Title: Of Warblers and Woods.

Chapter fifteen: Shall we dance?

Rating: T for now (I don't think it'll become M, actually)

Pairing: Kurt/OC, Pre-Klaine

Disclaimer: Don't own, wish I did.

Summary: Will a traditional Warbler excursion, the return of the Prodigal Warbler and a whole lot of plotting bring Kurt and Blaine further together or drive them apart? Kurt/OC, pre-Klaine. AU after 'Sexy'.

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"No, no, no. Absolutely not."

The dark haired boy that had been proudly showing off what he had deemed the perfect party- wear stopped in his proud twirling, a dumbfounded expression on his face.

"Oh come on, Kurt! This is the fourth outfit you nixed! What's wrong with this one?" Thad asked, pouting just a bit and wanting to be done with this.

The fashionable Warbler that was criticizing Thad's clothing crossed his legs over each other, wearing his best 'I- know- fashion- much- better- than –you- do- you- uncultured- boy'- expression.

"First of all," he started, "I believe I already gave my opinion on that hoodie when you wore it to a study session on Maths a few weeks ago. Am I right?"

The council member frowned a bit. "Yeah, I guess."

"And do you remember what happened then?", the fashionista asked.

Thad's shoulders slumped as realisation hit him.

"You made me go change." At Kurt's satisfied nod, he added: "But that was just because the colours were too distracting for studying, right? It's a great hoodie, right?"

Kurt's look said it all. But, just in case the 'bitch- please'- glare wasn't enough, he said:

"It's purple and orange. It's hideous."

"Oh, come on. It's so comfy! And it looks just fine with these trousers. Blaine, back me up here!"

Blaine, who had been sitting on Kurt's left, desperately trying not to be noticed because he had learned long ago not to get in the way of Kurt on a fashion- mission – no matter how adorable driven he looked while doing so—had to try not to let out an 'eep' because all eyes were now on him. On Kurt's other side, Harry tried to stifle a snort. And failed.

Blaine sighed. "Sorry Thad. It is kind of awful."

Thad's face fell and he grudgingly crawled back into his tent, trying to find something else to wear. Kurt jumped out of his seat, unable to watch another fashion disaster, and followed him in.

Blaine turned to Harry, who looked quite good in the outfit Kurt had picked out for him – a dark green button down with a pair of jeans in such a dark blue colour that they were almost black and paired with a pair of black Converse- and smiled.

"Kurt did well."

Harry grinned, looking down at what he was wearing. "Yeah, he's pretty good at that. But so are you, from the looks of it."

Blaine was wearing a dark red shirt that clung to him just enough, with a pair of dark jeans and comfortable loafers. He grinned conspiringly: "Actually, Kurt picked this out for a party a month or two ago. I figured I should bring it just in case."

A surprised laugh escaped Harry. "Smart of you, real smart. Kurt does have great taste. He's great."

The last part was said in a softer tone of voice, making Blaine narrow his eyes at him a bit in suspicion.

"Yeah," the lead soloist agreed, "Yes he is."

As the newest addition to the Warblers climbed out of Thad's tent gracefully, Blaine resolved to ignore the weird flip his stomach had done when Harry had spoken and focus on the party later on. Maybe he'd just had something bad for lunch.

So, the thing Kurt hadn't heard about because he was busy with more important things (His incredibly handsome new roommate who he may just be crushing on terribly was more important than the stuff Wes usually talked about, ok? Give a fashionista a break here) during dinner? A party, because they were leaving. They had been assured that the party wasn't really because they were leaving, cause they were quite happy putting them up a few days longer.

Apparently, it was tradition that on the night before coming out of the Seclusion, a party was held , in their honour, for good luck during the competition. Everyone but the smallest children would be there, including the high school class from Columbus that held the clingy girls Kurt still had nightmares about.

Of course, a party wouldn't be a party without dressing up, or – in most Dalton boy cases, as Kurt had noticed- at least trying to make yourself look half-way presentable and not as if a rainbow just puked all over you. Yes, Thad, that means you.

