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Authors note:

I decided to write a small fic that will probably be a maximum of four parts. This chapter would have been longer, but much to my great annoyance I'm feeling rather tired and so my writing skills are going down the drain (that's if they weren't there in the first place). I welcome all c/c and people wanting to get revenge are most welcome to flame as long as there's some c/c in there. I would really appreciate a decent amount of input about what's good and what's not instead of a collective review, but I can't really talk can I? Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did thinking it up.


            I am not the owner of any of the characters or any of the places. As many fanfic authors say, I am just taking them all for a spin. The characters and their personalities were made up by the renowned JKR. Whom I'm sure you're all familiar with.

A greying man walked into the dark, empty classroom. His footfalls sounding loader than they ought to. He pulled the curtains open to reveal a dreary day. The sky was covered in a layer of grey clouds, which only permitted a few rays of morning sunlight to penetrate through and cast faint shadows of the desks onto the floor of the room. Today was not going to be good, the man could tell. He turned abruptly to see the first few students arriving for their lesson. Their presence and exuberant chatting gave a bit of life into the room and lifted their teachers foreboding feeling. 'Perhaps I was wrong?' He thought to himself.

            Soon more people began to fill in and take their allotted seats. Their heavy books sending recently settled dust to go up in small clouds as they were placed on the desks. He cleared his throat and the class fell silent, waiting for what their teacher had to say.

            "Today we are going to participate in a little exercise that should hopefully help us to learn not just about a certain magical object I managed to procure, but about each other. The object is called 'Speculum Gestamen Alicunde Iuventa'" He, Remus Lupin, temporary Defence Against The dark Arts Professor paused, picked up a piece of chalk, turned to the old black board and wrote the name onto it. He hesitated before turning around the silence in the room was unnerving. Then, just as his brow creased in concentration and the foreboding feeling returned, the familiar scratching of many quills on rough paper erupted all at once. He was getting paranoid. This was not good. He then proceeded to walk to the darkest and dingiest corner of the classroom and brought out what looked to be a picture covered in a white decorators or chimney sweeps sheet and propped it carefully against his mahogany desk.

            "It is a magical mirror." He pulled back the sheet to reveal a rather dilapidated frame, which was obviously silver plate, and where the silver leaf had peeled off a thick layer of rust could be seen. Within the frame was a rather scratched and dirty mirror. The oohs and aahs that would have preceded the unveiling in years gone by were replaced with a lot of muffled sniggering as the students tried in earnest to cover their amusement up. "If you touch it," He continued, ignoring the deterring response "You are transformed into your younger self and only contain memories that you had of that age." He looked around at the students. Looks of pure horror were evident on all their faces and none of them were sniggering now. Yet he was still feeling deterred. "Don't worry, it only lasts for a few minutes. Never the less, during this exercise you will come up in pairs to touch the mirror. This should ensure nothing goes wrong and that the educational experience is greater." He stressed the word educational and heard a couple of people groan under their breaths.            "Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley please step forward and touch the mirror."

            A girl with bushy brown hair got up and went to the mirror followed by a boy with extremely red hair. A few seconds later they were replaced with one very load, crying baby in a blanket and an extremely surprised eleven year old girl.

            "Why…why am I here?" She spoke with a voice that rose with each syllable she said before popping back to her normal form. The class sniggered again. Then the boy popped back and after another bout of sniggering from the class, they sat down.

            "Draco Malfoy and Vincent Crabbe." Remus called out and they did exactly the same. Draco became about seven and so did Vincent. The looks on their faces were quite priceless and even Remus' lips twitched at the corners as he tried to suppress a smile. Then it was "Harry Potter and Neville Longbottom." Harry was right at the front of the class and Neville was right at the back and so by the time Harry changed into his five year old form Neville was still getting there. It was this reason that an unfortunate chain of events happened. You see Neville is a naturally clumsy person and Draco is quite a nasty, devious little character. So when the later stuck his foot 'innocently' out into the isle the former tripped, fell over into the mirror, which shattered into a million fragments in one tremendous crash. Sending bits of glass and disintegrated frame out in all directions on the floor.

            There was a deathly silence.

            Neville stirred and with a heavy heart whispered his apology. Malfoy smirked with a sadistic satisfaction. Harry stood his ground, silent, even though there were some quite large shards of glass embedded in his arms from when he'd tried to shield himself. Remus, well Remus was still in shock and it took him a little longer to regain his senses. "Neville, its alright I know you didn't mean for this to happen." He smiled reassuringly. "Ron, accompany Neville to the hospital wing and tell Madame Pomphrey to go to Dumbledore's office when she's finished with him. Then come back here. Hermione, you're responsible so I'm putting you in charge of order. When the lessons done please put a short report on anything that's happened on my desk. Everyone, you're to be writing about the mirror and then I want you to read chapters 8-10. If you've finished that you may revise because next lesson I'm going to test you on all the chapters we've covered so far and a bit on what you've learned in previous years." Everyone groaned. "Malfoy," He paused and watched as the wide smile was wiped off of his face with that one word. "Come with me." And before there was any chance of a protest he held his hand up in an indication of silence.

