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Chapter 59: Wolvish Wiles

Even though she denied it in every possible way, Kouga could tell Kagome was attracted to him. Any alpha had to expect a little vying for favor amidst the she-wolves, but Kagome seemed to be fighting against herself where he was concerned. Her sudden blushes were at odds with the sharp edge to her retorts. Push and pull. Bait and switch. The mixed signals were keeping him off balance, and damned if that didn't bring out a wolf's wiles. Pulling her against his chest, Kouga ran his thumb over her ribs, waking her.

"Too close," she mumbled sleepily.

"Nope," he countered. "This is how packs do things."

Elbowing for more space, Kagome complained, "You could say feeding one another was traditional, and I wouldn't know the difference."

"I'll have to be more creative with my demands."

She groaned, and Kouga grinned. He'd forgotten how pleasant feminine interest could be. Lingering looks. Tantalizing touches. Sultry scents. Finding them all in a human female should have been disconcerting, but Kouga was too busy to care. With long, slow strokes, he relaxed her back to the verge of sleep, then lightly dragged his claws across sensitive skin.


"Hush." And the game continued—rub, tickle, squirm, settle. Too trusting. Too tempting. Too much trouble. Kouga's hand slid lower, making a bid for the tail that wasn't there, and she sighed his name. Victory and defeat. Want and need. Hers and his. Maybe somewhere deep down, humans had instincts. If so, Kagome's were good, but his were as haywire as a young buck's during the Singing Moon.


Jostling Kagome until she woke, Kouga demanded, "What's the date?"

"No clue. Lost my itinerary."

Kouga wished he could see the stars. "Guess."

"Erm... Monday."

Very funny. "Month. Season. Anything!"

"Spring. Probably April by now."


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