'Are you guys like for reals?' Brittany asked, practically bouncing in her seat.

'Yeah Brit,' Puck answered, 'we're for reals.'

Kurt beamed, even though Schue gave him a pointed look and he had to find his own seat, right next to Puck.

So yeah, Rachel was with Finn, but Kurt could admit that he had really only been in love with the idea of someone like Finn.

Sam may have done that duet with Quinn but he and Sam never would've worked.

Tina and Artie, well, really he was a romantic, but he wasn't into cavities.

Brittany and Santana had practically been together since they were in diapers, so it wasn't really a surprise.

He was happy for Mercedes, because really, Mike was so not his type, his "guns" weren't big enough, and Mercedes deserved the chance to be happy.

Puck draped his arm over the back of Kurt's chair, pulling it even closer.

Yeah he had Puck, and yeah it been all of 5 minutes, but he finally had everything he didn't know he wanted.

So I have no idea where this came from, but it's set in some ambiguous alternate universe season 2... Thanks for reading.