Kumbaya at The Pyramide.

"OK guys, let's go kill Goth and his family!"
"You go Shade!" the bats, owls and rats yelled and applauded him.
"You guys coming along?"
"Uh… um… no."

"DIE Bitch!" the little silverwing bat growled and bit a large vampyrium into halves. "I fucked your mom!" The battle around Shade was very furious, but nobody seemed to notice his little body.
The fight went on outside Goth's temple. The small critters and owls had finally agreed to unite and take revenge on the southern bats. It had been Shade's idea to blow up the pyramid but after giving it some thoughts, he could se how unrealistic it would be.
Suddenly a loud screech rung through the woods; "Yabadabadooo!"
Followed by a series of other screeches; "Yabadabadooooooo!"
Shade knew who it was. Orestes, his owl bitch. Orestes had been sent out in the jungle to gather southern owls and had now returned. These owls very brighter and looked a lot like seagulls, but they were large and would certainly be a big help against Goth and his kin.
"Let's count as we kill just like in Lord of The Rings!" Shade yelled to Orestes, when he finally had gotten up to him.
"Man, I hate Jarjar Binks." The owl answered and tore a glowing vampire into pieces, using his enourmos talons.
"That's Star Wars you dumb piece of shit."
"Oh yeah? Well, Marina gave you AIDS."

Shade made a loop in the air and shot right down into a vampyrium bat like a tiny ball of hair, Shade ripped off its wings and saw it fell to the ground in an explosion. "One…"
Its mate who had flown alongside, gave a war cry and bit out against Shade's neck. Luckily Shade was faster and was quickly up around behind it and bit its ears off, so that she couldn't use her echo for seeing and flew right into a rock. Shade had jumped off before the crash. "Twoooo.." he looked over at Orestes. Where was Goth?
"Five. Eight. One," the owl said steady as the vampyrium fell to the ground.
"Dude, where did you learn how to f*ucking count?
Orestes looked at Shade. "Uh.. Olws?" but Shade didn't hear him. He had finally sighted Goth, in all this chaotic battle. "DUDE! 50 points if you hit Goth!"
Like a missile, Orestes's body shot over the sky, leaving a track of fearthers! He got closer and closer and just as Goth turned around to hear where the fuck the feral hooting came from, Orestes hit like a train would hit a suicide offer!
"Yabadabadooo!" his fellow owl friends hooted and cheered! Orestes could finally be proud of himself.
"Ha, bitch got OWNED!" Shade laughed. It was kinda sad that Orestes hadn't made it and was now only a bloody pancake on the ground, but it had been very cool. Shade was a proud farther now.

Then Goth stood up. He was still alive. He looked around at the fighting bats and bats and owls and rats.
"I'm sorry for all this," he said seriosly. "Let's just make peace and sing Kumbaya."
Nobody seemed to notice him, so he began singing by himself. Low but sensitive.
"Kumbaya, my Lord. Kumbaya." After a couple of seconds, the fighting animals got quiet and stopped their fighting. The stood there on the ground or flew at the same place in the air, just looking at the vampyrium King.
"He's right you guys. We should just make peace and leave him alone." Shade finally said, before he joined into the song.
The critters on Shade's side, got calmed down and sang with Shade. The vampyrium bats sang along for some minutes, before they went back into the pyramid. After so many weeks of sorrow and pain, the two factions of animals could finally see what madness their own lives had become and how productive they could have been. If they only had seen earlier. The owls said goodbye to Shade and went home to their nests. The rats said goodnight and went home to their rathuts. Shade and his colony of bats hang around in the trees for a couple of hours before they flew home and sang Kumbaya.

Goth also went into his pyramide. Finally, the peace between vampyrium bats and anything else had been restored, and they could now live side by side. A vampyrium bat could get a job in an owl society and a rat could have a family with a vampyrium female. Anything was as it should be. Yet, Goth had been deadly hurted by Orestes and didn't knew how many hours it had left.

Kumbaya my lord, Kumbaya

Kumbaya my lord, Kumbaya

Oh oh Kumbaya

(this is a spiritual song from the 1930s. It enjoyed newfound popularity bring the folk revival of the 1960 and became a standard campfire song in the Scounting and nature-oriented organizations. The song was originally associated with human and spiritual unity, closeness and compassion, and it still is, but more recently it is also cited or alluded to in satirical or cynical ways which suggest false moralizing, hypocrisy, or naively optimistic view of the world and human nature. Bats sing the song too.)