Maverick Hunter Naruto


Naruto x ?

Biker x ?

X x ?

Zero x ?


''Normal Speech''

Inner Thoughts, Dialogue, or reading passages from books and scrolls

(Quick Notes and Messages or Echoes.)

(Dark over lapping echoes)

''Boss Summons, Demons, Dark beings speaking, Demonic/Angry characters Speaking as well as extremely Dark spells and Magic.''


Story Start


Naruto entered the strategy room of Maverick Hunter HQ. There at the circular display table waited Dr. Cain in the center. His cane holding him up rather than the console. Other Reploids were busily working away at the consoles and arrays around the room. ''Most of the grunt forces have been beaten back.'' Naruto reported. ''Sigma has retreated to his defenses. He's up to something.''

"Biding his time, we think," Dr. Cain answered. Still grim, he added, "We have no sign of Sigma himself. His own headquarters must be very well hidden."

''Hunter Zero wanted me to inform you he's looking into any clues for the base. Has the reconnaissance of the Maverick Commanders who fled during the attack?'' he asked as images of an icy fortress in the Alaska area flickered to life. Readings indicated Earthquakes and other suspicious activity was occurring.

Dr. Cain nodded, sighing a bit as he answered, " Besides Vile, we have been able to indicate Armor Armadillo, Storm Eagle, Flame Mammoth, Boom Kuwanger, Sting Chameleon, Spark Mandrill, Chill Penguin, Launch Octopus, Overdrive Ostrich, Wire Sponge, Wheel Gator, Bubble Crab, Flame Stag, Morph Moth, Manga Centipede, and Crystal Snail. No reports of the latter eight have come up but the other eight maverick hunter commanders each have taken up residence in regional bases. Right now we are readying our forces to engage Storm Eagle to regain the air ports, but it'll take some time.'' he said as Naruto looked around.

''Where's Megaman X?'' he asked, noticing the rookie hunter was nowhere in sight.

''He is currently downloading my files into his core processor.'' he answered as Naruto blinked in surprise.

''Is that wise Dr. Cain? Megaman X lacks the combat experience. His ability to think and feel is remarkable. He has the potential and power, but he lacks the steel edge and killer insinct. This war could either give him the experience or break him. He's way too inexperienced with his weapons systems.''

''Megaman X is determined to prove himself. I tried to talk him out of it, but he holds it to heart that the conflict is his fault. I developed reploids after studying his systems; studying the works of Dr. Light. If you are concerned Hunter Uzumaki, then I can send you as back-up to support Hunter X.'' he added.

''I wish to add the additions of Biker to the team and Reima as our Navigator.'' he suggested.

The Doctor's aged eyes slowly closed. ''Very well.'' he spoke in his tired tone. Dr. Cain was not getting any younger and he hoped to live to see peace brought once more. Hoping that he could live to amend his mistakes. The trio soon arrived to the outer outskirts of the Alaskan base. This was the domain of the 13th Polar Region Unit and the Hunter in charge was former Maverick Hunter of the 17th Unit Marth. He was a rather tall and armored Maverick Hunter, the appearance of a man in his forties with a moustache.

The base itself was a series of caverns with well-placed defense systems and a large force of battle-bots. They were all designed for cold weather combat, too. ''Yee-haaa!" Green Biker Dude yelled as he went flying over one of the ridges, drawing the attention of the enemies. The mechanical bat-bots that were hovering around the inside cave entrance flickered to life, joining the hopping Ray-bots, firing at the moving vehicle and Hunter. With most of the forces drawn X and Naruto made their moves.

Because the intense cold would freeze up the systems of normal units or cause the heat systems of normal reploids to burn out only the three of them could have made it through the intense cold of the area thanks to their bodies adaptability. Naruto attacked a wasp, causing the rest of the units to turn thier attention to them. They began firing their energy blasts to which the blond was able to dodge. X was able to slip by and Naruto cut loose. Creating several Kagebunshin he began firing from his arm canon as the clones drew the attention of the enemy. Their systems unable to differentiate between the original and clones.

One of the clones slipped by and began exploring around. He came across the sight of a humanoid figure standing before some sort of capsule. It was an adult female Reploid with white hair and violet eyes. She was wearing the standard Reploid armor design with a black and white and rather human-esque bust. She was carrying a lance. ''Why won't this thing open?'' she wondered. Everything she tried didn't result in anything occurring. The dark blue capsule with the light green tube sat there, mocking her and it pissed her off. ''I can't believe Commander Sigma assigned me what's essentially the duty of a grunt. How shameful, what's so special about this old capsule anyway?'' she wondered as she jammed her lance into the sheet of ice around the bottom of the capsule.

''Beta, you as well?'' Naruto asked, stepping out from the shadows and alerting the reploid to his presence.

''Hunter Maelstrom,'' she sharply countered. ''I was wondering where that disturbance was. I told Chill Penguin his current defense measures were inadequate; little fool, but this only means I get to have a bit of fun.'' she said as she aimed the lance at him.

''I see what is going on now. This base is being used as a depot to ship sources. The question is what does Sigma want with that capsule?'' he asked as power flickered to life from the lance.

''I'm afraid I can't answer that!'' she said as she fired a bolt of eletricity from it, causing the blond to jerk to the side and avoid the beam of electricity, causing the bit of ice on the wall to be blasted to pieces.

''Then, I'll just have to make you.'' the blond replied, arming his own weapon as he prepared to defeat his former ally.