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A/N: This is set six years after the end of the Malloreon. At this point, the Malloreon took 7 years, and at the end Prince (King) Kheva is 13. My story is six years AFTER that, so this puts him around 19. 5382-5375=7 years from beginning to end of Malloreon 6+7=13 end of Malloreon 13+6=19 Where my story is.

There is cheering from the Riva docks, and Prince Khaeran shakes his head, a small smile touching his lips. He is seated on the edge of the boat, one of his legs swinging off the side of the boat as he hums a tune to himself. The wind rushes through his ebony hair and he notices Geran standing behind his parents Belgarion and C'nedra, who is visibly very pregnant. Beside Geran is his little sister Belderan, who is beaming in her soft green dress. Turning his head as Kheva walks up to him, Khaeran laughs happily and points with his thumb over his shoulder to where Belderan is.

"Your lady awaits you!" Kheva shudders with a groan, and hits Khaeran playfully in the arm, but Khaeran nearly falls off of the boat, making the both of them laugh. The ship finally stops, and the crew slowly lowers the plank towards the docks. Still laughing, Kheva and Khaeran make their way down the plank, and Belderan pushes Geran aside, throwing her arms around Kheva's neck and hiding her face in the crook of his neck. Khaeran tries his hardest not to laugh, and Kheva looks uncomfortable as he tries his hardest to push the princess away from himself. Khaeran turns his gaze to the plank where his aunty, Porren, and Ryiah walk down. Porren is beautiful in her subtle colours of grey and dusty rose, and Ryiah looks stunning in her gown of soft pink silks. Kheva politely detaches Belderan from himself, and raises a hand to both Porren and Ryiah. Both ladies take his hands, and take the last step down to the docks. Belgarion steps forwards, embracing the young King, his cousin and the Queen Mother.

"Thank you all for coming, we truly appreciate it." Porren smiles sweetly at him, and graciously takes his arm.

"Of course we would come for little Belderan's coming out party…how could we not?" Khaeran mocks Porren as they start to walk, much to the amusement of Kheva, Ryiah and Geran. Belderan walks as closely to Kheva as she possibly can, but he does not seem to notice her, and instead places an arm around Ryiah's shoulders. The little red-headed princess glares at this, but says nothing. The four of them continue to walk until they reach the Citadel, then they part ways with the King of Riva, his Queen and Queen Mother Porren. They walk around the edge of the Citadel, talking and laughing as they do, until they reach the training grounds. Khaeran leans against the low wooden fence that surround the training grounds, and smiles from ear to ear. Training against three smaller men is Unrak, son of the late Barak, Earle of Trellheim. His long red beard swings as he clobbers the three young men surrounding him. Khaeran coughs loudly, then laughs.

"Ho, there Unrak! What're you doing there?" Unrak turns around in surprise and ends up getting hit over the head with one of the wooden training swords. He blinks a few times, then glares at Khaeran.

"Funny." he replies with heavy sarcasm. The three young men continue to spar against each other, and Unrak wipes sweat off his brow and walks towards the lot of them. He gives a shy smile in Belderan's direction, then averts his eyes in Ryiah's direction.

"Ryiah, what are you doing here with these troublemakers?" She laughs happily and ducks out from under Kheva's arm, then takes up the hem of her dress and climbs the wooden fence and, from a perch on top of the fence, jumps at Unrak in a flying tackle. He does not expect this, and is flung to the ground, where she straddles him and laughs in his face.

"You realise that you just got floored by a hundred pound girl in a dress, right?" Unrak grows a bit as she stands up and dusts herself off. Belderan snorts in contempt and grabs hold of Kheva's arm.

"You should act more ladylike, Ryiah. No man would want you if you continue to act like a boy." Everyone goes quiet and looks at her, Unrak going so far as to shoot her a warning glare as he stands up and dusts himself off. Ryiah looks angered for a brief moment, then something obviously funny dawns on her and she starts to laugh happily.

"My apologies, your Highness…I really should remember my manners. However, I've had a great many men taking an interest to myself, to which I kindly gave them a thorough tour, if you know what I mean." She winks suggestively at the princess, who grows red with a blush and storms off in disgust. Khaeran and Geran burst out laughing as they finally catch onto what Ryiah had said, and Unrak just smiles and shakes his head. Kheva, however, looks at her with a furrowed brow.

"Ryiah, are you saying you've…" Khaeran slaps his cousin on the back, still chortling, his eyes shiny.

"Kheva, dear cousin, of course she has! Multiple times!" The lot of them laugh at this, even Unrak, but Kheva cannot help but feel that there is something wrong with the picture; like there is something more to it…

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