Daughter of Magic

The sound of her generic Lex Mart shoes striking on the pavement could be heard down the dark alley. From any angle that someone was to look in she was a normal teenager. She stood roughly five foot and three inches tall, her weight could easily be a hundred to a hundred and nine pounds, Her clothes was the same school uniform that she wore the night she ran off. She looked up across the dark alley and saw three men coming toward her.

"What are you doing in our alley little girl?"

"Yeah, there's a toll through here."

"That's right... You don't look like you have any money, but we can work out a payment plan."

She smirks and looks at them. Her eyes a brilliant blue inherited from her mother, the honey colored hair a mix of her mother's and her father's. She puckers up a kiss and blows it from her hand, and the effect is a huge wall of fire rushing toward the men. They screamed and ran, but not before it hit them and caused them to fall to the ground. Each of them screamed in terror as they saw hell itself unfold before them. She walked past them and stopped when she noticed a pack of 'Pall Mall' cigarettes. She picked it up and fished one out. Her slender fingers held the cigarette as she summoned a bit of fire to a tip of her index finger. Lighting her smoke she walked out of the alley and looked at the house she had seen in the mirror when she had cast a spell of sight.

(Inside of the house)

Zatanna groaned as she walked downstairs. The sound of knocking had interrupted her quiet time, and she really, really didn't want to be disturbed. She opened the door to see a fifteen year old girl standing in a way that reminded her of John Constantine. The girl tapped the side of the cigarette and looked up at her.

"Hi mum." she said in a similar and still annoying accent.

Before Zatanna could react The girl slammed her hand against the door frame and a huge hand made of wood back handed Zatanna into the house.

"We need to talk." The girl said as she walked into the house.

"You... You can't be... They said that you where in a boarding school, that you where being taken care of and loved!" Zatanna exclaimed.

"Funny thing... see one of the four horsemen came to my school. As he passed by everyone died... Can you guess who he was? Seems he was looking for a child of John Constantine's... So... What else don't I know?" The girl asked as she knelt down to look at Zatanna.

AN: This is the start of the Zarana Constantine Arc. Since it was theorized that Zatanna and Constantine had a child I decided to do a story over 'her'. (After all John had two other daughters, and they are both daughters, so why break tradition). Expect to see Maria Later in the story.