In all the time that he had been here, Buzz had never seen Andonnie this quiet. Overnight, the bustling main street had become a textbook definition of a ghost town.

From his perch atop Bo's millinery shop, Buzz could see almost every nook and cranny of the main street, as well as down the road that led into town. Jessie had led the women and children up into the mountains about an hour before dawn.

Well, almost all of the women. Dolly had refused to go, and so she was armed with a laser pistol from Buzz's stores, and was currently concealed just inside the door to her saloon. She was waiting for Buzz to give the signal - they all were. Each of the men who chose to stay and fight was concealed somewhere in town, armed with a laser pistol, or a disruptor ray. Buzz himself had re-suited and was relying on the laser in his suit. (He had given Jessie his laser pistol as an added measure of protection).

Buzz scanned the horizon for what felt like the millionth time. But here, something was different. He could see a vast dark shape approaching through the desert haze. Buzz glanced up at the sun, and saw that it was directly overhead. He sighed. Here we go... He let out a low whistle that echoed up and down the road. There was a sharp, high whistle back in response. They are ready.

They'd better be, Buzz thought to himself, 'cause here comes Emperor Zurg.

He leaped from his position, and landed lightly on the ground below him - the shock absorbers in his suit softening the impact. The army was drawing closer, and they were becoming more distinct. He could even make out the emblem on the face of the shields carried by the front line - a gold "Z" in a red circle.

They stopped just before they reached the outer buildings of the town. Buzz faced them, but neither side moved an inch. Buzz's battle senses were telling him that something was very wrong.

Suddenly, there was a loud thud behind him. He whipped around, and found himself face-to-face with none other than Emperor Zurg himself.

Zurg smiled. "Hello, son, are you ready to come home?"