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Chapter 61: Scantily Clad

"Huh. It's all over you, too. You should have ducked."

Kagome groaned, holding her nose. "What did you do?"

Kouga pulled at the hair clinging to his shoulders, caught in a slick, purplish goo spattering them both. "I won. Isn't that all that matters?"

She tried not to look at the body parts littering the battleground. "Pardon me if I hold my congratulations until we're clean."

"Sure. Where's your imp?"

Kagome unbuttoned the overlarge white shirt knotted snugly at her waist, and Wilson peeped out.

"Smart thinking, Wannabe." Kouga tightened the ties on his bandana as he asked, "Fresh water or salt?"

"Which is closest?"

With a smirk, Kouga picked her up, setting off at a jog toward the shore.

"I can walk," Kagome grumbled.

"So can the imp," he drawled, cradling her close as he poured on the speed. "Doesn't mean I want to travel at his pace."

Wilson lifted his oddly pointed muzzle-beak-thingie straight into the wind, eyes half-lidded as he bravely faced the blur of tropical foliage. It was cute how much he enjoyed Kouga's speed demon tendencies. Guess I'm getting used to it myself.

On the beach, Kagome turned her back when Kouga stripped and dove into the sea. Releasing Wilson, she used her overshirt for cover and shimmied out of her body armor, letting it drop onto the sand. After a quick peek to make sure the wolf-youkai was still submerged, she ditched everything but the shirt and her panties, then sprinted into the water.

She waded into blue-green water stretched calmly straight to the horizon. Thighs, hips, waist. Eddies of warm water were lapping at the underside of her breasts when she turned to look at the island. Which is why she didn't see the swift shadow dart into the shallows... straight for her.

End Note: Posted on February 24, 2013. 300 words.