Stepping out of Thad's tent he noticed Harry and Blaine seemed to have some tension between them, especially on Blaine's side. He hoped to Gucci that it wasn't sexual tension. Just as he was about to address the issue, he noticed Evan trying to get past him wearing green sneakers under his grey trousers. Time to stop another fashion disaster from happening.

When Kurt, Blaine, Harry, Thad and Evan (now wearing classy black loafers) entered the music room that had been redecorated slightly to make it seem more party-ish, they noticed Walter waiting for them. In a bright orange suit. Kurt cringed. Thad nudged him.

"Why does he get to wear orange when I'm not allowed?"

Kurt didn't even deign him with an answer, instead just raising an eyebrow haughtily.

"Welcome boys, welcome! We're serving a light meal today, so you boys don't get nauseous while dancing later on. " The boisterous man said. "You're a bit late by the way, you're the last ones here. May I ask why?"

The four boys looked at Kurt, blaming him for their tardiness with their eyes alone.

"Yeah, yeah," Kurt waved them off, looking around at the decorations. "At least you lot look presentable now."

The boys quickly took a seat at the Warbler table, noticing that the two tables next to them housed the other high school class that was there and that the other tables were either being used as snack tables or by a few of the other campers that had wanted to be there.

As Kurt sat down he noticed the oblivious girl from a few days earlier – Julietta…. Jeannette… Jean….. Jeanie…. Jolie….. Julie! That's it. Julie.- wave and wink at him. Next to him, Blaine snorted in barely supressed mirth. He elbowed him none to gently in the side, ignoring the mock- wounded expression sent his way.

Dinner proceeded in a normal fashion. The boys ate, talked, laughed and made fun of Walter's suit silently. The other high school- ers were a bit louder, but still managed to behave alright – which was probably because of their teacher sitting not two feet away from them- and the other campers conversed amongst themselves.

After dinner, tables were shoved to the side to make room for dancing and Walter gave a little speech, boasting about how he once had been a part of the group of talented young men they saw before them that very evening or some other such rot. Kurt wasn't really paying attention, because that was the moment Wes decided to come bouncing over to him, looking like his birthday had come early.

"Kurt, Blaine! Look! Look at Angie! Look what Flint made for her!"

And really, Kurt could not be blamed for being distracted. For there was Angie the Gavel, clutched firmly in Wes' hand, wearing a small pink ball gown that looked as if Barbie had thrown up all over it. While Wes was busy rattling all the things he like about it to Blaine ("It's soooo sparkly! And pink! And it has these little stars, see? Cause Angie is the real star amongst us, and the glitter is so cute, cause it's all pink and gold and…Blaine? Are you paying attention to me?") Kurt – and Harry, who had walked up to them, wondering what made Wes smile and bubble like a little girl on crack- chanced a glance at Flint, who mouthed: "It was meant as a joke. Honest." before looking away sheepishly.

While Wes skipped away, twirling Angie and her sparkly dress around for everyone to see, Harry snorted: "Dear Lord, how is he still convincing everyone he's straight?"

Jeff, who had witnessed the whole thing, came up next to him and swung his arm around his shoulders playfully. "The same way you have, Hare-bear."

"To be fair," Harry retorted, shrugging off the arm, not seeing the disappointed look in Jeff's eyes but looking Kurt straight in the eyes as if he was trying to tell him something, "I've never claimed to be straight."

Kurt raised an eyebrow, loving and hating the hopeful little leap his heart made at those words. Not straight? Interesting….

"Wait. You're gay?"

"Bi, actually," Jeff answered in Harry's stead. "Poor fellow still doesn't see the icky-ness of the female sex."

Here, the blonde Warbler actually faked a shiver, confirming Kurt's beliefs about there being not two, but three gay Warblers at Dalton. His attention was drawn away from these thoughts when Walter announced that it was time for the dancing to begin… and promptly put on some disco. Kurt rolled his eyes. It looked like it was going to be a long night.

About two hours and several really bad music choices later, Kurt found himself in a bit of a predicament.

