AN- wrote this very quickly- at least it's not late, huh? :)

something like living

"Luce, I've been thinking… I want a child."

Lorcan's wife looks up from her book, startled. "You… what?" she manages, staring at him.

"I want a baby," he tells her again, certainty growing in his voice, smiling into Lucy's eyes. She walks over and sits beside him, her long, red hair brushing his bare chest. He gazes lazily up at her, love engulfing him.

"Lorc…" she breaths, "Are you sure we're ready?" She's nervous, he can tell.

"Yes. I know we are, Luce."

She bites her lip. "…Okay."

"Really?" he asks, surprised she's agreed so readily.

Lucy laughs. "Yes! I've been thinking about it, too. I would love to."

She hooks a leg over his hips, kissing him happily. "I love you," he whispers, her hair caught on his lips.

"I love you too, Lorc," she says back, and they melt into each other.