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Chapter 64: Desperate Times

"You have the river," Kouga pointed out. "And the waterfall."

"But this is cold water!"

In this climate, tepid was more accurate, but what was the use? Not only was Kagome's mind made up, she actually seemed miffed. It wasn't as if he'd been withholding information. Kouga aimed for an uphill trail. "It's this way."

"Hang on!" When she reemerged form their cave, she carried most of her belongings. "This is going to be wonderful!"

"Might be." He scooped up Wilson, perching the runt on his shoulder. "Or it might be trouble, since it's near our next battlefield."

Positively starry-eyed, she assured, "It'll be perfect."

Somehow, he couldn't let that go. "What if it's not?"

Kagome huffed and puffed as she caught up with him. "Isn't anything better than nothing?"

Jaw working, Kouga adopted a challenging posture. "I'm not that desperate."

Her brows drew together. "What are you even talking about? There is nothing better than a long, relaxing soak in a hot spring!"

"Get moving, then." He marched on, tail switching. "It's a ways yet."

Slowing steps and shifting scents forced him to slacken his pace. At Wilson's peevish whimper, Kouga stopped altogether. "Change your mind, woman?"

Kagome braced her feet against the steepness of the slope. "I know you're not desperate, Kouga."

He doubted she understood, but at least she wasn't totally obtuse.

"You're not, but I was," she continued. "I can't exactly say I'm glad I'm here, but I'm glad you're here. Even if you're not perfect."

"You got a complaint?"

"Well, for one thing, your hot spring is too far away."

Kouga snorted. "Not my spring; not my fault."

She blew bangs out of her eyes. "All I'm asking for is a hot bath."

"And a bodyguard." He'd relaxed a little. Enough to tease. "And a lift?"

When he took her hand and pulled her close enough to sweep her up, Kouga knew they'd reached an understanding. But he was equally certain that nesting with a warm, rosy, happy Kagome would steal his resolve and make him a liar.

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