A/N: This story disregards the events of the sixth book/film. I have taken into account that Draco is a death eater, but have left out the whole room of requirement/Draco's mission thing for the sake of the fanfic :) Hope you enjoy! Reviews are very appreciated :)

Chapter 1

Draco stood with his head down in front of Professor Dumbledore, Professor Snape, and Hagrid. His head wasn't down because he felt bad; he was simple embarrassed. The three teachers were muttering amongst themselves, casting a judging look at him now and then. It was truly one of those 'I-wish-the-ground-would-swallow-me-whole-' moments.

He didn't really understand why they were making such a big deal out of it; since he had witnessed Voldemort kill someone during his enrolment as a Death Eater, Draco could now see the thestral's, but up until now he had been perfectly content with the carriages seemingly pulling themselves. The thestral's were not the prettiest animal; they almost looked like a dead horse, with skin so thin its skeleton showed through, and bat-like wings. He didn't notice it whilst getting on the carriage, being too wrapped up in conversation, and sat with his back to it. When he got off the carriage, however, the animal startled him, and him being startled seemed to panic the thestral, reacting heavily to Draco's terror. Taking this as a threat, Draco had stunned the creature; an act that, unfortunately for him, didn't go unmissed by Hagrid.

He now found himself standing in front of what may as well have been a court, waiting for his punishment. He found it a little over dramatic, but knew they wouldn't expel him – he had Snape on his side, for one thing, and they were collectively aware of the power his family had.

"Draco," the head master spoke finally. Draco forced himself to look up into his calm, sad eyes. "You will not receive any sort of detention or suspension for you actions. However, they will not go unpunished. We have decided instead that you will take up Care of Magical Creatures class, at least until Hagrid has decided your lesson has been learnt."

Draco's face twisted into an expression of disgust. "I can't do that! No Slytherin takes that pathetic excuse for a class. My father will-"

"I think you should be grateful, Mr Malfoy," Snape said, fixing him under a warning stare. "I think you will find this punishment is better than, say... a walk in the forbidden forest?"

Draco cringed at the memory of his first year, walking with Harry and Fang through the forbidden forest, obviously scared out of his mind. Not wanting to press the matter further, Draco simply nodded.

"You will receive your timetable in the morning, along with the others," Dumbledore said. "You may go."

Draco nodded again, still avoiding eye contact although he could see Snape's intense stare out of the corner of his eye, making him walk faster. He was sure news of his little outburst had probably spread through the whole of Slytherin by now, maybe even the whole school, but there was no way he would lower himself to telling them the consequence of his actions was Care of Magical Creatures Class. He would rather dance with a house elf.

He knew going to the great hall right now wasn't a good idea; as soon as he stepped in all heads would turn, and anyone close to him or had the guts would ask what had happened. No doubt, there were probably rumours floating around that he'd killed it or something.

Instead, he headed up to the common room. He liked it when it was just him on his own; it was far more peaceful. There were times where he simply couldn't stand being around the stuffy Slytherin's; everyone trying to prove they're better than each other and gossiping about people they hardly knew. He used to happily join in, but times like this meant he just needed to be by himself. He couldn't say 'needed to be with friends', as he lacked in real friends. Although he got on with people, as soon as your status changed you could lose those people in a blink, and people would rarely stay friends with you because they didn't want everyone's opinion on them to be lowered, too.

For him, it was better than being at home, though. Home was worse than stuffy – it was suffocating. His father constantly breathing down his neck so that they pleased the Dark Lord, and his mother constantly worrying he would do something to upset him. He was a little more free here. Though he wasn't sure if that'd mean he'd escape the bad dreams he had been having ever since the role of Death Eater had been placed upon his shoulders. He sighed, walking up to the empty dormitory and laying on his bed.

'They're just dreams', he reminded himself, closing his eyes. 'Nothing can really change your life in dreams...'

"Ah, they're you are! I was startin' ter worry!" Hagrid's happy voice boomed, indicated Draco's arrival. The several heads in the Care of Magical Creatures class turned and looked at him with disgust, and Draco stood slightly away from them all, arms folded.

"We'll be startin' on humanoid creatures for this term!" Hagrid said, and excitement became present through the group. Draco rolled his eyes, shuffling a little further away. He noticed how most of the class consisted of Hufflepuff's and Gryffindor's, a few Ravenclaw's and no other Slytherin's. None of them seemed to like the fact he was there; he noticed a couple of people whispering to each other and looking at him with the dirtiest look he had ever seen. He was less offended when he saw they were Gryffindor; he would've been far more insulted if it had been any different.

The class wasn't small, but there seemed to be a mix of age group as Draco noticed Ginny Weasley, whom he knew was at least a year younger than him. He was sure she had noticed his presence, because although she wasn't looking at him, she was looking straight ahead of herself, and was snarling.

"You don't have to stand so far away, you know," a kind, dreamy voice said, breaking his thoughts. He looked to his left and saw Luna Lovegood smiling patiently at him. He raised his eyebrow... did she not know him?

"Trust me, I do," Draco said. "Either you're all gonna attack me, or I'm gonna end up attacking all of you."

She continued to smile. "If you promise not to attack me, I can doubly promise I won't attack you? I wouldn't attack you anyway, but, just in case you're nervous."

Draco was completely dumbstruck. He knew who Luna Lovegood was, and had heard about her strange ways, but didn't expect her to be so... kind.

"You do know I'm Draco Malfoy, right? Slytherin?"

"Oh sorry, I'm Luna Lovegood, Ravenclaw. It's nice to meet you, Draco," Luna smiled. Draco was sure his mouth was slightly open from complete awe.

"Um... yeah..." Draco stuttered, feeling even more embarrassed now that he was acting like a dumbstruck fool. He stood there for quite a while, confused by the kindness he had just been shown. It was new to him; people were hardly ever so... friendly. He was either treated with over-the-top respect or sheer terror.

"So, do you promise not to attack me?" she asked patiently. Draco, still in shocked, answered dumbly;

"Yeah... guess so..."

Luna smiled and turned back to Hagrid, standing comfortably next to Draco. Draco realised he hadn't been listening to a word the half-giant was saying, but luckily his apparently low attention span for this lesson had gone unnoticed.

He realised his time in Care of Magical Creatures was not going to be of the average sort.