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Chapter 62: Playful Streak

At first Kagome thought she'd alarmed Wilson by leaving him ashore. Then the imp pounced a lazy ripple that reached his three-toed feet. Aww... he's playing!

She moved to join him, but a sudden swirl made her look down. A fleeting brush. The slow drag of contact up her leg. Bubbles erupted, but she couldn't jump back. Not with the firm grip at her hip.

When Kouga surfaced she thumped his shoulder. "What … are you twelve? My little brother is more mature!"

He shook wet bangs from his eyes, laughing.

Conveniently ignoring her own maturity level, she slapped water at him. War ensued, and for a while, she scooped and flung. But he was still laughing at her.

Or maybe just laughing. Is he playing?

Kouga's grin reminded her a little of the fierce pleasure he took from battle, but his intensity was friendlier. And unlike the wholesale slaughter he dealt on their designated battlefields, this was something they could share.

"Weren't you gonna get clean?" He tugged a purple gobbet from her hair, all solicitude until he hooked a foot behind her ankle.

With a gasp, Kagome went under. Water filled her ears, her eyes, and she struggled. But then a hand under her shoulders was lifting.

"Float," Kouga ordered.

Gulping air, she obeyed, lifting her face to the sky while he kept her moored.

"Huh. Look at you."

Suddenly conscious of how little she wore, Kagome fumbled to cover herself.

But Kouga wasn't ogling. Combing through her hair, he grumbled, "Goo, glue, glop."

She tried to help; he pushed her hands aside.

Gentle tugs. Slow progress. Kagome gradually went limp, her lids heavy. At Kouga's firm pressure under her shoulder blades, she arched her back and sighed, "That's nice."

His answering growl was definitely the good kind.

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