Chapter 7


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After returning to their bodies, Eddy and Raz agreed on the same thing, while Double D, Ann, and Ed stood by.

"We wanna shoot more things."

But Sasha held up his hand, halting any movement the children made.

"Ok. Ok. Enough about my mind. Let's stay out of my mind for a while. Let's just go back to yours, Razputin."

He then turned back to the console, pressing buttons.

"Step up to the Brain Tumbler when you're ready."

With that said, Raz looked to his sister.

"Say, Ann. Since we're not Siamese Twins anymore, why don't you and the Eds step out for a while?"

For once, Ann agreed.

"Ok. But I want to hear every detail when you're done."

She then turned to the Eds.

"Come on, guys."

Eddy, seeing this opportunity for his friend, spoke.

"Uh…hey Ann. Me and Ed will go back to check on the kids. You and Double D go up and enjoy the sun for a while."

Double D began to panic. Ann, oblivious to what was going on, agreed.

"That's fine. Some sunlight's good anyway."

Eddy smirked as he grabbed Ed by the jacket collar and headed down the stump. While Raz began to walk to the Brain Tumbler, Ann and Double D headed up the stairs and were back outside.

"Let's check out the beach area. I haven't seen that area since Raz and I got here." "

Y-yes. Of course. I would like to see this camp's beach as well."

Double D never felt so nervous in his entire life. Not even during those times when Nazz was near him. In fact, any feelings for Nazz started to disintegrate into feelings of friendship and nothing more when he first saw Ann.

"Could it be that Eddy is right? But I had only just met her. What if she doesn't feel the same way? What if-?"

"Hey, Double D. Are you feeling alright? You've been awfully quiet and you look like a nervous wreck. Agent Nien's shooting gallery got to you?" Ann asked.

The brainy Ed reacted in surprised as he heard his new friend speak.

"A-a little. But I think I'll be able to adjust. I-I've never fought anything before and-."

He had to stop talking when he realized he was babbling. He scolded himself in his head as they walked past the Main Cabin and headed toward the lake.

Ann, who was doing her best to get a simple conversation with this guy, wondered if he was alright. Since she told herself not to read his mind, it was difficult to know what was wrong. Was it something she did?

Just as Ann was thinking that question, Double D managed to ask her one.

"So…um…I heard you and Raz were raised in a circus. Is that true?"

Ann was relieved that he managed to talk, but tensed up at the question.

"It's true. But it's kinda…complicated."

Double D was now interested, but when he saw how tense Ann looked, he decided not to pry. But the psychic girl felt that he deserved an answer.

"Circus life is ok. It's just…it's about my brother and our dad. You see…he's been training us hard lately and refused to talk to us about anything involving psychics. This makes it difficult for him and Raz to see eye to eye. In fact, it was because of those two why Raz and I are here."

At Double D's request, Ann told him about her father and brother and the escapade to Whispering Rock as they headed toward the beach area. The smart Ed could see Ann was in a tug-of-war with the male members of her family.

But what about her mother? What was she like?

"And your mother?"

Ann remained silent as she placed her hands into her pocket as they entered the beach area.

"She's…not with us."

Double D flinched at his stupidity for asking that question.

"M-my apologies."

"That's ok. You didn't know." Ann told him.

As they approached the shore, Ann paled as she saw a hand made of water motioning her to come into the lake. Double D, seeing Ann's reaction, looked out to the lake, but saw nothing. But before he could say anything, Elton saw them from the dock and ran up to Ann.

"You have a water phobia? Me too!"

Double D raised an eyebrow at Elton's accusation. Ann, however, raised her hands in defense.

"Uh…no. I mean, yes! Gah! It's just a bunch of hooey anyway. Some gypsies cursed my family to die in water. Talk about nonsense, right?"

Double D wasn't convinced. From Ann's reactions, he could tell that she was hydrophobic.

But a curse? That was where he drew the line.

"Oh. Ok. It just that the fish have been telling me that there's something weird in the lake that's scaring them. It's some sort of brain-eating thing that comes out at night to hunt for victims." Said Elton.

He then ran off.

"See you guys later!"

Once Elton was gone, Double D looked at Ann.

"Gypsy curse?"

Ann flailed in defense again.

"Don't worry about it! It's nothing!"

But it didn't seem like nothing to Double D.

