Title: Of Warblers and Woods

Rating: T for now

Pairing: Kurt/OC Pre-Klaine

Disclaimer: Don't own, wish I did.

Summary: Will a traditional Warbler excursion, the return of the Prodigal Warbler and a whole lot of plotting bring Kurt and Blaine further together or drive them apart? Kurt/OC, pre-Klaine. AU after 'Sexy'.

Notes: My first Glee fic and my first time writing in almost three years all in one. This is going to be a fun ride for me, and I hope some other Glee-enthusiasts will join me.

Also; English is not my first language and this is unbeta'ed. Ye be warned.

"I swear to Gaga, if Wes doesn't release that gavel in the next five minutes I'm sneaking into his dorm tonight just to steal the damn thing."

The dark-haired warbler receiving the text did his best to smother the giggle that threatened to escape –and failed, judging by the look on the face of the blonde warbler next to him- and chanced a glance to the other side of the room where the newest warbler and (and sender of the foreboding text) was sat. Kurt had his eyes fixed firmly on the council-table where Wes could indeed be seen stroking his gavel in a more than slightly disturbing manner.

"And what, may I ask, where you planning on doing with it afterwards? –Blaine"

Blaine focused his attention on Kurt now, seeing his right leg twitch slightly when the boy's phone buzzed, signalling that he had received the text Blaine himself had just sent him. Blaine then proceeded to glance at the council-table briefly. From the looks of it, Thad was arguing with David over who would be a better choice to cover at Regionals: Taylor Swift or Nickleback.

Personally, Blaine hoped they would cover neither one and would choose to do another Katy Perry song instead. He'd already rewritten 'Firework' and 'Last Friday Night' to fit an a cappella group after all, and it would be a shame not to make use of Katy's and his combined genius.

Another look at Kurt told him that the boy was making use of the time that the council was distracted by reading the text that Blaine had sent him. Somehow sensing that the glare of Wes and his Gavel of Doom was directed at him, however, he quickly put the phone back in his pocket and gave the Asian council-member his best 'Who, me? I didn't do anything.'- smile, which wasn't all that good, to be honest.

Blaine was sure that this meant that he wouldn't get an undoubtedly witty response to his text until the warbler- meeting was over and sent Kurt smile #24™; 'Sorry for directing Wes' attention to you'.

Kurt responded by sending him one of his famous smirks. After a moment, Blaine's phone started buzzing in his pocket. He gave Kurt a startled look, silently wondering if the boy had seriously just texted him without even looking at the phone that was still in his pocket.

Kurt sent him his 'Oh yeah, I'm a ninja!'- look and proceeded to subtly pull his hand out of his pocket and focus his attention on the bickering council- members.

"You don't have to keep signing your name, Blaine, it's called Caller-ID :P Also, I was thinking about dying the rotten thing either a neon green or a neon pink colour. Haven't decided which yet. Do you think he'd mind?"

Thinking to himself that the chance that Wes wouldn't be mad was about as slim as Thad deciding to have a Disney-princess themed movie night (because, wow did that boy hate Disney), Blaine decided that the best course of action would be to stop asking Kurt after his plans. Plausible deniability and all that.

Of course, the best course of action was never the one he chose when around Kurt, so before he could change his mind by thinking up a hundred and one reasons why this could possibly prove to be a very bad idea he tried to imitate Kurt's ninja-texting skills by trying to text with his phone in his pocket. He failed. Miserably.

"Blaine, honey, please refrain from trying to ninja-text while you've got your T9 on. I have no clue what you're trying to say. What have sparkly elephants got to do with it?"

Blaine resisted the urge to face palm while at the same time refraining from making a bad Twilight- joke. Kurt would probably just force him to watch New Moon again or something. He'd never understand what the countertenor saw in the whole Twilight-franchise, but had learned not to mock it in his presence.

Gazing around the room he saw that Thad and David had gotten a few other warblers involved in their dispute and Wes was waving his gavel around, defending his own artist of choice: the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

"Nothing, nothing at all. Who's to say you've got to stick to just the one colour though? Imagine how the colours would clash, not only with each other, but also with the striking red colour Wes' face will turn…"

From across the room he could see Kurt try to stifle his laughter by biting down on his bottom lip. And if Blaine's eyes stayed on that lip for a second longer than was absolutely necessary, he wasn't going to admit to it. No, nothing to see there. Just checking to see that Kurt wouldn't horribly chap his lips a week before the big performance at Regionals or something like that. Just looking out for what's best for the group.

