"You'll go into the villages and slaugther everyone!"

"Everyone? Well... What do you mean 'everyone'?" the young bat replied.

"You see this chil?" Goth took a picture of a younger bat, out from his wing."I want you to slay his mom, dad, mom's-uncle's-cousin's-mailman's mother's pizzaman and all his kids...!"

"Oh my god! That's a damn lot of peeps to kill" he replied in shock.

"Everyone!" Goth roared.


Someone was at the door. Goth sighed and flew down to the hall in the pyramid.

"Odd... Peaple don't knock, they usually just fly in..." he sighed. Goth looked around, after the knocker. His gaze fell on the little toad in front of him.

"Who are you? Wha... whats this?" Goth asked, and took a little letter, the toad gave him.

Dear kind sir.

Please have il in your heart

to take this orphan. She

was saved from war like

many others, and now

we need you to take care of



Goth was mute, crippled in his needed something to say.

"Oh god... words..."

Goth couldn't read.


"Today class, we will be learning about biology. Goth can you read out loud what I've written here?"

Goth sat with a bunch of other bats in front of an elder. She had written something on the board and would now be Goth to read it.

Goth began; "Ah-moo-bees are... single... cell" took a deep breath, "or-gasms... Was that right, miss?"

But no, everone was lauging. Even the elder, and Goth hung his head sadly.


Goth could still hear them grin.

"I hate words..." he sighed. Now back to the toad. She wasn't big, and would surely taste terrible, Goth tought. But maybe he could use her to something?

"Waow! Cool house! "She said, "Who are you?" and looked at Goth.

"I'm king Goth," he answer. Really she didn't knew him?

"Can I call you uncle Goth?" She asked and begin to jump down of the corridor

"Sure... uhm, you shouldn't be here. Its not a good place for childrens-" But he was interrupted.

"You got any toys? I'm going to look for toys,"

Goth didn't replied her question. "Where are you parents?"

"I dont know..." she said. Now she sounded a little sad. "Well, where are your parents Uncle Goth?"


Goth ripped his mom's and dad's heart out to honer Zoth

"Goth, you son of a... AAARGHG!" but the earlier kind died.


Goth was thinking back. Didn't knew what to answer.

"I killed them,..." he enden up with.

The toad was looking at him. She was surprised.

"Oh... I'm sure they still love you uncle Goth" she said. Trying to smile.

(A cell phone rings)

Goth was looking around. Where was his cellphone servant? A second later a brown vampyrium flew into the room.

"My lord, you have a telephone call" He said. "Shall I slay the caller for interrupting you?"

Goth took the phone. "No,"

-Caller- Hello?

It was a female bat Goth notiched.

"Make it quik" Goth told.

-Caller- Can I speak to.. to Micheal?


-Caller- Okay I think I got wrong then..

Goth was looking at the toad. She had taken down the bomb from the alter of Zoth. Playing with it!

"HEY STOP PLAYING WITH THAT!ITS VERY DANGERUS!" GOth yelled. Threw a huge stone after the toadgirl.

-Caller- I feel kind of silly doing this but..

The stone mised her, but hit the cell-phone-servant-bat. "Oh snap!" he said, and died.

(Call ends)

"Uncle Goth, what's your job?"

"Well, I am the king of the vampyrium spectium bats" impressed, that she didn't felt anything for see the other bat die.

"Cool... I wanna be the king too!"

"NO! There can only be ONE KING!"

The orphan starts to baw. Jeez,

"Ok ok, wait!" Goth said, flying out for finding some toys for her.

Two hours later...

The orphan was still crying.

"Okay what, what will cheer you up?" Goth said, trying to find her in the pile of toys. Mostle bones.

"I want to be the king too! And I wants to play with THAT!" she was hooting.

Goth looked at the bomb.

6 seconds after.

"Yay!" The yelled happy, playing with the bomb.

'And the following days and weeks I learned to accept the orphan abandoned at my feet.

I even discovered a name for her... Carmen..

Yet, the northrend bats were getting restless...'

"Silence! I everything I fo has been thought out, do not doubt my leadership!" Goth yelled to the group of vampyrium in front of him.

"My lord, sooner or later you will have to decide. If we are attack our enemies now, they will be surprised." The young brown said. "She is the only warmblood here, and it's melting away your throne..."

Goth was quite. His own peaple was doubted him? But then Carmen was jumping down at the stairs.

"Good morning uncle Goth!" she greeted.

"Would you like to go out in the jungle today?" he asked, and they did.

Later in the jungle

Carmen gasped. "Look at all the aaaaaanimals!" she said, pointing at an owl.

"Yes, aren't they pretty?"

He was going flying down to the toad-marsh, and she followed him.

"I know this place..."Carmen muttered.

"Look - these are peaple just like you," he said showing her some of the other toads. "See how much fun they're having?" the toads was brawling. "You go play. I'll stand here and watch"

"No, I'm scared uncle Goth..." She cried. Goth sighed.

"Little one. I brought you here because this is were you belong, and this is where your roots are,"

"No uncle Goth, lets go home.. I'm tired"

"Children need healthy roots, go play with them" Goth told her.

"No! I'm not goinh, I'll be alone!" She said, now crying, and grapped his wing.

"No, you will never be alone again, trust me, but we have no chance together," Goth said and began to fly. "Go now!"

"Uncle Goth!" She yelled after him.

"Goodbye..." Goth said and flew away, with tears in the eyes.

"My lord they're here! Strike while the iron is hot!" The brown bat yelled, flying into the room Goth slept.

What happend? Was the northrend bats, include Shade attacking them? Yes..?

'Little one... you have given a new meaning-'

Goth flew down at the corridors, follow by an army of vampyrium spectiums

'to my life'

Shade, Marina, some bats and rats, hundreds of owl's was facing him.

"We 'll grant you a swift death, Goth" Shade said. "More than can be said for the thousands your've tortured and slain"

"And If I told you, that I loved you?" Goth said. "You'd maybe think there's something wrong?"

Shade looked chocked at Goth. What was he saying.

"I got you runt," Goth said and laughed an evil grin.

"I'm not a bat of too many faces..." Goth whispered. "The mask I wear is one..."

"No more Goth! No more lives will be consumed ny your hatred!" Shade yelled."The canibals! MUST! FALL!"

The end.

Suppose I called you up tonight and told you that I loved you

And suppose I said "I wanna come back home".

And suppose I cried and said "I think I finally learned my lesson"

And I'm tired a-spendin' all my time alone.