However, before he could inquire about this whole 'water-curse' thing, the smart Ed and the psychic spotted something coming up from the water. Ann got a better look and saw that it was Dogen.

"Dogen? Is that you?"

As the pair approached the boy, Dogen mumbled.


"Dogen. It's me, Ann."


As Ann continued to try to talk to Dogen, Double D noticed how glazed the boy's eyes look and began to examine him.

"This is strange. I'm sure that this isn't normal human behavior."

Ann agreed with Double D on the situation. Even though she knew Dogen for a short time, it wasn't normal behavior for him.

Her questions were answered as Dogen turned to the right, when a light flickered in his ear. Curious, the girl grabbed Dogen's neckerchief and looked in his ear.

"Oh, boy. I think I have found the problem, Double D."

Double D, questioning as well, looked into the boy's ear to find…nothing! The smart Ed's eyes widened at the sight of nothing but the outside world.

"I see it. But I don't believe it! He's completely brainless! And yet he's functioning, let alone alive!"

"I know, right?" Ann told him. "We better get him to the Main Cabin. There's a TV in the lounge. He'll be safe there."

Double D nodded in agreement as he and Ann lead the brainless boy to the Main Cabin's lounge. As the two left the M.C., Ann spoke.

"Something's really wrong with that picture and I have a hunch that we'll need Raz and the guys on this as well."

Double D nodded as they headed to the nearest tree stump, the not-so-much-as-a-date officially over.

Once the pair was back at the Sanctuary, Ann left in the Transit system again to pick up her brother back at the G.P.C. while Double D met up with his two friends. Eddy was the first to greet him with a sly smirk.

"Well, Lover Boy? What did you two do? I want every juicy detail."

"Yum! Juice!" Ed spoke randomly, clearly not understanding the conversation.

Double D furrowed his eyes at Eddy as he spoke.

"Sadly, our…'date' was cut short when we discovered something disturbing. Very disturbing."

Eddy raised an eyebrow at Double D's cryptic message.

"What? You found the geezer naked in the woods or something?"

"Thank you for that other disturbing picture, Eddy. But no. You remember the boy with the aluminum hat, Dogen?"

"The Camp Crybaby? Yeah, so what?"

"Well, when Ann and I were down at the beach, we came across the lad coming out of the lake. Lacking something."

"And?" Eddy asked.

"We have found him deficient his center of psychic abilities and intellect."

Confused at his use of the Thesaurus, Ed spoke to Eddy.

"I think Double D's broken, Eddy."

Sighing, Double D re-answered his companions.

"I meant that his brain is missing."

The sentence left Eddy even more confused, while Ed paled as he went to 'Super Sci-Fi' mode.

"Oh no! The Cockroach Cryptids from the planet Omicron Persei 23 have begun their invasion of Earth and have started with the weakest of the strongest of humans! They will collect brains to season their giant tacos!"

The two sane Eds stared at disbelief at their friend's stupidity.

"Ok, you have got to take a break from watching Futurama, Ed." Eddy told Ed.

Clearing his mind of the Cockroach Cryptids, Double D spoke.

"Although I agree with Eddy on that part, I am becoming quite concerned. I mean, it's impossible to lose a brain without visible stitches and scarring."

"Eh, you worry too much, Double D. I've heard from one of the psychic kids that Dogen is always like that." Eddy told him in a nonchalant manner.

Double D rolled his eyes at Eddy's easygoing attitude of the situation. He then remembered that they can obtain more badges while they try to figure out what's going on.

Finding Agent Cruller entering the main chamber, Double D approached the former Psychonaut.

"E-excuse me, Mr. Cruller, but what is our next task?"

"Well, I'm glad you asked that, sonny. Apparently, Razputin cannot go further into his mind unless he learns how to levitate, which will be your next class."

He then pulled out five green badges with a pair of oars crossed on each one. He spoke as he handed them to the Eds.

"Use these Oarsman Badges to access the area where Agent Vodello is teaching levitation, since it's one of her signature powers. The two remaining badges are for Anastasia and Razputin. Have them manage the canoes, since they are the only transport you need to get to Milla."

He then ushered the boys on.

"Good luck, boys! And tell the twin whippersnappers that I wish them luck as well!"

Double D nodded as he, Eddy, and Ed returned to the surface.