Before the boy –who had become his best friend in a surprisingly short period of time- had the chance to reply to his text, the slightly pretentious double doors of the Warbler meeting room were swung open. The petite brunette standing in the doorway immediately caught the attention of every warbler, straight or not. Blaine recognised her instantaneously and silently wondered what she was doing there. Unfortunately, she noticed him too.

"Hey Frodo, where's Hummel?" the Latina asked in her usual no-nonsense way. Behind him, Blaine could hear Jeff and Nick muttering to each other about how it wasn't fair that the gay guys always knew the prettiest girls. He saw Wes try to flatten his hair in an effort to look presentable and almost choked.

Before he had the chance to answer Santana – because he had finally remembered her real name, and boy would it have been awkward to have actually called her Satan, like he had wanted to- Kurt's voice pierced the quiet.

"Santana? Excuse me, coming through…Mark, would you kindly get your 'fro out of my face? Thank you. "

When he had finally made his way through the cluster of warblers that had been blocking his path and were admittedly almost all taller than him, he stood in front of his…friend? No, not quite. Kurt had never truly indicated he actually liked the ex-Cheerio. Frienemy then?

"What are you doing here?"

The beautiful brunette looked the countertenor in his eyes and gave a small, almost self-depreciating, smile. And, were those tears shimmering behind her lashes? What had happened to the usually so confident girl? Granted, he couldn't honestly say he particularly liked the girl. She hadn't stopped calling him either Frodo, Hobbit or Mini-Gay-Me ever since they had met at Rachel's train wreck of a party, after all. It still wasn't all that fun to see her on the verge of tears though.

"I kinda need to talk to you, Porcelain. Got an hour?"

Kurt's eyes found David's, who gave him a barely perceptible nod, and picked up his bag from where he had unceremoniously dropped it at his feet. He nodded to the room of warblers and to Blaine in particular before giving a half-hearted little wave and turning back to his sort-of-friend/acquaintance. He hooked Santana's arm in his and strolled out of the room, his inquiries over what was bothering her fading away as the doors closed after them.

With Santana and Kurt gone, the remaining warblers seemed to realise that they had thrown away almost the entire meeting by arguing about which artist to cover –Blaine was planning on campaigning for Katy in the next couple of days- and had barely gotten any real practise done. Of course this also meant that they'd spend the remainder of the time left actually listening to what the council had to say and pretending to be well-behaved young men again.

Wes banged his gavel. Blaine silently vowed to assist Kurt in his quest to mutilate the wooden monstrosity. Jeff and Nick conspicuously edged away from Blaine.

"Alright warblers, since we obviously won't get anywhere regarding song choices today there's really just one more thing to discuss," Thad, the dark-haired council-member said in a grave voice. In a more chipper tone, Wes continued: "The traditional pre-Regionals Warbler Seclusion! We managed to get our usual spot near Joe's campsite. We leave on Saturday, at 5.30 sharp."

Blaine had heard about this. Supposedly the Dalton Academy Warblers would use the week before Regionals to get together in the woods somewhere in Ohio (no one outside of the council knew where exactly this was), bond even more as a team and rehearse for the competition in the freedom the forest offered. He hadn't been on any of these trips before since the warblers hadn't made it to Regionals last year and he had transferred to Dalton right after the Warblers had lost at Regionals the year before.

The more he thought about it, the more excited he became for the trip. No school for a week since the teachers excused the group from doing the work whenever they managed to get this far into a competition, having fun with friends, singing as much as he wanted, going hiking in the relaxing woods, spending time with Kurt- Here his thoughts stopped dead in their tracks. Kurt. Oh dear Lord. Kurt didn't like nature all that much. He had once told Blaine explicitly that the only time anyone would get him to go into a forest voluntarily would be when Lady Gaga would hold a concert there and all the dirt and insects would magically disappear in a cloud of purple sparkles. So, basically never.

From the smirks on the faces of the boys around him, he wasn't the only one to have reached that conclusion. Kurt wasn't really close with any of the other warblers yet, but they all knew that he cared a lot about hygiene and general cleanliness. And they all had a pretty good guess as to who was going to have to break the news that he was going to be spending a mandatory week in the woods of Ohio getting filthy.

As if to prove what Blaine was thinking, David stole Wes' gavel – Blaine really needed to ask how he was able to that, seeing as Wes had had a death grip on it the entire time- and banged it on the table.

"Okay, so Blaine gets the honour of telling Kurt. The rest of you; try coming up with some decent song selections for tomorrow's meeting. Meeting adjourned!"

Blaine didn't even notice Wes quickly steal his gavel back or David sneaking out the door. He didn't even see Jeff and Nick snicker over his plight. He had to tell Kurt. This was not a conversation he was looking forward to.

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