Harry was off getting drinks with Nick, Jeff was busy taking pictures of everything that moved and some things that didn't, Flint was overseeing a friendly competition between Wes and Blaine ( Wes, after having heard one to many smart aleck- remarks about his love for his gavel was trying to prove that he was still manly and suave enough to acquire a number of phone numbers from the girls present. Blaine had somehow gotten roped into being his 'healthy competition', meaning that Wes didn't really expect a gay guy to be able to get girls' phone numbers. Poor boy should've stuck around for the end of the 'Animal' performance a week ago…) and David was…somewhere doing something. No clue where or what, really.

This meant that for the first time that evening, Kurt was well and truly on his own. Something the girls of the other high school present had picked up on, judging by the giggling going on there. After a few minutes of excessive giggling by the girls and checking out the nearest escape routes by Kurt, the girl that had clung to him while he was eating a few days prior was shoved forward gently, cheeks red and a shy smile on her face.

Pretty much knowing what was probably about to occur, Kurt started praying to Gucci that the audio equipment would give out and die, saving him from having to dance with Julie. Of course, such a thing did not occur and before he knew it, he was dancing –and doing so quite spectacularly, thank you very much- to Lady Gaga's 'Judas' (Walter having been persuaded to try something other than disco) with her. The speedy dancing he could take. It wasn't until a clichéd slow song came on, that he started to panic.

Julie was looking at him like she couldn't wait to be wrapped up in his arms, and Kurt knew that was something he couldn't let happen. Not only because he didn't really want to lead her on, but also because he had sort of, kind of, been hoping to be wrapped in someone's arms himself tonight. Before he could think up excuses however, a cultured, accented voice cut into his inner ramblings, elegantly stretching out a hand in between them. Ah…think of the devil…

"Excuse me, may I cut in?"

Kurt looked up at the English boy as if he was an angel come from Prada to save him.

"Of course, be my guest. I'm sure Julie would love a dance."

Trying not to notice the fallen expression on Julie's face, Kurt made to turn around and walk away, but was stopped by a hand on his shoulder.

"Not quite what I had in mind, Kurt," Harry's voice came again.

Before he knew it, Kurt was being led away from the hopeful girl and spun around softly to fall into a simple dance with his roommate. Getting over his surprise quickly and determined not to let show this was exactly what he had been hoping for all evening, Kurt settled into Harry, one hand on his shoulder, the other nestled in a warm hand.

"Thanks for the save, Hare," he muttered, feeling a bit lightheaded. "I really didn't feel like dancing with her."

The green- eyed boy holding him chuckled. "No problem. I could kind off tell."

Just as Kurt was starting to let himself really enjoy dancing with the boy he was crushing on immensely, the thing he had been praying for only minutes earlier finally happened: the audio equipment died.

"Oh, you've got to be kidding me," he mumbled, feeling his roommate's hand softly release him.

"What was that?"

"Hmm? Nothing."

After Walter had apologised profusely for his terrible audio equipment, he proposed a slightly different way to have music. To Kurt's absolute horror and Blaine's girlish delight, he dragged a karaoke machine out of seemingly nowhere, proclaiming that with all the talented teens there, they'd have a music filled night anyways. Kurt, remembering Blaine's drunken 'Don't you want me' performance a few weeks prior, vowed not to go anywhere near the damn thing. Blaine, predictably, had already bounded over to go through the songbook.

Kurt himself had managed to shake off any other attempts to dance by Julie, who didn't seem to care whether there was music or not, and now found himself near the snack table, watching in a barely concealed mixture of disgust and awe as Cameron tore his way through the veritable mountain of gummy snakes that lay heaped in a bowl, muttering things like "revenge, bitches!" and "Who's the scary one now, huh?".

Fearing for the sanity of his fellow Warbler, Kurt sidled over to Jeff, who was still busy photographing everything, including Cameron's snake massacre.

"What, exactly, is Cameron doing?"

"I suspect he's trying to rid himself of his fear of snakes," Jeff retorted, trying not to look too excited by the embarrassing photo opportunity he was being offered by Cameron.

In a twisted way, Kurt reflected, this kind of made sense. Upon saying so, Jeff quickly agreed, but was prevented from answering by Harry quickly walking up to them, a manic glint in his eyes.

"Everyone, act cool! David and Wes are asking again."

Jeff quickly started looking around for the terrible twosome as Cameron nearly snorted out a gummy snake. Kurt was confused.

"Asking about what?"

