Blood Red Roses

Chapter 1

Physically, she was in agony. Emotionally, she was furious and frightened.

How long must they keep me here? She thought angrily.

Her eyes, barely clear, could make out the "scientists" outside her cage, examining the results on a computer.

"How can this be?" said one of the scientists. "We've injected the serum at least six times. How could not one speck of DNA have changed?"

"They are changing." Said another scientist. "Just not in our favor. Something in her DNA is killing off the serum, destroying every ounce of the foreign substance."

As the scientists tried to figure out the cause of this unusual change, she felt her teeth grow; her body was growing unusually stronger, her world becoming black. Once she could see nothing, she then heard screaming. Screams that could give any normal person nightmares.

Only one voice she recognized from her personal life. You are one of mine now, Nature Guardian.

When her vision was restored, she gave a silent scream at the sight of corpses, drained of any color. Not one with the breath of life still in them. She then looked at her blood-stained hospital gown and then ran to the nearest room. A bathroom. Inside, she saw a mirror, and her horrid-looking face. Her short, wavy black hair was unkept, her golden eyes wide with fear, and her mouth, now bearing fangs, was covered in blood.

She did not know how this happened, but one thing was for sure: she needed to get out. She grabbed a chair from her prison room and threw it at a window, giving her an escape route. She then took the shoes off of one of the bodies and placed them on her feet. She then climbed out of the window and head to one of the places she could hide, unaware that she cut her hand and was leaving a trail of blood behind.

Elisa Maza made her way down the streets of New York. She received a call from another detective that an unusual massacre took place downtown, so she was on her way to the crime scene. Upon arriving, Elisa saw several ambulances load up a large number of bodies before taking them away to the morgue or hospital. She then saw her partner, Matt Bluestone, wave her down.

As she approached, Matt spoke. "I thought you might want to see the 'massacre' for yourself."

But before Elisa could hit play, Matt handed her a large paper bag. "What's this for?" she asked.

"Trust me when I say 'you'll need it'."

Elisa watched in horror as a young, black-haired woman about nineteen blindly broke out of a cage and began to slaughter the victims, biting their necks and draining their blood in the process.

Needless to say, the paper bag got heavier.

She then watched as the girl realized what she had done and panicked, escaping through the window in the process.

Tossing the paper bag into a nearby garbage dumpster, Elisa looked back at Matt. "Any clues, yet?"

Matt brought her back farther to the broken window, where the blood trail was. "I had to keep the other officers from looking back here until you came. Personally, I think our "friends" might want in this. They might be able to handle a vampire more than we can."

"Any I.D's?" Elisa asked.

Matt nodded. "I looked up our vampire shortly before you arrived."

He then handed Elisa a printed out file, with the young woman's information on it.

"I'll contact the others as soon as I read this." Elisa informed her partner. Matt nodded in agreement as he finished up the investigation for the night. Elisa then returned to her car and read the file:

Rose Lillian Sycamore

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Hair: Black

Eyes: Hazel

Date of Birth: June 22

Known Family: Deceased

Address: 7895 Silver Street, New York, NY

Disabilities: Mute

Upon looking at the address, Elisa realized that this "Rose" woman lived in one of the poorest streets in New York. And with her family all gone, it might be possible that she was a victim of a sick, twisted experiment gone horribly wrong.

As soon as she finished reading the rest of the file, Elisa drove away and made her way toward the Erie Building.

An hour later, Elisa met with and gave the investigation information to the gargoyles. For nearly two years now, the clan finally settled in the city. Though the Quarrymen were arrested, a few stragglers escaped, continuing to cause havoc in the city. At least the city had more tolerance for gargoyles now.

Immediately after the information was given, Goliath gathered the clan and began his orders.

"We will have to split up if we are to find the girl."

He gestured to a small gargoyle with a yellowish tint. "Lexington, take Bronx and scour the south."

Then to a large gargoyle and a female one. "Broadway, Angela, take the west side."

Then to an elderly gargoyle. "You will join me in searching in the east, Hudson. I'll have Xanatos search the north."

He then turned to his Second-in-Command. "Brooklyn, since you will be by yourself, search Central Park. If trouble should find you, there will be plenty of places to hide."

Brooklyn nodded, irritated by the fact that he had to go alone and be treated like a hatchling. At Goliath's command, the clan glided off in search of their designated areas.

As Brooklyn made his way to Central Park, he immediately took notice at a familiar figure gliding down to Belvedere Castle. He growled at the realization of the figure.


He followed suit, keeping himself hidden from the rogue gargoyle. Then a question came into his mind.

Did Demona know about Rose? And if so, why would she want her. Brooklyn's gut feeling told him that it wasn't good.

Rose was breathing heavily as she sat on one of the vacant chairs in Belvedere Castle. Whenever she came to the park, one of the places she liked to visit was the castle. Somehow, it made her feel more at home. Especially since it was right next to the Shakespeare Gardens.

Oh, what do I do now? She thought, Could I be in Nora's range? Please let her hear my thoughts.

After she sent her telepathic message, a foreign sound made Rose jump. Thinking quickly, she hid behind a large curtain. Peeking from behind the curtain, Rose saw the door opening, reveling something she could never expect. Entering the castle was one of those gargoyles she had heard about. But this one she did not see in the news.

The gargoyle was a tall, humanoid female with grey-blue skin and red hair. From the way she was dressed it was not difficult to tell what era she came from. Her fierce eyes scoured the room, looking for something. It was then that the gargoyle spoke.

