A Prologue in Third Person

The person writing this thing says hi.

So, we have here another Guide to writing Fanfiction. What makes this any different from the other Guides to Writing fanfic that's floating around this place?

She'll get back to you on that one.

This thing (which is not a fic, technically) is a Guide to Writing Fanfiction. Actually, it's considerably less than that. It's the insane ramblings of a girl who is suffering from writer's block (kind of) and needs to let out steam somehow. Said girl is no expert writer, but she does have literal years of experience haunting fandoms, especially this one.

So she will cover OCs, plots, story formats, shipping-

Oh god. The shipping. And it's consequences. If there's one thing that can get her off her lazy ass and type out her opinions, it's the shipping. And the consequences.

But there are other things she has to cover before she can get to her baby, characterization. There are procedures. Things should appear one after another is a sequential manner. She should learn to not to get herself distracted like this.

And now she will steer her self into these troubled waters…

Disclimer: All opinions listed in here pertain to the person writing to this thing. By no means are they Universal. But, like she said before, experience and yadda yadda and just try listening for a while, please? :-/