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Nicky tapped his fingers imaptiently on the arm rest. Rod sat beside him reading some article in some magazine about politics. "Rod I'm board." complained Nicky, Rod looked up from his article. "Well you could clean something, read, draw, get a job." suggested Rod, putting more emphasis on the last suggestion. "I don't want to do any of that." sighed Nicky, he continued drumming on the arm rest for a bit than decided to watch something other than infomercials. He flipped through the movie channels. "Do you wanna watch a movie with me?"
"What movie?" asked Rod "Brokeback Moutain" replied Nicky, it was the only thing playing that he hadn't seen. Rod nearly dropped his magazine.
"Why on earth would you want to watch Brokeback Mountain?" asked Rod, putting his magazing down on the table. Nicky shrugged and selected it from the guide.
"I'm curious." explained icky, he leaded back into the couch. Rod followed his example, maybe would like the movie and start thunking of him in a diffrent light. /don't get your hopes up/ They watched the movie in silence, by the end Rod was crying and Nicky had put a sympathetic arm around him, not that he wasn't fighting back tears himself. When the credits rolled Rod got up and went to the bathroom to splash his face with cold water. "So, what did you think?" asked Rod, returning to sit down beside Nicky. "It was so sad! Very romantic but sad." admitted Nicky "I don't understand why Ennis didn't just give in and live with Jack." "Well Nicky being gay isn't exactly what most people want." explained Rod.
"I wouldn't mind being gay, it doesn't seem that bad to me." said Nicky absently, he picked up the remote and started channel surfing. Rod's heart almost stopped, did Nicky really just say that?
"Really?" asked Rod, he needed elahbouration on that statement. "Not at all, it's easier liveing with a guy anyway and to get love from the other person as well, it sounds like a preatty good deal to me." explained Nicky, he stopped on some stupid cartoon and turned to look at Rod.
"H-have you ever tried it?" asked Rod, he knew he was getting his hopes up way too high now. "Well no, I have thought about it but never really botherd to try." admitted Nicky. Rod swallowed his nerves and leaned forward to press his lips gently against Rod's. Rod pulled away slowely, opening his eyes to take in Nicky's dazed exspression. "D-did you like it?" asked Rod nervously, blushing like hell when the reality of what he had done set in. "I...I dunno." whisperd Nicky "Can we try again?" Not waiting for Rod to answer he put his hand on the back of Rod's head and forced their lips together. Rod wrapped his arms arms around Nicky's neck and kissed back eagerly. He had wanted this forever, the sensation was so much better than he had ever imagined. Nicky broke the kiss, running his toung across Rod's bottom lip. Nicky was blushing lightly now.
"So?" asked Rod breathlessly, as if he needed to ask at this point. Nicky chuckled and nipped at Rod's lips. "I think we need to try a few dozen more times and maybe try an oral examination before I decide." teased Nicky. Rod blushed at his suggestive coment and smiled. He had the love of his life in his arms, what's not to smile about?