On the surface, the Eds spotted Ann and Raz approaching them from the G.P.C. area. Double D handed them the badges.

"According to Agent Cruller, these badges will allow us to train under the tutelage of Miss Vodello."

The twins grinned as they took the badges, with Raz muttering.

"Agent Milla Vodello: The Mental Minx."

"I take it that you have heard of Agent Vodello?" Double D asked as the five of them headed toward the beach.

"Are you kidding? They did a whole segment on her in True Psychic Tales Magazine. Agent Vodello is well known when it comes to levitation. She's also known to be quite the party person." Ann explained, clearly showing that she idolized the Psychonaut.

At the word 'party', Eddy grinned like a madman.

"Did you say 'party'?"

"Eddy! We are going into Agent Vodello's mind to learn how to levitate, not to party!" Double D scolded him.

"Relax, Double D. Don't let that 'brainless bit' ruffle your feathers." Eddy told him, secretly smirking at his private thoughts on the party.

Once they reached the beach, the Eds noticed the twins' wary gaze toward the water.

"C-come on, Raz. L-let's get to the canoes. Fast!"

"I'm right beside you, sis!"

As the pair walked into the boathouse, Eddy looked Double D.

"What's with them?"

"It seems that the two of them are hydrophobic."

"You mean they're GAY?" Eddy yelled in panic.

Double D rolled his eyes.

"Hydrophobic means 'fear of water.' Raz and Ann are afraid of the lake and any other large bodies of water."

"Ok~? That's a dumb fear." Eddy scoffed.

Double D kept silent as they headed toward the canoes and, with the twins as their drivers, canoed to the floating dock near the boundary line of the camp.

Once they were on the dock, Raz whispered in awe as the Eds took in the sight of the odd mental states of the kids and their levitating teacher.

"*gasp* There she is!" Ann whispered.

Without opening her eyes, Milla spoke.

"And there you are, darlings. Do not worry. I have heard about you three boys and you are welcome to my class. And Anastasia, I got in contact with you and your brother's father and he's going to be here tomorrow to pick you two up."

The twins paled at the mention of their Dad.


"Oh, got to go! The race is starting!" Milla replied before she fell silent again.

"Oh man~! We're so busted, Raz. Next time you hatch a plan like this, remind me to punch you in the face." Ann groaned, unaware that Raz had walked over to Lili, who had already finished Milla's course.

As he talked to her, Ann and the Eds learned that while in the Brain Tumbler, Raz saw a vision of a tower made of thorns and that there was someone who looked like he was ready to attack Dogen, which Lili finished with an accurate description of the unknown person.

"So it's not just me." She spoke in awe.

" And why all the meat?"

Lili narrowed her eyes as she headed to her canoe.

"I don't know, but I think it's time I find out where this is coming from."

Once she was back on her canoe, she looked at the twins and the new boys.

"Let's rendezvous tonight at the old boathouse for debriefing."

Eddy snickered as he whispered to his two friends.

"She wants us to show our underwear."

Ed snickered while Double D rolled his eyes for the umpteenth time that day. He was at least grateful that the twins and Lili didn't hear his short companion.

"This is so cool!" Raz spoke.

"Yeah! It feels like that time in True Psychic Tales #314 where…"

But Lili stopped her out-of-character babbling when she noticed that the twins and the Eds were giving inquisitive stares. She narrowed her eyes in embarrassment as she told them off.

"Shut up!"

After that, she took off to begin the investigation.

Shrugging their shoulders on their thoughts about the girl, the quintet of youths approached Milla. Raz spoke out for his sister, their friends, and himself.

"Agent Vodello? We were ordered to report here for levitation training. We have completed the coach's obstacle course, and Sasha showed us how to shoot!"

Milla responded in light anger and confusion.

"You know? I'd expect something like that from Morceau, but Sasha?"

Desperate to get into the class, Raz continued.

"Agent Nien said that you were the most powerful levitator the Psychonauts had."

This surprised Milla.

"Sasha said that? Really? I didn't' know he noticed."

"Oh, you know. We only work with the best teachers."

Milla smiled at the compliment.

"Flirt! Ok. Let's party."

With that said, Milla opened her blue mental door that had been sitting there for a time and Raz, Ann, Ed, Double D, and Eddy entered her mind and the outrageous party that continuously went on in the Brazilian Levitator's mind.

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