AN- Very very very late, but I wanted there to be more than one :)

pairing: AliceFrank


It's the hardest decision they've ever had to make: even more so than deciding to have Neville, despite the war, despite the dangers.

Because do they refuse to talk and leave Neville practically an orphan, or give away information that will probably lead to Voldemort's victory?

It's not their choice to make.

With a silent apology to their son, too small to understand their plight for many years to come, they take each other's hands and face the torture with eyes open.

They do not give in. They do not let the Death Eaters win.

They do not succumb to tears. Not even when they are broken, broken in body and mind, do they cry.

They hurt, but they hurt together. It's all they can do, now.