"I know you're here, Rose. Your blood trail lead me here."

Rose looked at her hand and cursed herself after seeing the cut.

The gargoyle continued , still unable to see Rose. "I saw what had happened, Rose. In honesty, I am quite proud of you. Those humans had no right to treat you in such a way. They deserved to die. And yet, you are being hunted by the very humans who were sworn to protect you."

Her words dripped like venom in Rose's ear. She never wanted this in the first place. She had no choice.

The gargoyle then spoke again. "You need not to hide from me, Rose. I can help you. You and your clan. You and I are the same: outcasts in the humans' eyes. Come with me and together we can-."

"Don't you dare touch her, Demona!" a new voice bellowed.

Rose quickly peeked again to find the gargoyle "Demona" gone from the entrance. Curious, she quietly hustled her way to the entrance. She looked outside to find Demona fighting another gargoyle in the park. This gargoyle was a reddish color with white hair and a beak. She could clearly see it was a male.

Demona tossed the male back toward the pond. "You shall not interfere this time, Brooklyn."

At that moment, as "Brooklyn" lunged at her, Demona used her tail to send him flying into the pond. As he came to the surface, Demona grabbed his throat and pushed him back under.

It was then Rose realized what she was trying to do.

She's going to drown him! At the sight of Demona taking delight in trying to drown Brooklyn, Rose then knew who her enemy was.

In a burst of unexpected courage, Rose eyed a tree and "commanded" it to lift its roots and slam Demona away. Rose then ran to the pond and helped the second out.

As he was gasping for air, Rose turned toward Demona, who was furious. "You would rather aide one who is on the humans' side than by mine? Very well, prepare to meet your fate." Rose responded with trees and various plants attacking Demona while a wall of thorns defended her and the male.

After coughing up the last of the water, Brooklyn looked up and, to his surprise, saw Rose attacking Demona using the surrounding flora. He didn't know whether to be in shock or to cheer on the girl as she kept the rouge away.

Realizing that the girl was too powerful, Demona made a hasty retreat, giving out her shrilling cry.

As soon as Demona was out of sight, Rose returned the plants to their original states. She then turned around and knelt toward Brooklyn. He immediately recognized her look.

"I'm alright. Thank you." Rose nodded and, to Brooklyn's surprise, picked up his hand and began to trace his hand with her finger. She traced "Are you certain?"

Brooklyn, who never learned of her disability, asked "You can't speak?" Rose shook her head.

"I'm a mute. I never could, nor will speak without a voice." Rose traced.

She then asked about Demona and what was going on, trying her best to keep herself from fainting from exhaustion. Brooklyn explained to her while she listened attentively. He told her about Demona and the thousand year slumber he and the others were put under all the way to the arrest of John Castaway, leader of the Quarrymen.

"And that's how it happened." He finished.

Rose was fascinated by the tale, but then a new question came to her mind.

"Where you looking for me?"

Brooklyn gave his uneasy answer. "In truth, we heard about what happened to those scientists. Elisa figured you might be a victim in experimentation and kidnapping."

He saw that his answer made her tense up, her eyes filled with fear. Holding up his hands, Brooklyn spoke "D-don't worry. We don't wish to harm you. We just want to find you and hide you until everything calms down."

For some odd reason, he made the last part up. Was it because he was concerned for Rose? Could she be like the mutants living in the Labyrinth?

Rose was uneasy at first, but then she saw his eyes held the truth. Could they protect me? She thought. What about the others?

Rose relayed her fears to Brooklyn. Confused, he asked, "Are they like you?"

Rose nodded. Her friends were, as Demona had put it, her clan. The only family she had left.

Sighing, Brooklyn spoke, "I'll see what I can do."

A smile came on Rose's lips as she traced "Thank you, Brooklyn. For everything tonight." before she passed out.

Brooklyn caught the girl, panic filling him. Was she alright? What happened? His answers came into his mind in a female voice.

"Rose is well; she just used up most of her energy in fighting that gargoyle. I know what you are thinking, Brooklyn. "Who's talking to me in my head? Am I going crazy?" I can assure you, you're not. My name is Nora, Guardian of the Pillar of the Mind. There is too much to explain in such a short time. My friends and I will come to your castle tomorrow and explain everything. In the meantime, please take Rose with you. You have our permission. Please take care of her. She is the most delicate and fragile of us. I thank you." It was then the voice vanished.

As Brooklyn brought his thoughts back, he realized dawn will come in a couple of hours. Placing Rose on his shoulder, Brooklyn climbed Belvedere Castle until he sensed a strong wind and glided back to the castle, with Rose in his arms. As he approached the castle, he was greeted by his clan. As soon as they saw Rose in his arms, the clan asked about what had happened. He explained as he allowed (reluctantly) Xanatos and Owen Bennet, Xanatos' right hand man, to take the collapsed girl from his own arms. None of them were thrilled that Demona knew about Rose and her "Clan."

"And according to this "Nora" person, she and the rest of Rose's clan will come here tomorrow and explain everything." Brooklyn finished.

Goliath, though cautious, was equally interested in the answers that the girl's "clan" will provide. "We will discuss this further tonight. For now, let us sleep."

As the clan ready themselves for the sun, Brooklyn looked back at the girl on the stretcher that Xanatos provided.

See you tonight…Rose. It was then the sun rose, turning the gargoyles to stone while the unconscious Rose received medical attention from the Xanatos family.

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If you're wondering why Rose is not telepathic and is phisically weak, That will be explained in Chapter 2.