Disclaimer: I do hereby disclaim all rights and responsibilities for this absurd adventure... especially for the one who's looking quite dapper. A nod of recognition is bent towards Rumiko Takahashi for her creative prowess.

A Note of Explanation: I've been holding onto this silly storyline for a couple years because really... I don't have time for another story right now. Recently, I realized that I'll never have the time. SO! Here's the usual list of warnings: 1) chapters will be 300 words or less, 2) updates will be sporadic, 3) this is me goofing off. Yet again. ::twinkle::

Chapter 1: Warning Bells

In a tower overlooking an island estate, one small youkai straightened the lapels of his white suit. Balmy breezes drifted up from the cove, where sparkling turquoise waters lapped upon white sands, and brightly-plumed birds called back and forth from the canopy of the jungle that pressed in on every side. Gleaming stucco under red tile roofs, potted palms lining wide verandas, vivid bougainvillea climbing towards wrought iron balconies—all was as it should be.

The nattily-dressed demon's pale yellow eyes were fixed expectantly on the endless blue of the sky, and before long, a faint sound tickled at the edges of his senses, distorted by distance but drawing nearer. It resolved into the drone of an engine, and the speck of an aircraft came into view. It was a little early, and the bearings were slightly off, but no matter. His lordship had been looking forward to these guests for quite some time.

Seizing a thick rope, the imp gave an energetic tug, sending the tower's bell swinging. As its peals rang out, he added his own voice, joyously exclaiming, "The plane! The plane!" Several staff members hurried into the plaza below, gazing towards the sea. As the approaching plane dipped and veered off to one side, a collective gasp rose from the onlookers, for a thin stream of black smoke trailed behind the struggling craft. The plane was going down!

End Note: This chapter was written for the Live Journal community fanfic(underscore)bakeoff and their Secret Ingredient for March 2011—Distort. Posted on March 14, 2011. 231 words.