"Oh right," Harry realised, "You don't know! Apparently, ever since freshman year, Wes and David have been trying to determine which of them is the more attractive of the two of them."

"Exactly," Jeff added. "I've seen them try to ask some of the girls here, too. The beauty of it is though, that neither of us gay or bi Dalton boys have ever given them a straight answer."

"And don't you be giving them one either," Harry continued. "We like to keep them guessing."

Kurt nodded. "Alright, I get that. I won't tell them either."

From besides the three boys, Cameron turned to them.

"So…just out of curiosity….?"

"Wes." The three boys answered in unison, giggling a bit at each other's dumbfounded expressions at having been so unanimous. Cameron raised a pensive eyebrow, trying to think of a suitable comment, before giving up and going back to his gummy snakes.

Before the boys could start a new conversation, up on the makeshift stage, Blaine picked up the microphone for his third song of the evening, a small gaggle of teenage girls squealing as they recognised the romantic song he was about to sing.

Next to Kurt, Harry sighed, causing the fashionable boy to glance over to him, only to catch the beautiful eyes of his roommate as they appeared to be contemplating asking him something. Not daring to hope for what he wanted those eyes to really be asking, he just raised a questioning eyebrow. Harry seemed a bit insecure, but ploughed on anyways:

"I, er, kinda really love this song, and I was kinda hoping you'd dance it with me since our last dance was interrupted and I'd really like to dance with you some more and-"

Kurt interrupted him, taking his hand and leading them back on the dance floor: "I'd love to, come on."

As the boys started to softly sway to Blaine's rendition of Jon McLauhglin's 'So close' , two boys on the other side of the room started to take notice.

"Still, I'm pretty sure at least Jeff thinks I am the hot one here," David tried to sell to his friend.

"Nonsense David," Wes replied. "Angie says I am obviously the better looking one."

"I'm sure Angie knows what she's talking about," the dark-skinned boy replied, not really wanting to get into another argument about how Angie wasn't in fact the sentient being Wes made her out to be. Looking around the room, he suddenly noticed something happening on the dance floor.

"Hey, Wes, look at Harry and Kurt over there."

"Where? Omigosh, they are so cute together! Don't you think so Angie? Angie thinks so too."

Resolutely ignoring the craziness that housed in his best friend, David said: "I had a feeling those two were going to wind up together at some point. Harry's just a little too good at handling Kurt's sporadic bitchiness."

"I know," Wes replied, thinking about something. "Ooh! What would be their couple name? I like 'Kurry'!"

"Couple name?"

"You know, when two people get together and their names are mashed together. Like TomKat or Branniston!"

David gave his friend a weird look, wondering how many teen gossip magazines his friend actually read. His Asian buddy continued:

"And I now vote we call them 'Kurry'!"

"I don't know about that, kinda makes me think of food…"


"Bit angsty, don't you think?"


"What's that even supposed to mean?"

"Whos says it even has to mean something? Hart then?"

"I kinda like that. A bit sappy though."

"Hart it is then."

"You do realise they're not exactly together yet, right Wes?"

"Just wait and see, my friend. Just wait for it."

Kurt was trying really, really hard not to show how much he was enjoying dancing with Harry. While on the inside he was twirling around like a maniac, jumping around, doing every single stunt his stint with the Cheerios last year had taught him and screaming various variations of the words 'finally' and 'oh my Gucci, so wonderful' and funnily enough 'yippie-ah-yee' (for which he blamed Finn and his endless supply of terrible cowboy- jokes), on the outside he was his usual calm and composed self, with maybe a bit of a blush to betray how he was really feeling.

Harry, on the other hand, wasn't faring as well.

"Kurt, just to make it clear," the foreign Warbler managed to stutter out, "This isn't just a dance between friends, right?"

Kurt grinned, ecstatic at having his hopes made real for the first time in a very long time.

"No Hare, it really isn't."

And without further ado, Kurt pressed his lips to his roommates, initiating what he would later call his real first kiss.

Neither boy noticed a blonde Warbler lowering his camera on the other side of the room, a breaking heart reflected in his eyes.

So? I don't know, I'm a bit unhappy about the ending. It feels a bit rushed. What do you guys think?