Do you wonder why I claim nobody knows what I am going through? Let me explain. Imagine that you were the most important person in a mission. You had some skill that you have to use or the mission fails. Lets say that if the mission fails, your world is over. Not like the whole world dies, but the places you call home are gone, forever. You can't live in the world anymore. Most of your friends would be dead, and all that you love gone.

Now imagine you didn't know you were that important, but were still on the mission. Imagine you find out, but have absolutely no idea what that skill you are supposed to have is. You received no training, no instruction, no help in figuring out how to complete the mission. You have absolutely no idea what you are supposed to do, but you are still expected to do it.

On top of that, lets go back to my home life. My parents died in front of me when I was a year old. The first time I remember hearing them, it was the screams of their deaths as they were murdered by the psychopath I have to kill. In fact, those screams are the only memory I have of them. And that is because a creature worse than death made me relieve that subconscious memory sound.

I was placed with relatives who hated me. I suffered for 10 years of my life at their hand. I was rarely fed, often beaten, ostracized by everyone else because of my so called family. But I never knew why. My room was a cupboard under the staircase, which I was locked in when not doing chores. I was a beaten and abused slave to them, and this went on for all ten years.

Then, I was introduced to the magical world. I suddenly find out that there are people who know me because I am famous for something I didn't do and can't remember, but is why my parents died. And to be frank, the magical world sucks. The only benefit are my friends and magic. The Ministry hates me, most of the world either thinks I am a hero or an attention seeking prat, and anyone that knew my parents left me at the Dursleys, not just for those early 10 years, but every summer after that. And lets not forget that my godfather was sent to prison without a trial, then died after he escaped, the world never knowing he was innocent. On top of this, there is a murdering psychopath out to get me, for no reason other than the fact I live.

I have seen friends get hurt and even die because of me. I may not have been the direct cause, but if I had not been there, they would have lived. I have had the world against me, been called a liar for pointing out the truth, lost many people close to me, and never had anyone close to me to share my secrets with. I have nightmares, some sent by the psychopath,others from my terrible experiences. Seeing my friends and loved ones die or re-die, seeing the world destroyed again, reliving my life at the Dursleys, it keeps me awake at night.

So yes, I am angsty. I fear for my life on a daily basis, and for the lives and good-health of my friends. I shove people away who want to get close and help because I am afraid of loosing them. I am lonely, because I have no one. And all this is because of a lightning shaped scar on my forehead.