Another sex scene girls and guys, lesbian!

PPG's house, 10:30 PM

Blossom was bored out of her mind due to literally nothing to do; Ever since the police force got improved the girls were only called out to deal with giant monsters or the major villains. Plus monsters had gotten smarter over the years so only really stupid and/or cocky monsters ever attacked the city and the villain's now had fewer reasons to attack the city, usually either to vent aggression and stress, steal money or spread panic for the heck of it. The girls had also changed from when they were little, they had grown into smoking hot figures and all three had C-cup breasts, great natural curves, long legs with quite large hips and thick thighs.

Buttercup now had thicker biceps, longer hair that was worn down instead of her a flip and larger hips then her sisters. She also fancied herself as bi-sexual due to her tomboyish attitude. Bubbles also had longer hair and no longer had pigtails, she also considered herself bi-sexual but for different reasons, since she simply loved everyone when she was younger she decided to be bi-sexual, she and Buttercup sometimes make out and fuck each other, which Blossom doesn't mind as long as they did it in private. Speaking of Blossom she tries to be a normal heterosexual, but sometimes when her sisters caress her in certain places due to their sexual urges, the pleasure is sometimes just too much to resist and ends up making out with them.

Blossom was lying on the couch just flicking through various TV channels; she was wearing a light pink vest and panties because it was warm that night. She sighed and rubbed her slightly red eyes from how late it was and from watching the TV for 3 hours straight, her new favourite show Star Trek: voyager had finished its back to back episode marathon a few minutes ago so now there was nothing of interest on the TV. Eventually she shut off the TV and lay on her back, hoping her sisters were already asleep, they had a tendency to try and pleasure her when she got into the bed. The professor was at a science convention for the week and wouldn't be back until Monday and it was Friday night.

"Oh fuck it! I need my sleep, they can pleasure me if they feel they need to, hell it might help me sleep!" She thought as she got up, she then floated up the stairs to their room, she landed outside the door and sure enough she heard moaning from both girls, she knew the she walked in they would try to seduce her into joining them, plus they slept on the same bed which only made it harder for her. She sighed as she knocked on the door, after a moment it was unlocked and Buttercup opened it. She was fully naked and grinned when she saw Blossom and how tired she looked.

"I knew you couldn't stay away forever Bloss!" she stated stroking the redheads arm. "Buttercup please, its 5 past 10 and I just want some sleep." Blossom stated in a worn out voice. Buttercup gently pulled Blossom inside the dark room, Bubbles could just be seen lying on the bed, she was propped up on her elbow facing the door and her other arm was lying on her side. Buttercup locked the door and turned to Blossom, she then gently started pushing her to the bed. "Hey Buttercup stop please, I just-" Blossom never finished, her legs came into contact with the bed and she fell over. Bubbles then crawled onto her to stop her moving away and straddled her body.

"Relax Blossom; we'll help you get to sleep." She stated seductively, she then started kissing Blossom's neck, her hand then slid inside her sister's vest and started to slowly massage her sides. Blossom moaned quietly as Bubbles then started licking her ear, her legs tightened and her nipples went diamond hard as Bubbles then breathed onto her moist skin, pleasure tingled from the spot to the rest of her body, making her pussy twitch with the feeling. Blossom then felt her vest get pulled off her, revealing her pink bra.

Blossom then felt Buttercup push her legs apart, she gasped as Buttercup licked her vagina through her panties; drawing circles with her tongue. Bubbles then started grinding her hips into the redhead, stimulating a series of pleasant spasms just below her stomach and between her legs as her sisters pleasured her. Blossom gripped the bed sheets and moaned as Bubbles unclipped her bra strap. "Just relax Blossom, close your eyes and give in to us." Bubbles commanded. Blossom obliged and closed her eyes.

She quietly moaned as love juices leaked out of her pussy; soaking her panties. Bubbles massaged Blossom's tense shoulders, slowly and passionately French kissing her limp sister and slowly but firmly grinded her hips into Blossom's waist. Buttercup then flicked her shaven pussy with her tongue, lapping up the juices now streaming from it. Blossom moaned louder as the spasms in her crotch intensified and her pussy started twitching in pleasure, teasing and tempting her. "Come on Blossy, let go of your body, give in to your instincts." Bubbles whispered to her.

Buttercup got up and searched a drawer for something, Bubbles then rubbed Blossom's clit with her middle finger making her gasp, raising the temptation and arousal Blossom felt inside her body. Bubbles then stuck her finger inside Blossom and wiggled it, teasing her even more. Blossom felt Bubbles finger slowly slide in and out. The contractions in Blossom's crotch were unbearable by now, and Blossom was moaning and squirming as pure pleasure tore through her and she still hadn't orgasmed yet. "AH! I can't take it!" Blossom yelled. "Don't worry; the main event will start now." Bubbles stated.

Buttercup came back with a large vibrater, Bubbles then slid her finger out, catching the clit as she did so making Blossom gasp. Buttercup then poked Blossom in the pussy with the vibrater, causing her to squeal in ecstasy. Buttercup then roughly shoved the vibrater inside Blossom, making her scream as the large device penetrated her; fortunately it didn't go as far as her hymen so it didn't hurt her. She then screamed louder as Buttercup turned the vibrater on, wave after wave of pleasure ripped through the redhead's body as she squirmed and writhed on the bed as the vibrater did its work.

Blossom tried to reach for the device but Bubbles held her arms down. "Just let go Blossom, you will love what will happen next." Blossom tried holding back her climax with every scrap of will power she had, but her body had other ideas. Eventually Blossom couldn't take it and felt her vagina contracted suddenly after so much stimulation. Love juices poured from her shaven pussy and the vibrater slid out. She then sighed in content as the relaxation that comes with an orgasm overcame her; she then fell asleep with a look of happiness on her face.

Her sisters smiled at her sleeping form, Buttercup put the vibrater back, got into bed with her sisters and put an arm round Blossom. Bubbles lay on top of her and gave her neck a lick before settling to sleep. Blossom then in her sleep put her arms round Bubbles, her blonde sister had a smile on her face as she did so. Buttercup felt left out so she hugged Bubbles and slid her leg in between hers, Bubbles put an arm round her so now they were both lying on Blossom, all three girls were now asleep with looks of bliss on their faces.

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