Author's Note: I wish I could help with the relief efforts in Japan, but I know I can't but I still want to do my part, what happened was terrible and I lost some friends and family to it.

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On another Note, Yeah I shouldn't make another story I know when I have so many to finish but this was floating around in my head, this is a remake of A Demon and an Angel. Lol This is for Kagome Marie as a thank you for the support, and I'll be honest with myself I need to give myself reasons to finish my stories lol xD..

Summary: Hinata was murdered by her father the night before her wedding and works as an guardian angel when she incounters her charges, two demon brothers, She finds herself falling for the older one, when they get attacked by hunters she decides to fall from heaven to save them.. This is the retelling of a love that never dies, that survived to surpass the limits of time.


She sat as still as a statue against the hard wind, against her wings it felt as if it were little more than a small breeze, her heart hurt over her centuaries old wound..

Over her centuaries old loss, she closed her eye's in an effort to surpress the tears , but they slid down her cheek one by one still. She hugged herself, almost as if to keep herself together..

" Itachi.." She breathed his name, her love and longing, evident in her voice…

Old memories burned in her mind, as she shook herself to clear her thoughts. And slowly opened her eyes again to the world bellow her.

Her charges, were demons, in the eye's of the humans, they were called-

She pursed her lips, her brows furrowed in thought as she searched for the right world.


A small smile graced her rose petal lips, though their existence was damnation inside they were innocent, they took no human life for blood, only the blood of animals.

She flinched when she saw the hunters as they surrounded began to surround them.

" No!" She whispered as she stood, her violet wings spread in her anger.

The hunters began attacking them with swords, but they wouldn't fight back.

She held her head in her hands, " Fight back.. come on FIGHT BACK!"

She looked up when she saw the gathering cloaked figures..

It is meant to be this way..

She shook her head furiously , " No I will not let this be.."

With those final words she made her choice, and fell from heaven in a blinding light.