Time flies when you're having fun.


This entire year has been fun, even when it hasn't been, so I think we should celebrate.

By passing notes in English class?

Yes. It's not like he's teaching us. It is the last day of school, you know. Here's to a year filled with wounds, notes, school and detention.

I would drink to that.



Here's to an amazing year then.

Why are we passing notes? Everyone else is talking.

To remember this amazing year, you numbskull.

We passed notes during English more than we spoke.

Will we continue this next year?

If we all have a class together. And even if we don't, it doesn't matter.

We're best friends. Even Goth Boy is pretty cool.

Goth Boy? That's pathetic

We could call you Fluffy again

My name is Nico. That would be fine.

Names have power, but one alone will never suffice.

Who said that?

Annabeth did. She does smart things like that.

Thank you, Percy. I'm glad you think I'm smart.

Annie, it's obvious you're smart. You're even a freaking daughter of Athena!

You flatter me.

Is it flattering if you're telling the truth?


I owe a few girls some apologies then.

I don't even want to know.

With Nico, it's safer not to ask

And there's the bell. See you all next year.

We all go to Camp, and we're practically living together.

You know what I meant.

Adios, amigos.

Good-bye forever to school!

Goodbye Fluffy, goodbye Puppy

Goodbye year of terrible nicknames

Just shut up. I want to leave.

No, this isn't the end of this story. This is the end of the four of them and this year. There will be more. Are there any characters you guys want to see included in their next year?

Also, sorry about the update, but I kept rewriting and rewriting and I couldn't get anything I liked. So today I typed this and I just decided to post this short, sappy mess. :)

I don't own PJO.

Forty-fifth draft, by the way. I just checked. That is what I do for you.