By KttyKiwi

"What if Harry and Hermione's pasts were more similar?" - An Alternate Reality Harry Potter Fan-Fiction featuring Hermione.

Rating: T-15 (for) Sensitive themes and Ideas.

Disclaimer:I don't own Harry Potter or anything associated with it, someone much more famous than me does.

Summary: A young boy defeats a great Evil, A seemingly Guilty Woman is arrested, and a young girl loses her family. October 31, 1981 would become a day that brought great changes to the Wizarding World, some more far reaching than others…

Pairings: HGxFD, MMxBB, SSxMM Friendship

Authors Notes: First off this is an ALTERNATE REALITY which means that there are HUGE changes in both the story you know and the history of the characters. Some will be more surprising than others but I really want to see how this works out. Also, as for the Parings, things will get interesting and as far as I know fairly strange. Oh quick word of warning, there are lots of mentions/ references to different types of abuse, torture, and rape sprinkled throughout the story. This should not surprise you too much considering what Death Eaters do for fun, but the level of detail I add in will be kinda descriptive in certain places and vague in others as appropriate to the feel of the story. If you do not enjoy these things you can just skip over them where needed.

(Call Me Wild)

A young girl loses her family…

Pamela and George Granger were good, God-fearing Catholics, and were properly horrified when informed that someone close to them had died. George's twin brother Dan, and his wife Emma, had died in a car accident leaving their three year old daughter orphaned. Having dearly loved his brother and being a father himself, George immediately offered to take in his young niece. The Granger's though already having a daughter of their own, loved their niece just the same. So it came as quite a surprise when the first odd things started happening around the girl when she became emotional.

There were many instances over the first six months alone that gave them reason to believe it was their niece causing these things to happen. It was unnatural and frightened them, how could she possibly do such things as make books float, or even cause glass to shatter when she cried? By the time the girl was four she had been deemed a monster, devil, and witch, and her uncle has resorted to trying to beat it out of her.

To the Granger's their niece was an abomination against God, but out of respect for who her parents had been they felt obligated to raise her. Afraid of what she was and as a measure of punishment they moved her from staying in her older cousins room, to a remodeled storage closet located beneath the basement stairs. Her only possessions had become an old comforter, her cousins old hand me downs, and a small bible.

When her elder cousin, Cassandra, turned nine her parents brought her home a puppy that they had named wolf due to his looks. At the tender age of five, Hermione Jane Granger felt envy for the first time, and it was over a dog.

Every day that they had the dog, her envy grew. As she watched her relatives shower him with affection she wished it was her who would be shown such love. She lived in a closet under the basement stairs with only a blanket and bible, while the puppy was given its own bed in her cousin's room upstairs. She was given scraps and a single glass of water once each day while Wolf was given a bowl of food twice each day and all the water he could drink. SHE was beaten constantly for even breathing and yet HE was given gentle pats and loving hugs.

Even in her young mind, she knew that this treatment wasn't fair. Every day she longed to be as accepted as that puppy, to the point where she wished she could BE him. Every day she wished more deeply to be like Wolf, and the harder she wished, the less strange things seemed to happen around her.

One day as she watched her relatives affectionately pet the growing dog, nearly a year after she first felt her envy take hold, Hermione felt something snap within her. Her envy had reached such a level that it took her several minutes to realize what had happened.

She was just like Wolf; she had somehow turned into a puppy.

This was the last straw for the Granger's. If their hell spawn of a niece wanted to be an animal, then they would treat her like one.

End Prologue