Chapter 6, so sorry that this so late but life is a real bitch but here's the last and final chapter to this fic so I hope you like it and thank you for sticking with this even though I take forever to update. Read and review. Enjoy.

After Rachel had pulled her strip pole stunt Quinn became more aware of her wife and her antics but the diva was to busy with her show as it was coming to an end and Rachel was spending most of her nights with the cast and crew going to dinner or drinks to celebrate the success of her show so she didn't have the energy or time to

It was the night of her last show and Quinn had decided to go and surprise the diva by being there for her last show; she knocked on the divas dressing room and entered the room upon hearing the brunette tell her to enter a she walked into the room towards her wife.

"Quinn please don't try anything to day please I can't let everyone down it's my last show so please just pretend like the bet doesn't exist till the shows over tonight and then do what ever the hell you have planned." Rachel said as she backed away from the blonde.

"Baby I just want to hug you promise and I think I can agree to holding off on the bet until after your final show, but then you will have to watch your back coz I will be coming for you." She said back as she seized the diva in a bear hug holding her tightly and Rachel also returned the hug smiling into the blonde's neck.

The show had just finished and Rachel was changing in her room when there was a knock at the door to which Quinn answered to find one of Rachel's co stars with some one she didn't recognize, the three of them entered as soon as Rachel had just changed in to a pair of jeans and a t shirt.

"Hey Rach, this is Gabrielle she is my sister in laws sister and she's a huge fan of yours and wanted to meet you in person so I told her that I would introduce you to her." Her co worker said.

"Hi Gabrielle it's so nice to meet you." The diva said as she went up to the tall brunette and hugged her, the other girl hugged back enthusiastically placing her hands way to low on Rachel's back if you would ask Quinn who was steaming with envy and her possessive side was just about to come out and smack the other girl to another dimension.

"It's so nice to meet you to, I can't believe that I am in Rachel Berry's dressing room with Rachel Berry." she said to the diva as Rachel released her from her hold on her.

"Well we were all about to go for some drinks so how about you join us too." The diva said, and Quinn's face was becoming more and more red with angry she knew this girl was up to something no good so she would have to keep a very close eye on her.

"Are you serious?" she asked back.

"Of course, I just got finish up in here and I will meet you guys out front okay." She said as she saw the expression on her wife's face. The two women left and Rachel turned to face the blonde who had a look of disgust plastered across her face.

"Rach I don't trust her, she's up to something I know it, I didn't like the way she was looking at you or touching you." Quinn hissed out.

"Oh baby don't be jealous, she's just a excited to meet me, I mean I am famous you know?" she tried to lighten the mood with a joke but Quinn was not having any of it and just kissed the brunette hard to remind her of who she belonged too.

The whole cast and crew were at the bar celebrating the final show, Rachel and everyone else seemed to be having a good time except one person who was solely keeping her eyes glued ion the tall brunette that was currently holding her wife's hand and that was not going to end well or her.

Quinn decided to wait and see how far the stupid brunette would go before Rachel would stop her but the diva showed no sign of stopping the girl besides her. Quinn sat at they corner of the bar watching intently, she couldn't really blame Rachel was the woman was drunk beyond belief and was always touchy feely when she was drunk.

Quinn didn't want to ruin the night for her wife as it was the last night all of them would be together, she wanted her diva to enjoy it so she just sat back and watched the scene unfold in front of her.

Quinn dragged Rachel into the apartment and pushed her up against the door pining her hands above her head as she attacked the divas neck, she was going to show Rachel that no one was allowed to touch her except Quinn.

"Quinn s...s...stop, I... I ...I don't want to lose the bet." She stuttered.

"Bets off I lose Rachel." Quinn said back as she yanked of the divas t shirt and bra and began roughly biting her nipples. She pulled down her jeans and ripped of her panties and roughly pushed three fingers into the moaning diva while screaming mine the whole time also making Rachel yell it too.

The night progressed like that with Quinn roughly fucking Rachel until she blacked out still yelling mine, once the diva had passed out Quinn bought the covers up and covered each other and then she pressed her lips to the brunette's ear.

"Rachel Berry Fabray your mine and only mine and no one else remember that." She said and then cuddled into the diva also falling asleep besides her.

The end.