            After a couple of incantations to tidy up the classroom Remus and Malfoy left carrying the mirrors remains in hastily transfigured books to bags, with a very small Harry Potter trailing behind. "Dolly mixtures." He mumbled and as the gargoyle swept aside the trio ascended the stairs.

            Harry didn't know what to think. A moment ago he'd just been celebrating his fifth birthday in the cupboard under the stairs and now he was on a spiral escalator in some weird castle with some funnily dressed people and he had cuts an bits of glass all up his arms from the broken mirror. He was absolutely petrified that he was being taken to his uncle to have a good hiding and that he was going to be blamed for what the other boy did. It happened to him all the time, everything that ever went wrong, ever, was his fault.

            They stopped. The Golden haired boy beside him had an odd expression on his face while he looked at Harry. It was an expression of fear being battled over for the preferable expression of a snigger and some, no, a lot of hate. A knock on the door and a muffed 'come in' (that sounded surprisingly not like Uncle Vernon) and they went inside.

            What an inside it was. An astonishingly lot of sunshine came in through the windows through the thick blanket of clouds and along with the large dancing fire headmaster Dumbledore's office was quite a cheery place. A red and age worn carpet covered the floor and many paintings in golden frames hung on yellow painted walls. Many shelves containing books and other weird and wonderful items covered the walls where the paintings had not. Thus making hardly any yellow seen and giving a cluttered effect, even though all was orderly. A couple of ornately carved doors led off from the office to unknown rooms. A large desk even more elaborately carved than the doors stood in the middle of the room, if not closer to the furthest wall and upon it lay stacks upon neatly organised stacks of paperwork. And of course behind the desk sat Albus Dumbledore, peering at the three of them over the rims of his half moon spectacles.

            "Ah, Remus, Mr Malfoy and…" he adjusted his glasses so that they were further down his crooked nose and he could therefore get a better look. Of course he knew who it was, but for some strange reason he pretended that he didn't and gave the illusion that he was stupid once again. "Harry." He finished.

            "There was an accident in DADA and Malfoy here," He glared reprovingly at the boy beside him. "Was the one who started it! Suffice as to say that the mirror, the only one in existence is broken and Harry is now stuck as a five year old." As a response Albus Hmmmed in thought at the same time Draco exclaimed.

            "That old bit of trash, one of a kind!"

            "Yes," Remus said, his voice slightly strained from annoyance and stress. "The only one, ever." The boy paled a little. Since entering the room little Harry had been very quiet and had watched the exchange with growing curiosity, Of course years with the Durselys had taught him to never show his curiosity, because the consequences were not in his favour at all. Finally Dumbledore spoke.

            "Mr Malfoy, I'm very disappointed in you. I'm going to talk to your head of house in this matter and not only will thirty points be taken from Slytherin or will you serve a detention tonight, but I expect you to write a letter of apology to every single student that attends that class as well as one to your head of house and Professor Lupin. They also have to be approved by me and I expect you to take your time and think about your foolishness." With that over with he smiled reassuringly to a very pale Draco Malfoy.

            Suddenly a very flustered Madame Pomphrey followed by a sour faced man by the name of Severus Snape and a stern faced Woman by the name of Minerva McGonnagall entered. Thus making the mediocre sized office feel a lot smaller, what with all the clutter and all. Harry would have been feeling more at home in the more restricted space, but too many people made him nervous and any exit of escape was blocked. 

            "What do we have here?" The woman in what resembled a nurse's uniform enquired as she looked at Harry. What she saw startled her, he was barely five with gaping wounds all along his arms and he was silent? Very unusual, children, let alone most grown adults are silent when they have wounds like that!

 Then she advanced on him, wand out, ready to do some healing spells, but he backed away. "Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you." Her words didn't seem to take effect as a the startled five year old continued to step back until he stood right up against the desk. With no escape he shut his eyes. Blocking out the startled looks of everyone else in the room and after a few minutes of the lady's murmured chanting the pain in his arm went. It went? This was new; She didn't hurt him.

            "Th…th…than…thank you." He stuttered in a low voice with his small face cast down toward the ground.

            "You're welcome." He looked up right into her eyes at that. She'd said he was welcome. Then, realising that he wasn't supposed to look anyone in the eyes, because he was inferior, he looked down quickly.

            "I'm s…s…s…sorry."

            "Whatever for?" He didn't answer her and kept mumbling 'sorry.'

            Then as if forgetting Harry was there Dumbledore began to tell all present (with Remus Lupin filling in the blanks) what had happened and what sort of action needed to be taken, as in research and babysitting. Much to Snape's immense disgust he had to help not only with a cure of some kind, but also with looking after the child aka Potter. Luckily for him his turn on the looking after front wasn't for a while and resolutely decided that he would work night and day for a cure so as not to end up doing the chore.

            Thus ends the first instalment.

            Thank you for your time.