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The Doctor stood with his elbow resting on the TARDIS console, and sighed. Sometimes he wished his companions didn't get along. Rose and Amy were sitting huddled together on one of the chairs in the room, giggling and whispering. Every few seconds one of them would calm down enough to look over at him, only to start laughing harder than ever.

This had been going on for several minutes and frankly the Doctor was sick of it. Rory had long since gone back up to his room and the Doctor was convinced that if he didn't stop this giggle fest soon it might never cease. He quietly edged over to the two girls without them noticing, close enough to hear what they were saying,

"Yep, tie, on his head, with these dumb glasses, actin' all drunk."

"You should have seen him with the fez."

"A fez? Really? And I missed it? Darn."

"He looked like a complete idiot, 'It's a fez, I have a fez now, fezzes are cool" Amy imitated the Doctor.

Suddenly, the entire TARDIS shook, knocking both girls off their seats and sending all three tumbling around while the time ship tipped and wobbled. Then, as soon as it had come, it was over and the TARDIS was still once more.

The Doctor poked his head above the console, his hair slightly messed up, "I think we've landed" (A/n: I know I made a point about him turning the hand brakes on but it doesn't make the noise if it crashes, I don't think)

They crowded around the scanner, trying to find out exactly what had caused them to crash land, but all that showed on the screen was static.

"Well!" exclaimed the Doctor, "let's go see where we are" he ran to the door, yanked it open and scurried outside, Rose followed, then Amy after yelling "Rory!" then walking out with him.

They came out on a paved road that seemed devoid of people, which seemed understandable considering it was near midnight. The TARDIS had landed near a very large man-made pond with a large tower-like structure that functioned as a waterfall.

"Doctor, where are we?" asked Amy sounding slightly annoyed at having no idea where they were.

But it wasn't the Doctor that answered her; it was Rose, "Cardiff"

"Oh, good, the TARDIS needed charging… hold on a second; didn't you say you met Jack at Cardiff?"

"Yeah, He should be around here somewhere, it probably hast been that long since my visit-"

"It's been a month" a new voice interjected. The group turned around to see the newcomer. A tallish man with brown hair wearing a "retro military" coat stepped out from behind the TARDIS. "I'm lucky you didn't land on me, what are you doing here anyway?"

"We crashed" answered the Doctor, looking at Jack disapprovingly while he made his way toward Amy.

"I'm captain Jack Harkness, and who are you?" he asked in a very flirtatious manner.

"Married." Amy replied, holding up her left hand, displaying her ring, just as Rory stepped out of the TARDIS.

"Oh," Jack took a step back.

"Where are we, Doctor?" Rory asked, having not been there the first time the question was answered.

"Not where we seem to be." The Doctor frowned and stepped forward, waving his hand though Jack. I mean through Jack. The image pixelated and blurred and Jack froze, he water from the fountain stopped falling and everything stopped, suspended in time. The Doctor turned back to his companions. "We aren't in Cardiff; we aren't even on Earth anymore. For all I know that," he pointed to the TARDIS, "might not even be my TARDIS, for all we know as soon as Rory stepped out of it, whoever it was that did this," he waved his hand at frozen Cardiff, "stole it and replaced it with a copy, a fake police box!" He turned now to face Rose, "this is very important, how did you get here? After I stopped the Reality Bomb the walls between the universes should have closed! If we know how you got here it might help us figure out who brought us here and who's tricking us!" He began pacing tapping his sonic screwdriver against his head.

"I was working for Torchwood with Meta-Crisis Doctor, you remember him, and there was this space-time anomaly that kept showing up in different places. Whenever we would get to where the scanner showed the disturbance, it was gone. Then one morning I woke up and it was on the wall. The Crack. I could see through it somewhere else, and I saw you."

"Me?" the Doctor stopped his pacing and looked at his blonde friend. "The Cracks in the universe! It wasn't just in our dimension! It was in the closest neighboring Dimensions as well! But there was no way you could have survived if you fell through one of those! Unless- no! No! That's impossible! But not if-!"

"Doctor!" Amy interrupted his half spoken half thought monologue, "what are you blabbering on about?"

He spun around to face Amy, "You remember the Fish from Space, in Venice? They came through the Crack from their home world to yours. But not all of them survived. The males, the one with the thicker scales I'm guessing, survived. But a human doesn't have any protection, you would be eaten and forgotten by everyone." He spun back to Rose, "so why are you different?"

"Are you gonna tell us?" all three humans asked in synchronization.

"A time lord on both sides, well half time lord, and a time traveler who has not only been through the void on several occasions, but has absorbed the time vortex and lived, and been kissed by a Time lord. You are a very special case, Rose Tyler. You may be the only human in existence to survive a trip through a time crack. You said you landed in Cardiff?" Rose nodded. "What if you landed here instead? Jack has shiny new Vortex Manipulator, and just happens to know the co-ordinates of my TARDIS, didn't that seem just a bit fishy." He walked over to The TARDIS without waiting for an answer, it was a rhetorical question after all, and put his hand on the side. "we have no way of knowing whether this is really my TARDIS or whether it's a trap, so we are going to need help, we are going to need River Song's help. And there is only one way to find her without a TARDIS…"

"I'm gonna need a silly hat."

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